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World of Darkness: Attrition - Inactive Characters


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Name: Jeremy Noctis

Concept: Con-artist raven.

Breed: Wing-Folk

Species: Corvian

Accord: Sun-Chaser

Virtue: Hope

Vice: Pride

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 153 lbs

Hair: Black, down to his eyes almost.

Eyes: Dark Brown.

Age: 23


Mental (Primary): Intelligence - 2, Wits - 3, Resolve – 3

Physical (Tertiary): Strength - 2, Dexterity - 3, Stamina – 2

Social (Secondary): Presence - 2, Manipulation - 3, Composure – 3


Mental Skills (Tertiary) (-3): Academics 1, Investigation 3

Physical (Secondary) (-1): Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Stealth 2 (Hiding in Darkness), Survival 2

Social (Primary) (-1): Animal Ken 2, Empathy 2 (Emotions), Persuasion 2, Socialize 2 (The Street), Subterfuge 3 (Lies)

Other Traits

Merits: Resources 1, Contacts 2 (Hotel Workers, Street Criminals), Fighting Finesse 2 (Natural Beak and Talons), Direction Sense 1, Trained Observer 1, Danger Sense 2, Den 3 (Top floor apartment)

Feral Heart: 2

Willpower: 6

Harmony: 6

Respect: Cleverness 2, Passion 1

Health: 7

Initiative: +6

Defense: 3

Speed: 10

Size: 5

Favors & Aspects:

-Fang and Claw (beak and talons) 1 (L)

-Speed 10

-Wings Speed 10

- Bare Necessities 1

- Fortune's Favor 3

- Truth Sense 1

- Pearl of Great Price 2

- Sweet-Voiced Fiend 1

Form Adjustments

Primal Beast: Strength 2, Dexterity +1, Stamina 2, Size 2, Health 4, Speed 14 (species factor 10), +2 to sight perception rolls

Throwback: Strength +1, Dexterity +2, Stamina +1,

Manipulation –2, Health +1, Speed +8 (species factor 10),

+2 to sight perception rolls, has beak, talons and wings

Dire Beast: (based on Primal form) Dexterity +1, Stamina +1, Size 6, Health

+2, Speed +6 (species factor 10), +2 to sight perception


Starting XP: +50 = 50
Harmony -1: +5 = 55
Strength 2: -10 = 45
Presence 2: -10 = 35
Feral Heart 2: -16 = 19
Direction Sense 1: -2 = 17
Brawl 2: -6 = 11
Den 3: -6 = 5
Aspect: Sweet-Voiced Fiend 1: -5 = 0


The first sign that Jeremy's parents considered that something was off about their son was his predilection to caw like a raven when young. Of course, they were his favorite animal but in many ways his similarity to them became disturbing in aging. When younger, it was daring pranks on bullies, teachers or other students which often led to Jeremy running off to hide in the woods until aggravated teachers and parents found him.

And teenage years- normally complicated with hormones and the like- had the growing Nahual to build things up. Deliquency, erratic behavior, sarcasm to the teachers... Jeremy was going out of control, unable to connect with others... facing expulsion, heading for a crash.

But one night after his overstressed parents threatened to kick the youth out and damn the consequences... Jeremy cawed and disappeared from the house... soon running legs gave way to flapping wings. And into the woods the feral flew. At the dawn, perched high into the trees, at the edge dividing dawn and day from night, he knew his heart's words. [i]I'll do as I may, and let necessity be the only restraint![/i]

Eventually, he traveled his way on the run from the Southeast all the way to LA, and to the present day has taken up a life as a con artist, swindling the rich gullible tourists and the fools who go into monte carlo games. Never the old ladies out of their life savings, that tends to bring people down on you.

Except Jeremy is Jeremy Lehrman no longer. Re-naming himself Jeremy Noctis, he's a lurker of the day and night, keeping ahead for himself. Up there in the skyline when the dawn and dark fight, going through that moral twilight of whim and will.


Jeremy lives in the top floor apartment of a building around one of the lower income sections of Mar Vista. In terms of his territory, Jeremy has carefully demarcated the building and the surrounding few blocks as his domain, especially since he doesn't want people cleaning up the markers too often.

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Name: Romeo St. Claire

Gender: Male

Nationality: American

Age: 28

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 140 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Balding; Brown w/hints of red

Description & Such Romeo is an average man of average looks, well into his male-pattern baldness and sporting a pair of black-rimmed glasses that could be straight out of the '50s. He is almost always dressed in well-fitted (re: expensive) jeans and muted solid color shirts with his logo and a nice leather jacket and heavy boots.

He travels almost exclusively (when he can get away with it) on his motorcycle, not trusting any other form of travel. Even if it means taking a week to get somewhere.

He is the owner/operator of Shakespeare Crack(.com) a security consulting firm. He specializes in advanced biometrics, including facial, fingerprint and retinal recognition. He has garnered respect within the field for designing zero-touch systems that that work through facial and voice checks with 99.99% accuracy that cannot be fooled with recordings or forced checks through coercion.

He is constantly plagued by nightmares. They lack consistency and have no rhyme or reason. He has seen specialists half the world over that cannot explain his condition and no current medication nor half a dozen experimental ones have been able to give him a solid night's sleep. He has sought out other avenues for a cure, his desperateness and research knowing no bounds, but this has given him nothing but a distinct dent in his pocketbook.

A young life of petty larceny and short stints in juvenile detention led to a larger life of crime and finally a 'tried-as-an-adult' felony at 17 that could have put him away for 15 years, but only got him 5. This finally scared him somewhat straight. Using his knowledge and a couple years of thorough research online, he started his company. At first, it was mostly work under the table with former contacts, but slowly, word spread. Now three years into his venture, he has a laundry list of clients and jobs lined up two years in advance.

He has come to Beverly Hills on a long term stay, having 6 projects lined up that should have him here a year if all stays on schedule. He is checked into the Residence Inn in Beverly Hills long term and can be found there when he isn't meeting with clients, prospecting new ones or just out enjoying the nightlife.

Name: Romeo St. Claire o5wfkpufjjblackmotorcyc.jpg

Virtue: Fortitude

Vice: Envy

Health: ***** **

Will: *****

Morality: ***** **

Size: 5

Speed: 11

Initiative: 5

Defense: 2


Int: ****

Wit: **

Res: ***

Str: **

Dex: ***

Sta: **

Pre: ** jacketa4ok.jpg

Man: **

Com: **


Academics: **

Computer: ***



Medicine: *

Occult: **



Athletics: ***


Drive: **

Firearms: *

Larceny: **** Lockpicking, Security Systems, Safecracking

Stealth: *


Weaponry: *

Animal Ken:





Socialize: **

Streetwise: **

Subterfuge: **

Merits: airohsv55smattblackmoto.jpg

Unseen Sense: *** (shivers up his spine)

Resources: ***

Fleet of Foot: *

Fame (Security): **

50 starter xp

09 - Computer xxx*

06 - Fame (Security) **

09 - Socialize **

20 - Intelligence xxx*

06 - Drive x*

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Personal Information:

Public Identity: Nigel Astor


Real Name: Nigel Astor

Occupation: Comparative Religion professor

Legal Status: United States Citizen, living in Los Angeles

Marital Status: Umarried

Physical Traits:

Weight: 165 lbs

Height: 5' 10"

Apparent age: Late 30s

Gender: Male

Ethnic Background: Caucasian

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Dark brown

Handedness: Right

Age: 35

Background: Nigel was always fascinated with the ancient beings known to us as Gods. As a child, Nigel learned as much as he could about mythology and religion. In college his major of religious studies lead to much friction with his parents. They wanted him to go into business or politics. His decision to go for a masters then doctorate in Comparative Religions did ameliorate some of their worry, but then he became an associate professor at UCLA. While not prestigious, Nigel's position was a stepping stone to his goal, a tenured position in the full-time faculty. His studies lead him to the attention of his future sire. During the time at the university as Daytime faculty, he met and fell in love with a student in his classes. This woman was almost 12 yrs younger than him. His sire, a Mekhet Osite was attracted to his knowledge of Funeral Rites and the afterlives attached to them. Since the embrace, Nigel has switched from Daytime faculty to nighttime faculty, and also teaches Online classes. He has managed to hide his nature from all of his students and co-workers.

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Character Name: Nigel Astor

Age : 35

Concept : Scholar of death


Virtue : Hope

Vice : Pride

Blood Potency: 2

Clan : Mekhet

Bloodline : Osites

Covenant : Lancea Sanctum

Size : 5

Speed : 9

Init. Mod: 4

Defense : 2

Armor: 0 / 0

Health : 7

Willpower: 4

Vitae : 11

Morality : 7



Mental Attributes


Intelligence : 4

Wits : 2

Resolve : 3

Physical Attributes


Strength : 2

Dexterity : 2

Stamina : 2

Social Attributes


Presence : 3

Manipulation : 2

Composure : 2

Mental Skills


Academics (Religion): 4

Computer : 1

Craft : 0

Investigation : 2

Medicine : 0

Occult (Funerary Rites): 2

Politics : 1

Science : 1

Physical Skills


Athletics : 0

Brawl : 1

Drive : 1

Firearms : 0

Larceny : 0

Stealth : 1

Survival : 1

Weaponry : 0

Social Skills


Animal Ken : 0

Empathy : 0

Expression (Public Speaking): 1

Intimidation : 1

Persuasion : 3

Socialize : 2

Streetwise : 0

Subterfuge : 0



Animalism: 0

Auspex: 1

Celerity: 0

Dominate: 0

Majesty: 0

Nightmare: 0

Obfuscate: 1

Protean: 0

Resilience: 0

Vigor: 0

Memento Mori: 4

Coils of the Dragon: 0

Crúac: 0

Theban Sorcery: 0

Spoiling: 0

Protean Extras (If any)


~ End Protean



~ End Extras



Status (Mekhet): 0

Status (Lancea Sanctum): 0

Status (City): 0

Resources: 2

Haven Size: 1

Haven Occultation: 1

Language(Latin): 1

Language(Ancient Greek): 1

Appearance: All Osites are pale and discolored like a corpse, with dark stains in the fingers and feet, where their blood pools and settles. Many develop bluish lips and red, stiff eyes. They are clearly no longer living creatures. They do not rot, however, but remain forever in a state like that of the recently deceased.

Weakness: Osites are touched by death, and it shows in their flesh and Vitae. Beyond the clan weakness of the Mekhet, which the Bone Monks have inherited, the corpses of these Kindred are slow to heal and quick to stagnate. The livid body of an Osite bruises like a corpse, even in undeath, darkening from even minor bumps and scrapes. Blood pools in an Osite’s fingertips and feet when he stands upright and in his back when he lays sleeping, turning the flesh a sickly purple-black and making it difficult for the character to stir his languid Vitae.

An Osite who wishes to spend Vitae in the current scene must first use one Vitae to excite and circulate his blood. This first Vitae cannot power any Disciplines or other powers of the blood — it only makes it possible for the character to spend Vitae as usual for the rest of the scene. An Osite also requires two Vitae to wake each night. An Osite character finds his body is sluggish to respond to the healing powers of Vitae. Unlike normal Kindred, an Osite heals only one point of bashing damage per Vitae spent; two Vitae are needed to heal a single point of lethal damage. Osites heal aggravated damage as other vampires do.

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