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[OpNet] The hardest part of my work.

Good Alice

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A part of a speach i gave a few weeks ago.

I was asked by an old friend what the hardest thing I had to dell with. I thought long and hard and I think I know what it is. It is being treated like I am mroe than i am. I build building. These buildings are homes, damn, and some time bridges. I do not part the seas, I do not make water into wine. I am not God. I am just a woman who sees problems and fixes them. I do not see this as anything divine or better than any other course of actions anyone else takes. I am not in a race with them. I am here to make the world a better place.

So, I help others. I use my hands. I don't whine about it. I do not ask for more than my fair share. Many people would say that I do not ask for enough. That I alright,I have more than I could ever need. I am happy with that. But that is enough of me.

On to you fine young people. You are living in a world that is better than yesterday in many ways, but the status quo is more and more slipping out of your hands. Take the Teragen, I think they have found something true. I think they have the wrong message, and are using the wrong means but they are true in a lot ways.

Words are no longer enough to change the status quo. People as whole want to much from their leaders and are far more apathetic than they ever have been. This is because people have seen such wonders in the flesh that they no longer care about words. Anyone can make a speech. Speeches no longer mater, everything worth saying has been said before.

Now is the time for action. If you want to change the world you have to act. You see a problem you may have to take action in your own hands. Even then you most likely change the whole world. You shouldn't be worrying about the whole world. The whole world is big enough to take care of it's own problems, still you can change the way life is your city. If not that, your neighborhood. Hell if you make one persons's life better without throwing yours away, you have won. You just have to understand to change the world you must do more than talk about doing something. You must do it.

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