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Mutants & Masterminds: Emerald City Sentinels - Hero Q&A


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Suprema stood in her room and stared out of the window. Most of the “team” had decided to meet with the AEGIS Agents. The tall Valorian Guardian was glad that she didn’t have to do this all by herself. She had no reason for mistrust but she also learned that Earth, specifically Earth’s human population had an inclination to withhold the truth or speak only in half-truths. Part of this behaviour was called ‘politeness’ but most of the time it was ‘lying’ even if in some cases it helped the greater good.

Suprema had difficulties grasping the concept of telling a lie instead of speaking the truth. There was an old tale she had found in Incantatrix’s library. A fantasy story with Kings and Queens and all kinds of wondrous creatures. The protagonists in those stories often lied to protect the innocent or someone they loved. In some cases it worked but often it also backfired. Suprema understood that the morale of these stories was that the truth would surface sooner or later but yet it was sometimes good or ‘necessary’ to lie or else more damage would be done.

It was her lack of experience with these concepts that made her feel uneasy and insecure. She was sure the AEGIS Agents meant to help them and help Earth’s people for ‘greater good’ but that also meant they would be liars. But that didn’t mean they were bad people...

The heroes met just oustide the Building the AEGIS-Agents had offered as address and exchanged brief hello’s before they were received by Agents McKenzie and Nguyen. Both Agents showed the same kind of professionalism and politeness in the presence of the ‘heroes’ but they were also determined and eager to produce some results.

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I’m giving the other participants a chance to write their own ‘introduction’ to this fic before moving on.
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Studying herself in the mirror, Ivonne frowned at the way her slight, youthful features clashed with her professional, dark-blue, pin-striped skirt-suit with dark, sheet stockings, and tasteful, three-inch pumps. She looked like a child trying to dress like an adult, when in fact she was a mature woman who appeared to be a girl no more than in her mid-teens. Though she was willing to try working with AEGIS, she didn't wish to weather any patronizing condescension. I am a sorceress with two decades of experience, by the Modrossus!

Though this was to be a collaboration, as she understood it, she feared she would be receiving more questions than answers, and some of those questions, she was not inclined to answer. Still, Emerald City was under assault by a rash of new empowered villains and working alone wasn't an efficient means of containing them, so she would meet the Agency and see, to provide support for Suprema if nothing else. And hopefully, Trace would be there as well, providing his support and experience to both of them. She snorted as she felt a small, adolescent flutter inside at the prospect of meeting Trace once more.

Ivonne pulled on her pristine white longcoat, trimmed with arcane runes that glowed with a cyan light that matched her eyes, the mantle of Incantatrix. She pulled up the deep hood, fastened the high collar, then slipped on her long, fingerless gloves, and studied herself once more in the mirror, giving herself a nod. Her youth was concealed and though she was still of petite stature, she possessed a striking presence, brimming with mystic might.

With an elegant flourish of her fingers and a murmuring stream of syllables, a glowing line appeared in front of her, which snapped open into a doorway in space. Incantatrix stepped through, her heels clicking on the ground as she strode to stand beside Suprema, and the portal snapped closed behind her with a flare of blue light.

Incantatrix craned her neck up to look at the much taller and bigger woman, noticing her anxiety and laid a comforting hand on her forearm. "It will be okay, Suprema." The petite sorceress turned back to the AEGIS agents, giving them a gracious nod in greeting. "Mr. McKenzie, Ms. Nguyen."

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Relentless was.... less than sure about his decision to visit. Given his past, dealing with law enforcement on a friendly, positive basis seemed the most unlikely thing in the world. But they had no real reason to look at him bad yet, and he didn't want to be the louse in the works for this emerging team, so he came as well, dressed in his costume.

For Suprema and Incantatrix, the roar of a motorcycle signaled that Relentless had overcome his reluctance after all and showed up after all. He swung off the motorcycle and nodded crisply to the AEGIS agents. "Agents." Then a little more good mood in his voice: "Suprema, Incantarix."

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