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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - Darrik Reynolds

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Name: Darrik Reynolds

Nova Name: Shadowheart

Nature: Analyst

Allegiance: His foster family, Exalt!, Teragen

Archetype: Marvel

Chrysalis: 1 Temporary Chrysalis

Theme: Lord of Darkness and Shadows



Sal and Beatrice Reynolds could tell trouble was bound to occur when they realized that Beatrice was pregnant. Sal Reynolds was up until this point, the Elite Blizzard Storm, who had gone to DeVries immediately after his eruption and never got too close to Utopia. Beatrice, his mildly comely wife, was a Utopian S&T agent possessing enhanced resilience and a low-level intellect (OOC: For comparison, think M-Int 1 or 2) whose body simply resisted the best sterility agents that Proteus secretly threw at it.

She also had uncovered Proteus to be well and thriving even as the black-ops Project was taking evasive action in the glare of the post-Corbin trial era. So the two did what they perceived to be the best option of any, Sal communicated his situation to Anna DeVries and acquired her aid in ensuring the 'Applegate' status of a relocated Beatrice and her baby after Darrik was delivered. The efforts to conceal Beatrice and Darrik as baselines worked, though they had to be relocated or shuffled every so often.

Therefore, for much of his initial life, Darrik grew up with his mother, though he had plenty of time to see his father as well. Beatrice, while dealing with the challenges of a nova born, did her best to instill respect and fair beliefs in her son. Darrik, it was clear, though his largest power manifestation did not occur until sweet 16, could surpass his mother in intelligence by a significant magnitude as well as social skills.

His was a life of being much more home-bound, but home-schooling with the appropriate 'assessments and special curricular activity' was interesting and enriching to him. Such as from age 10 to 12, taking $15 in starter money, and being assigned to invest it in stocks and commodities and track the growth of his fortune accumulated in a Beatrice-controlled account stashed off in hidden Swiss banks. Or studying scenarios of Beatrice's old S&T work and understanding the censored technology.

Of course, when his impossible handsomeness blossomed, well, Darrik was a teenage male, and he had the capacity to seduce whatever woman he wanted, and he could still appreciate the more-attractive baselines. He managed to rack up hundreds of women, teenage or older, in cities all across the East Coast, simple when he could step in a New York shadow and arrive at his Atlanta home in moments.

Beatrice would have tried to hem that in, but regardless of how it came about, word came from Anna DeVries that Blizzard Storm had been killed, ultimately by Proteus' efforts. Unsure if she could protect her son any longer, she handed over Darrik to the care of the Traveler, who she seemed to know well as Darrik would note. In the remaining two years since now, at age 18, Darrik has not heard from her since.

Nevertheless, he stayed secluded and informed at the Traveler's isle, but left briefly seven months ago to make an appearance in an internationally popular women's magazine. Using the cognomen Shadowheart to mask his identity, his pictures and interview became a faddish rage for the following weeks. Darrik kept from revealing anything clearly identifying about himself, but let loose just enough to prod suspicions about Proteus' uncanny survival. He left after ravishing the interviewer and handling the deal, which allowed the publisher the rights to use his likeness as they wished for profit and even sell the rights, but he could revoke them at any time, from whoever held them.

Thus, in one brief swoop, he had secured a future monetary source, put some PR pressure on Utopia, and should he make a more public presence, his fame would provide an ample shield against Slider-style operations (he hopes). The elusive Shadowheart has not credibly been sighted since his magazine article, a source of aggravation for Proteus as his face and body have been splashed on billboards and ads.

Recently, with the emergence of his family into the world slowly, working with DeVries and the Aberrants... Darrik has progressed his plans. But a clubbing period with Coraline, and his sleeping with two young nova women- has brought a great Apotheosis into godhood, and great temptation.


Str 2, Dex 5 (Agile), Sta 5 (Tenacious) --(Tertiary)

Cha 6 (Charming), Man 8 (Persuasive), App 7 (Alluring) --(Secondary)

Int 5 (Bright), Wits 7 (Clever), Per 6 (Observant) --(Primary)

Mega Attributes

Mega-Appearance 7 (Seductive Looks, Mr. Nobody, Husk, Almost Live, Obscurement, Mirroring, Blind Bewitchment - Touch & Hearing, Timeless)

Mega-Intelligence 4 (Analyze Weakness, Eidetic Memory, Financial Prodigy, Fast Learner, Linguistic Genius, Total Concentration, Recorder)

Mega-Manipulation 8 (Tactful, Persuader x2, Compelling, Clarity, Subtle x2, Evasive, The Voice, Symphony of Touch, Self-Fulfilling Prophesy, Trickster x2, Scold, Opacity)

Mega-Stamina 3 (Tireless, Adaptability, Regeneration, Unaging)

Mega-Dexterity 1 (Flexible, Hands of the Maker [Quantum Powers])

Mega-Wits 5 (Synergy, Human Nature, Natural Empath, Artistic Genius, Hypercognition)

Mega-Charisma 2 (Seductive, Screen Presence)

Mega-Perception 1 (Analytical Taste/Touch, Stellar Traveler, Quantum Attunment)


Stealth 3

Resistance 3*

Endurance 3*

Computer 2

Awareness 4

Academics 3

Rapport 4

Subterfuge 4

Seduction 4

Style 3

Bureaucracy 2

Investigation 2

Athletics 2

Modulate 5

Science 2

Biz 4

Etiquette 4

Martial Arts 2

Melee 2

Linguistics 8 (Romance family, Central African family, Chinese family, Hindi-Urdu family, Scandinavian family, Russian family, Japanese family, Arabic family)

Linguistics: Bodhi 5

Perform 3

Arts 2


Bodhi Training Completed May 5th.

Enhancement Training Completed June 5th.


Eufiber 3

Attunement 5

Node 5

Resources 6 [Wealth Beyond Avarice]

Allies 2 (Gwen and Agatha)

Backing 1 (Teragen)

Contacts 2 (Financial Markets, Chinese Government)

Sanctum 5 (The New Hope 'Fortress of Solitude')


Darkness and Shadow Control (Shadow Mastery 6- Enhance/Diminish, Shroud, Shadow Step, Animate, Shadow Blast w/Mastery One: RQC, Effort, Scope)

Fading into the Darkness (Invisibility 5)

Becoming the Shadow (Density Control: Decrease 5)

Dark Shield (Force Field (3))

Darkness Given Form (Quantum Construct w/Longevity & Self-Aware (5))

Touch of Darkness (Quantum Leech w/Energy Siphon (4))

Power from the Dark (Quantum Regeneration w/Double (4))

Hidden in Darkness (Dimensional Pocket w/Deep Pockets & Pickpocket (8))

Dark Blade (Quantum Weapon w/Aggravated (3))

Unfixed Shadows (Disorient (5))

Darkness is Eternal (Immortality (2))

Out of Theme

Dark Awareness (Quantum Awareness (1))

Quantum Shadow Control (Quantum Authority (2))

God's Will (Psychic Shield and Empathic Shield) (2))

Shadowy Reflection (Quantum Imprint w/Longevity & Range (3))


Movement: 7m, 28m, 36m

Willpower 8

Initiative 16

Natural Soak: 8B/4L

Eufiber Soak: 3B/3L

Quantum 8

Quantum Pool 80


Aberrant Eyes: Red

Chromatic Hair: Natural streaks of red mixed with the black


Shadow Mastery
Shadow Mastery (Elemental Mastery: Shadows)

Level: 3

Quantum Minimum:5

Dice Pool: Varies

Range: Varies

Area: Varies

Duration: Varies

Effect: Character can create and control Shadows and Darkness

Multiple Actions: Yes

Description: This is a suite power, based on Elemental Mastery and covers Darkness or Shadows as the element covered. Due to the nature of shadow, some techniques here are covered that are not normally covered under elemental mastery, conversely, some techniques that are commonly available to mastery are not available to shadow mastery.


Dice Pool: Intelligence + Shadow Mastery

Range: (Quantum + Shadow Mastery) x 10

Area: (Quantum + Shadow Mastery) x 10 radius

Duration: Maintenance

Each success rolled allows a 10% increase or decrease in the amount of shadows or darkness, basically allowing one to increase or decrease the amount of light. For every 20% gain or loss, stealth rolls gain or loose a extra die due to cover. With11 or more successes one can utterly cover an area in total darkness, or remove the darkness to create an area of unfettered light


Dice Pool: Dexterity + Shadow Mastery

Range: (Quantum + Shadow Mastery) x 10

Area: (Quantum + Shadow Mastery) x 5 radius

Duration: Maintenance

This is an advanced form of the above, it works identical to the shroud power, based on shadows and darkness, though it can be an even more advanced form of darkness, as per shroud, blanketing out things like electromagnetic vision, etc. by spending a temporary point of willpower.

Shadow Step

Dice Pool: Perception + Shadow Mastery

Range: Varies

Area: Self

Duration: Instant

This technique is essentially Transmit using shadows; one can step into one shadow and step out of any shadow, anywhere else. The number of successes rolled indicates the distance two shadows can be apart.

One Success 2 Kilometers

Two Successes 20 Kilometers

Three Successes 200 Kilometers

Four Successes 2000 Kilometers

Five Successes 20,000 Kilometers

The character must have a general idea of where they are going, and will step out of a shadow closest to that spot, they can not step into their own shadow. Failing to roll enough successes means they will go as far as possible to the destination an then step out there, possibly a dangerous situation.


Dice Pool: Dexterity + Shadow Mastery

Range: (Quantum + Shadow Mastery) x 10 meters

Area: (Quantum + Shadow Mastery) x 5 cubic meters

Duration: Maintenance

This technique allows the character to shape and control shadows within range. Each success allows the control of one shadow within range no larder then the area of effect. Shadows can be used a number of ways, shaped into words for communication, moved over a person to enhance their stealth (+1 die per shadow), or even moved to a particular spot as a prelude to transmitting out or for a surprise attack. It can also be used in other creative ways.

Shadow Blast

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Shadow Mastery

Range: (Quantum + Shadow Mastery) x 5 meters

Area: One Target

Duration: Instant

This technique unleashes a bolt of icy cold shadow, similar to the shadowy darkness that is in the darkest shadows in deep space, that does [Quantum] + [shadow Mastery] x 2 lethal damage to the target.

Quantum Gestalt Bonuses
+3 Psychic/Empathetic auto sux

+3 Ability dice pools

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Placed with Traveler: At 16 Years Experience:

 Standard Baseline Nova
34 20 2
Chapter 4.0 XP +2/+2/+2
Martial Arts 1-&--#62;2 -0/-5/-0
Bodies in Motion XP +4/+0/+0
Chapter 5.1 XP +2/+1/+1
Chapter 5.2a XP +4/+4/+4
Melee 1-&--#62;2 -0/-5/-0
Trickster Enhancement -3/-0/-0
Self-Fufilling Prophesy Enhancement -3/-0/-0
Chapter 5.2b XP +4/+0/+0
Shadow Mastery One -16/-0/-9
Linguistics: French -0/-1/-0
Touch of Divinity XP +2/+0/+2
Modeling Shoots XP +1/+2/+0
Rainbow Room XP +2/+1/+3
Linguistics 2 -0/-1/-0
Mega-Charisma 2 -0/-0/-5
Shadow Games XP +3/+0/+1
Mega-Perception 1 -6/-0/-0
Jungle Storms XP +4/+2/+2
Self-Aware Extra -7/-0/-3
Initial Interlude Bonuses +4/+0/+0
Rainbow Room 3 XP +2/+2/+2
Blind Bewitchment: Hearing -3/-0/-2
Count In Kinshasa XP +2/+2/+2
Light of Day XP +4/+2/+2
5.13 XP +4/+4/+4
Scold Enhancement -0/-0/-3
Additional Interlude Initial Bonuses +4/+0/+0
Contacts 1 -0/-2/-0
Backing 1 -0/-2/-0
Perform 1-&--#62;3 -0/-9/-0
Hands of the Maker -0/-0/-5
Additional Interlude Initial Bonuses +8/+0/+0
Quantum Imprint 3 -14/-0/-0
State of Affairs XP +2/+0/+2
Additional Interlude Initial Bonus +4/+0/+0
Screen Presence Enhancement -3/-0/-2
Acts of Desire XP +2/+2/+2
Exalted Thoughts XP +2/+2/+2
Resources 5 -3/-5/-0
Wealth Beyond Avarice Background Enhancement -12/-0/-0
Additional Interlude Bonus +4/+0/+0
Arts 1-&--#62;2 -5/-0/-0
Artistic Genius Enhancement -1/-0/-4
The Bulls XP +0/+2/+0
Bodhi 3-&--#62;4 -0/-2/-0
Bodhi 5 -3/-0/-0
Additional Interlude Bonus +4/+0/+0
Additional Interlude Bonus +4/+0/+0
Linguistic Genius/Synergy/Recorder/Total Concentration Enhancements FREE THROUGH Q INSTRUCTION
Additional Interlude Bonus +4/+0/+0
Subtle x2 (In-theme) -3/-0/-0
Persuader x2 (In-theme) -3/-0/-0
Trickster x2 (In-theme) -3/-0/-0
Additional Interlude Bonus +4/+0/+0
No Fate XP +2/+2/+2
Timeless Enhancement -5/-0/-0
Rain's Wisdom XP +3/+2/+3
Pythian Council XP +3/+2/+2
Night Out XP +4/+4/+4
RR4 XP +4/+4/+4
Place of Sin XP +4/+4/+4
Place of Sin Special Bonus +4/+0/+0
Jungle Den Special Bonus +4/+0/+0
Initial Participation Bonus: Some Teras +4/+0/+0
Opacity[ (In-theme) -0/-0/-3
Modulate 3-&--#62;5 -0/-18/-0
Shadow Mastery 6 -19/-0/-16
Quantum Authority 2 -9/-0/-0
Initial Participation Bonus: Forbidden Fruits +4/+0/+0
Initial Participation Bonus: Dark Star +4/+0/+0
Initial Participation Bonus: NHC +4/+0/+0
GNS XP: +4/+4/+4
Anavasi Rising XP: +4/+2/+2
Stellar Traveler Enhancement -0/-0/-5
Sanctum 1-&--#62;5 -16/-6/-0
New Revolution XP +4/+4/+4
Quantum Attunement -0/-0/-5
Initial Participation Bonus: Torch Songs +4/+0/+0
Torch Songs XP +2/+2/+2
Mega-Wits 4 -15/-0/-0
NHC XP +3/+2/+3
Some Teras XP +3/+3/+3
Poke It! XP +3/+2/+3
Zeta Special Bonus +4/+0/+0
Forbidden Fruits XP: +3/+3/+4
Blockbuster XP +3/+2/+3
Delta- Wages of Sin XP +8/+4/+4
Epsilon Special Bonus +4/+0/+0
Mega-Wits 5 -0/-0/-20
Contacts 2 -0/-2/-0[/CODE]

Puck's Q-Instruction Rolls
[Malachite] 10:46 pm: Linguistic Genius roll for Darrik, Quantum Instruction from Puck [Malachite] 10:47 pm: Last 8 are Quantum (counted as mega dice) Malachite *rolls* 21d10: 1+8+6+5+7+10+5+5+6+10+3+3+8+2+9+9+4+9+9+5+6: 130 [Lobby]: Carver has left at 10:47 pm [Malachite] 10:48 pm: Recorder Enhancement Malachite *rolls* 21d10: 9+1+6+5+4+1+7+10+9+2+2+7+2+6+5+6+4+5+8+7+3: 109 [Malachite] 10:48 pm: Synergy Enhancement Malachite *rolls* 21d10: 9+8+6+4+7+3+8+9+10+10+9+10+8+1+5+6+4+1+7+6+5: 136 [Malachite] 10:49 pm: Total Concentration Enhancement Malachite *rolls* 21d10: 9+3+10+2+7+1+10+6+5+10+4+9+3+4+3+1+8+8+5+8+8: 124
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Countess Agatha Isolde Donahue

Agatha is a 21 year old, first generation nova who worked for British Intelligence direction, and on occasion the Directive indirectly, she only erupted about a year ago, while on a particularly harry mission involving operatives in the middle east, she was almost killed. Actually, if she hadn't erupted after being thrown out the plane, she would have died, as it was, she was able to fly away as an eagle, and then re-infiltrate and finish her mission. She's a strong willed young woman with considerable tactical capability, but her strength of will vanished under the apotheosis of the nova known as Shadowheart (Darrik), and he now holds her heart, so deep is the attachment, that she's willing to be part of just about any relationship, multiple or singular, should it mean being with him.

Despite that, she initially felt betrayed by the fact he bound her to him so deeply, until she realized it was accidental, at which point she let the matter go.. however, though he has yet to realize, she would have words with him should he do it to anyone else deliberately, pointing to the immorality of such an action, and asking him if he's really trying to create a harem.

Furthermore, Agatha is her own woman, quite capable of making decisions that might affect Darrik without consulting him, believing in herself and her own opinions rather strongly, though she is loyal to him, and wouldn't betray him, she might do things differently then he would prefer. As a loyal ally and lover, she's quite willing to aid Darrik whenever he might ask.

Powerwise, Agatha is an extremely capable shapechanger, able to take only the form of any living creature, though she can not take partial forms, and all of her forms must be living ones, she can't give herself claws, but she could take on the form of a tiger and tear into someone with those claws. She is also a very capable spy, able to take on the form of anyone, with an almost flawless ablity to pretend to be them, no baseline would be able to see though her disguise, though some nova's would.

Agatha (Mega-Appearance 3(Appearance Alteration, Copycat), Mega-Stamina 1(Adaptability, Tireless), Mega-Dexterity 3(Flexibility, Precision, Perfect Balance), Mega-Perception 1 (Holographic Awareness), Mega-Intelligence 1(Tactical Prodigy), Mega-Charisma 1 (Persona)) Str 3, Dex 5, Sta 3, Per 4 Int 4, Wits 5, App 4 Man 4, Cha 4

Quantum 4 Pool: 28

Taint: 1

Powers: Shapeshift 5 (Weakness: Whole living creatures only, no partials)

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Gwenivere Jewel Angelique

Where as Agatha is secret agent on the level of bond with superhuman capabilities, her friend Gwenivere, who goes by Gwen, is something else. Gwen grew up in france, and even in her youth she had an extraordinary level of beauty, as she grew older she became a model and an escort, though she was overshadowed by the stunning superhuman beauty and capabilities of novas. She is relatively lacking in inhibitions, even before her eruption, sense her eruption, she’s become even more relaxed, and her sexual orrientation is fully bisexual. Interestingly enough, while working as an escort for a French politician, she erupted, becoming the woman of stunning and impossible beauty she is today, a woman who’s beauty is undeniable.

Powerwise, besides incredible superhuman beauty, that covers all fives senses (being in her presence is a bit like a drug, she smells wonderful, her voice is glorious, her looks amazing, and her kiss sends thrills down the spine). Having been compared to an angel, she finds that she can manifest wings and light bones like a bird, and she’s very good at it, she’s also unnaturally aware of when she’s in danger. Additionally, Gwen can be more then one person, fully able to clone herself up to six times, allowing her a greater degree of flexibility then her natural dexterity, which is enough to dodge bullets, and she does have a measure of superhuman charsma as well, and is very good at what she does.. She has no control over the pheromones that surround her, other then making them stronger, and doesn’t really think about them much.

Sense becoming a nova, she’s resigned from the escort business, and moved entirely into modeling and also getting a degree in psychology, she’s only just begun to understand humans, but possessing superhuman wits has been helpful in that regard. Unknown to Gwen, she is also fully fertile, which will come as a shock to both herself and Darrik, when they discover she’s pregnant.

Gwen is good friends with Agatha, so much so that they are closer then sisters, but unlike Agatha doesn't resent Darrik’s accidentally alteration of her feelings, being more forgiving of the matter (and slower to realize it, not possessing Agatha's superhuman intellect), being much more understanding of superhuman alterations of affection, as she’s done such by accident herself.

Gwen (Mega-Appearance 5 (Almost Live, Blind Bewitchment: Touch/Smell/Sound/Taste, Immaculate, Seductive), Mega-Perception 1 (Body Awareness), Mega-Stamina 3(Adaptability, Health), Mega-Dex 1(Avian, Perfect Balance), Mega-Wits 1 (Rapport, Natural Empath) Mega-Charisma 1 (Seductive Looks), Str 2, Dex 4, Sta 3, Per 3, Int 3, Wits 4, App 5, Man 2, Cha 4

Quantum 5 Pool: 30

Powers: Wings of the Angel [body Shift 3 (Weakness: Wings x 2, & Ultra-Light Skeleton only || Strength: Duration, Lasts as long as desired when activated)], Angels Intuition (Intuition 1), Stunning Beauty (Strobe 1, Immobilize 2 - Linked Powers, must be used together), Multi-Manfestation (Clone 1), Body Mod: Pheromones (Arousal Toxin 3, Interrelationship Toxin 3)

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Adversarial Backgrounds Active

Cult - Sense his public appearances after apothesis, and to a small degree before, Darrik is being worshiped by more and more individuals as a god of sex and darkness (sex more then darkness), the cult has yet to become fully integrated, but he already has a number of worshipers, without intending to..

OOO - Moderate Numbers (300+)

OOO - Devotion (will commit minor crimes (sexual usually, example: public nudity, etc) to prove their devotion, though they blame it on 'misguided members')

Suitors - OOOOO OO Enhancement: Ladybait

(This background has the same number of dots as his Mega-Appearance, Darrik has litterally hundreds of people all seeking him in this manner, it is both qualitative and quantitative, and due to the hearthrobe enhancement, there is no way for him to buy this one down.. it's permanently and constantly active... fortunately for him, he's a heavyweight, and there's no one higher in power then him who isn't able to deal with the effects to the point of being mostly unaffected by it.. he is however, swarmed by occationals and regulars, unless he avoids them.)

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