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Aberrant: 200X - Kristen Petunia Rowland - "Digigeist"


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Kristen Petunia Rowland - "Digigeist"

Kirsten was nothing but the nerdiest girl in her school in Kent, England. She got good grades, wasn't too good in physical education, and spent most of her time with her nose in the books of the elementary school's library. SHe always feil her friends were writers like J.R.R Tolkien or Isaac Asimov... But it was the realms of Middle Earth that kept her interest. Probably from her parent's days at the university with their "Frodo Lives" buttons on their mexican style ponchos. That was until she met who at the time would be the most important person in her history. At the time he was a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, and she was just 9. He told her of the times he's spent on various aircraft carriers, frigates, and the like and she was enthralled.

At that point she devoted herself to making herself as fit in body as she was in mind. She took up Parkour, dabbled with swords, she even learned how to fire a gun. This change in personality shocked her Hippie Generation parents who left the United States in the 1960s. To Kristen... it was natural. She craved the adventure she read of in books and now she was going to be ready for it! At 14, she got her PADI certification for SCUBA diving. At 16, she got her pilot's licence and before she turned 18, she even learned skydiving. Her parents leaned how to just let her be who she was.

Then after her High School graduation, she went to join the Royal Navy. The moment she dreamed of, and she was dissapointed. The neverending drills, the annoying tedium, and sometimes punctuated with yet another drill. When she was finally assigned to her first duty as a electronic countermeasure operator, she was jaded, and almost felt dead inside. Until her friend returned. He was an admiral now, and he was going to sponsor her through the officer's academy. Thrilled, she accepted. Not knowing what was in store.

He had her transferred to his ship, a Harrier carrier that operated in the North Sea. Practically the equivalent of duty in Alaska. At least for a naval equivalent. There she learned yet more drills and had even less to occupy herself. Then there was Admiral Smythe himself. Jim Smythe was a pervert. He would harass her at every turn just to jump into her uniform and it vexed her so. Out in the middle of nowhere you really have no other options for escape, and communications were not often to the mainland.

On one shoreleave he made his play and forced her into a 3 night terror. He held over her head a trumped up diciplinary action he had planned just right to get her dishonorably discharged for disobeying a direct order. For the first time in her life, she felt rage, the type of rage they would lock you up for.

After the three day tryst, she reported to the JAG of her district and immediately filed an action against teh Admiral. Justice was swift, and cruel. To keep the press off them and to cover up the event they Honorable Discharged her and Dishonorably Discharged and sentenced to two years in a stockade the Admiral, stripping him of all officer rank and pension.

She felt just as ruined as her attacker, but was placed on a continuing order to keep the result of the case secret and confidential.

Kirsten conidered the fact her college now could be paid for and she can get back on track in her life. She wasted 4 years of it and she was done with that. What she didn't know, was after her leaving the Royal Navy, the former Admiral was let off for good behavior. And he had a target.

As she was setting up her flat in Cardiff, Wales, he stormed in with his webley and fired wildly striking her down, then she saw him put the gun to his chin and fired. Before she faded from conciousness, she had one last comforting thought in her old life. At least the bastard had the decency to leave a Jackson Pollack painting on her cieling.

Then there was a haze. A greenish blue haze that got brighter then turned to a silvery curtain around her. When she woke up she was laying in a courtyard, and a man in a black coat stood above her. He said "Wake up Petunia... And look in the mirror..." in a tone not unlike some movie villain. What once was a nerdy, idealistic schoolgirl who becaome a jaded and broken seawoman was now a Nova, and soon... she would be a weapon, for the mysterious rescuer was an expert in a method called in some circles "Golden Gunplay". All he asked for the rescue was 4 more years of her life training under him.

Although she learned everything she'd need in a few months because of her prodigious talent, He demanded more.

But Kirsten didn't need convincing to do a upcoming job for her teacher...

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Character Statistics
Statistics marked with (np) are purchased with Nova Points.
Statistics marked with (bp) are purchased with Bonus Points.

Click to reveal..
Birth Name: Kristen Petunia Rowland 
Nova Name: DigiGeist
Eruption: Gunshot Victim
Nature: Survivor
Height: 5'7”
Weight: 125


STR: 2 +1 (np) = 3
DEX: 4 +1 (np) = 5 (Flexible)
STA: 2 +3 (np) = 5 (Healthy)
PER: 4 +1 (np) = 5 (Observant)
INT: 2 +1 (np) = 3
WIT: 4 +1 (np) = 5 (Creative)
APP: 2 +1 (np) = 3
MAN: 2
CHA: 2


Athletics (Parachuting, Acrobatics, SCUBA): 3 +2 (np) = 5
Firearms (Golden Gunplay III): 3 +2 (np) = 5
Martial Arts: 3 +2 (np) = 5
Melee: 2 +3 (np) = 5
Pilot (Light Aircraft): 2 +3 (np) = 5
Endurance (Holding Breath): 3 +2 (np) = 5
Resistance: 3 +2 (np) = 5
Awareness: 3 +2 (np) = 5
Computers (Data Retrieval, Hacking): 2 +3 (np) = 5
Medicine (First Aid): 2
Survival: 3 (np)
Weave (Camouflage, Stretching, Gliding): 1 (np) +3 = 4


Contacts: 2
Mentor: 3 +1 (bp) = 5
Resources: 2 +1 (bp) = 3
Eufiber: 5 (np)
Dormancy: 5 (np)
Attunement: 5 (np)


Initiative: 8
Willpower: 3 +4 (bp) +1 (np) = 8
Quantum: 3
Quantum Pool: 26 +5 = 31

Martial Prodigy [5], World Warrior [5]

Weak Hearing [1], Vengeful [2], Phobia: Spiders [2], Flashbacks [3], Intolerance: Men [1], Bad Vibe [1]
Mega Attributes

Mega Dexterity: 1
Mega Perception: 1
Mega Wits: 1
Mega Stamina 1 

Mega Attribute Enhancements

Mega Dexterity: Accuracy
Mega Perception: Ultra-Peripheral Perception, Blind Fighting, EM Vision
Mega Wits: Enhanced Initiative, Multi-Tasking, Quickness
Mega Stamina: Regeneration, Durability, Hardbody, Adaptability, Health

Quantum Powers

Invisibility “Eclipsed Star”: 2

Claws “Rising Star”: 3
	Extras: Kinetic Discharge and Aggravated 
	Weakness: Can only use to charge handgun bullets
	Strength:  Reduce Level by 1.

Claws “Shining Star”: 2
	Extras: Kinetic Discharge and Aggravated 
	Weakness: Can only use to charge swords
	Strength:  Reduce Level by 1.


Click to reveal..
2x Minor Masterwork Desert Eagle Pistols, with integrated silencers.
Minor Masterwork Bastard Sword.
Multi-Purpose Minor Masterwork armored suit (Kevlar & Synthetic Eufiber Weave, sealed against NBC, with flotation modifications.)
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Construction Experience Expenditures

Click to reveal..
Golden Gunplay 3
Total Martial Art Expenditures: 19xp
Total Training Time: 4 ½ months (1/4th the training time from Martial Prodigy)

Basic Maneuvers 

	Two Weapons
	Weapon Form: Pistols/Revolvers
	Target Leading (From: World Warrior)

Bonus Maneuvers

	Weapon Strike
	Breaking Blow

Advanced Techniques

	Hard Target [3xp]
	Multiple Assailant Method [3xp]
	Acrobatic Evasion [1xp]
	Meditative Form [3xp]
	Iaijutsu [3xp]

Health [5 xp]
EM Vision [5 xp]
Blind Fighting [5 xp]
Multi-Tasking [5 xp]
Quickness [5 xp]

Pilot Specialty:  Light Aircraft [1 xp]
Computer Specialties: Data Retrieval [1 xp]
Weave Specialty: Camouflage [1 xp]

Mega Stamina 1 w/Regeneration [6 xp]
+ Durability [5 xp]
+ Hardbody [5 xp]
+ Adaptability [5 xp]

Weave +1 [2 xp], +1 [4 xp], +1 [6 xp]
+5 Quantum Pool [15 xp]
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Character Events

OOC Events

July 6, 2011: Character Posted.

July 12,2011: Started "Falling Star"

October 16, 2011: Tapped out of "Falling Star"

October 16, 2011: Shelved character

IC Events

July 12, 2011: Commenced and Ended Operation "Falling Star". - Tapped Out

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