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Chaostle Board Game

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Chaostle Board Game

ChaostleBoard_w561.jpg Check out a new board game that reads kind of like a combination of Mortal Kombat, miniature combat and capture the flag. Add in the winds of fate and Ars Technica gives the game a positive review that makes me want to shell out the $70.00 to try it.

Game Description

Chaostle is a unique game in that it combines the fun of tabletop miniatures gaming and conventional board games. The structured multi-level castle game board provides many levels of strategy. The simplified and exciting battle system allows this game to be enjoyed by heavy game players as well as those who are new to miniature games.

Chaostle has many levels of strategy from picking your starting army to moving throughout the multi-level castle towards victory. A game with pure strategy, however, would be just another chess game and not like real life where nothing ever goes as planned. Therefore, chaostle has many fates that constantly effect the game ranging from mild setbacks to cataclysmic earthquakes. These unpredictable twists of fate can be either from the card of happiness or the card of doom.

Chaostle features 23 three-dimensional castle walls that are secured onto the game board. The fantasy fighters can move any direction throughout the castle including up and down stairways to change levels. The castle sections were originally sculpted by Bruce Hirst of Hirst Arts.

The game comes standard with sixteen collectible plastic miniature characters. Each character has a battle card containing the character's statistics, weapons, special skills and upgrades. The battle cards have holes where pegs are inserted to allow for easy tracking of the statistics and upgrades.

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