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Atlanta Renato: House Rules


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Required Knowledges:

Each character that has been released as an independent character needs to have at least:

Venue Lore: 1

Subgroup Lore: 1

For example:

Mage lore: 1

Cult of Ecstacy 1

Tier 3 and 4 should have more and will more than likely be known by toons who have high levels in the appropriate lore.

Opinions of actual groups require at least lore 1 of that group or occult 3. You can hold an opinion about the myths from TV and fiction.

So a garou without vampire lore 1 or occult 3 does not hate vampires; s/he does not even know they exist.

A mage without technocracy lore 1 does not even know to watch out for them and govern his/her actions.


Toons get their full dex + dodge (appropriate skill) pool to all attacks that they are aware of.

Attacks from Multiple attackers where the defender can not benefit from cover add a 1 die penalty to the dodge pool for every attacker above 1.

Extra Actions:

Elders do not act then stand still and let everyone else act before they use the rest of their actions.

Take your initiative and divide it by the total number of actions you will get that round. Then you act on your first opportunity and every X in the initiative countdown. Example: 12 initiative and 4 actions would act on 12, 8, 4, and 0.

Charisma / Manipulation

It is very difficult for a person to have high rankings in both. There are always exceptions to the rules and as such people that master both.

In general a person with a high charisma would have no need to be manipulative as everything they want people willing hand them.

In general a person with a high manipulation treats people as objects and as such can not connect to them on the level that would display charisma.

That is said to say that several gifts and abilities will be shifted to interchange the abilities.

Manipulation = more exact desired results but heavy penalties on failure

Charisma = receives what the target willingly gives but allows extended rolls and retries.


You receive 1 specialization for the 4th dot, 2 for the 5th dot 3 for the 6th dot...etc

As such a toon with a 6 intelligence would have 6 specializations from the list of specializations listed for that attribute or ability.

Auto Successes

I prefer more role playing than roll playing and with percentage chance set by the dice a lot of failures occur that never should. To balance this I have modified the auto access rule.

As it stands if you have a pool equal to the dc of the roll you can trade for 1 auto success instead of rolling.

In this game that extends to an additional auto success for every 2 dice you have above the dc.

So the dive has a DC of 6 and the toon has a dex 4 and athletics 4 for a pool of 8. S/he can roll and seen where the dice fall or opt to play it safe and net 2 successes on the dive.

Now if someone had greased s/he would get a perception + alertness roll and success would let her notice and know that the dc for the dive is 9 and therefore no auto successes. A failure on the perception roll would cause her to fail the dive but give her dex + athletics roll to save herself from injury DC dependent on high dive or spring board.

In contested rolls this applies slightly differently, The toon with the higher pool can decide to either raise her/his opponents DC by the dice pool difference as mentioned above or s/he can lower her/his DC.


Linguistics does not give you extra languages. Instead you can roll Linguistics when learning a new language to gain study XP to apply towards it's purchase.

During creation it is 1fb for every language you with to be fluent in.

To learn a language is a stage process and costs 1 XP per stage and the appropriate IC actions and time with intelligence and linguistics rolls.

Preschool/Profanity = you can catch the most popular or infamous words

Beginner = -4 penalty when using language

Student = -2 penalty when using language

Practiced = -1 penalty when using language

Fluent = as if your native toungue

OOC Knowledges to match

It is advised that you as a person have at least an ability at 2 less than your toon or willing to use the internet or other resources to aptly play the toon.

I do not know cars as such I would not do justice to playing a mechanic and I will not field post well my character has ****** let me roll it and you tell me what he would know or give pointers on what your character should know. I am not a complete hard nose and if you discuss it with me first and I feel you will be the effort forward and I am not swamped I will be willing to meet in middle ground.

That said anyone willing to field questions about fields of expertise that posses please let me know. I want to allow as much as I can but I am the first to admit I do not know everything.

Bonus XP or other rewards available to people who make significant contributions to the game.

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