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Interesting concept for a cloaking device...

The Traveler

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Cloaking device edits out events in space time

Here's a quote from the article...

"In essence, it travels like cars on a highway. The spacing between the cars depends on how they move relative to one another, explained McCall. If a heavy rain suddenly begins to beat down on a section of traffic, the cars will lose pace with those ahead and a gap will open between them.

This is what McCall proposes doing with light. By speeding up the photons in front and slowing down the ones behind, a dark space opens up.

"Once that dark region has occurred, you have to undo the process of creating the gap," McCall said.

Reversing the process would bring the light back into formation and stitch the gap. However, anything that happened in the dark would stay off the record."


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I'm not sure how manipulating the speed of light constitutes changing space/time.

And like they said, the whole thing is limited by how fast your process of changing the speed of light is. It's also potentially limited by directionality...in that the example given assumes a single observer while in reality you'd have to perform the manipulation for every possible direction to account for any possible observer.

It's kind of a neat idea just for idea's sake, but it doesn't strike me as terribly practical.

Now...in relation to a 'supers' setting, where you can replace reality with fantasy, it might make a good "here's how it works" blurb for a super who can manipulate light, or an item of super-tech.

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