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Aberrant RPG - Another Canon Variation - "Destiny Force"


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Alright, so I'm newish to Aberrant, Adventure and NPrime but my players are enjoying my STing so I'm doing more work.

The setting I want to explore is one touched on in the APG (actually, I devised it myself and saw that virtually the same thing was said in a book I hadn't read yet - how gutted was I?). The notion being that: There have always been Novas ranging from the Greek Legends (Zeus, Hercules etc), Norse (Odin, Thor), Biblical (Moses, Elijah), and so forth until 1898 (a hundred years before the Galatea).

Looking back on history, "Legends" were always based on real people attributed with superhuman abilities. This started to come to an end with the Wild West.

Around the pulp era, most "Legends" were fictional. People invented legends to compensate for the lack of the real deal. There were exceptions (Elliot Ness and Untouchables) but - for the sake of my game's cosomolohy - Legends dried up.

The cosmology stands that there is a "Destiny Force" that flows through Creation that awakens human potential and makes Legends. However, the "Bad Guys" have found the source of the force and dammed it up over time, which is what caused the drying up of the Destiny Force and the weakening of Legends power and number.

In 1948, a sinister cult that lay at the heart of the Third Reich "taints" the Destiny Force to make it evil.

Then in 1998, the Seal is broken and the Destiny Force - built up over the hundred years - explodes forth and makes thousands of Legends in a short space of time (all with the powers attributed to various deities etc).

One of the cute features of this is that "Destiny Force" is recycled. Over the course of the game, my players will learn that their power is analogous to that once wielded by figures of Legend.

* The Amazing Alexis will learn that he wields the same power that Moses did.

* Hawkes will learn his weather manipulation is that of Thor.

* Serenity with discover she has the powers of Nimue (Merlin's apprentice).

Etc etc.

Obviously, this works as a stand-alone for Aberrant without reference to Adventure or Trinity - but since I have recently purchased Adventure, I am working in a means of using it.

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Well, to fit into this idea,without too much change,look into shadow run. Take the idea that "Magic" works in cycles. SO that some times that there are novas,and other time their are not. The only thing that changes the flow, is the person's own mind,the under laying thoughts to the world. ANd in the case of the nova area the thoughts of Mal/ really powerful nova(s).

Let's take a small history lesson. Around the time Jesus, there roughly 30 people who are doing things along the scale of what he is doing. This is in stories,and histories passed down in old personal libraries/Roman archives/royal archives. The fact that we know Jesus, and not Methis, is just good PR. But my point is this, that because what people though of at the time, they all had powers from some god. Now, as history points out that were at least 30 people who had done things on par with Jesus at roughly the same time he lived, and then less and less over the time. We can say that THe cycle of magic was ending/peeking at that time. As the disciples preformed lesser miracles. Then slowly, there were less and less prophets, and less savors. You could look at this as sort of the glass over filled and tipped over,and took time to refill.

Now there were saint.savors, just not as many for the next 2,000 odd years. THen think of 1998 as the flood gate opening up and flow of the world is most atunned to the idea of powerful people being god/angel/demon/supper like than it is to saints, also Mal, who even in the Canon effects how people change. ANd in the Trinity area people get psi/proxies, do to since and the back lash of the gods.

As for taint, it is the fact that you could not really relate to ant , anymore than an ant could relate to you..

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