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Atlanta Renato: Vampire 411


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The Prince: Abiade Khalid, Kamil Usiku Jakande

This former Justicar, step down from his position to allow Madame Guil to step up. In turn he became the prince of Atlanta, to those without wisdom to asks the correct questions. Prince Jakande is a poseur of the utmost, social protocol is the utmost in his city, and failure to even try is met with extreme punishments. Still the parties he throws and the peace he was brought between the vampires and the other creatures of the night in Atlanta are both "legendary".

The Seneschal:

The Brujah Primogen:


The Malkavian Primogen:


The Nosferatu Primogen:


The Toreador Primogen:


The Ventrue Primogen


The Gangrel Primogen:


The Harpies:

The Keeper of Elysium:

The Sheriff:

The Scourge:

If you would like to fill any of the positions PM me please.

Points of note:

Any vampire wishing to have residency in the city of the Atlanta must drink from the cup at presentation and then spend the next week in Elysium at which time s/he is given a task and formal decision will be declared at the next court.

This ritual breaks all blood bonds and forms of mind control, in the case of "epic" mind control and failure at the vs. roll it still informs the caster of the presence of mind control.

Daughters of Cacophony are not allowed in Atlanta and are open to the blood hunt if they enter the city.

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