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[SR character] Tabitha "The Ace of Hearts" McGrath

The Hospitaler

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Tabitha "The Ace of Hearts" McGrath

Tabitha is a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, UCAS. Born to a well-to-do family, she was not without in life. But what she was is easily bored. In class her teachers didn't like her because she was too distracted with the nature outside her classroom windows, among friends she was always the one to instigate the trouble. She was considered a tomboy by her mother and father, and while admonished for her misdeeds they understood she was simply a free spirit and was prone to such outbursts.

Once she turned 18, she struck out on her own using the trust fund she was given on her 18th birthday. She decided to toss most of it to charity and her love of things fast. She learned how to fly, race cars, even speedboats were fair game to her. This was due to her embedded magical talent, literally allowing her to anticipate changing conditions and adapt quickly.

Her teachers in such things saw she had an unusual knack, and drew the attention of a group of smugglers making the run into the tribal lands north of the UCAS. To her, this was another adventure. After making s few successful runs, they trusted her on making a run to Seattle to drop off a friend who had some hot data from an ARES facility. They knew Tabitha was good for the trip, but was afraid that ARES were about to sic Lone Star on her.

They did.

Over the skies of western Minnesota a dire fight for survival took place. Tabitha put everything she had into her flying and screamed to the one close place she knew she could shake her tails. Denver. She was on fumes as she reached the Denver metroplex. When she reached there, Lone Star based in Denver intercepted her in the air. In the ensuing firefight the package was killed, and Tabitha had to crash her stricken thunderbird in the rockies nearby.

To the world, the criminal ace Tabitha McGrath was dead.

Tabitha was made of sterner stuff.

Limping and nearly dead, she struggled to make it to a Pueblo controlled sector of Denver. She knew of a Smuggler friend who would be able to help her rest for the night, and a fixer who knew of a street doc that could help fix her broken arm.

Her wings clipped, she knew trying to contact her team directly was a bad idea, so through her smuggler friend she directed a message regarding what happened. What she got back was no surprise, clear as crystal, but still a disappointment.

Don't come back. If you do, you're a dead bitch.

Homeless, considered dead, and a bounty on her head if she returned to the Twin Cities area... Couldn't want it any other way.

To work under a legit cover, she took on the identity of Jane Arrowway, a yachting and piloting enthusiast who puts her money more into her hobbies than her life.

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Human Adept - ¥200,000

Stat		PNT	Level	Modified		
Body		2	2/ 6	
Agility		3	3/ 6	
Reaction	4	4/ 6	6/ 9
Strength	2	2/ 6	
Charisma	3	3/ 6	
Intuition	3	3/ 6	
Logic		3	3/ 6	
Willpower	2	2/ 6	
Edge		4	5/ 7
Magic		6	6/ 6

                        BASE            FINAL
Initiative		7/12		9/18
Initiative Pass		1/4		3/4
Essence		        6.00		6.00	

Skills		        Level	
Pilot Aircraft		3
Pilot Ground Craft	4
Pilot Watercraft	3
Pistols			3
Survival		3
Diving			3
Parachuting		3
Swimming		2
Etiquette		3
FirstAid		4

Knowledge Skills			Level	
IN:Cooking				4
IN:Cuisine				4

Language Skills				Level	
[Native]English				N
Japanese				6
Sperethiel				4

Adept Power			Level	Points	Notes
Improved Reflexes II			3	+2 Reaction/+2 Initiative Pass
Mystic Armor			4	2	+4 Balistic/+4 Impact armour, also on Astral (Stacks)
Improved Vehicle Ability        2	0.5	+2 dice to Pilot: Ground Vehicle skill
Improved Vehicle Ability        2	0.5	+2 dice to Pilot: Aircraft skill		

Contacts      Loyalty/Connection					
Smuggler      4/4
Fixer	      4/4

Weak Immune System		-5
Allergy: Smoke (Common, Mild)		-10
A Big Regret (failing her team back in Minneapolis)	-5
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Gear (¥200,000 for purchases)

Starting: ¥50

1 year low Lifestyle (¥24,000)

Car: Land Rover Impulse (AKA the Tata Hotspur) - ¥60,000

Plane: Moonlight Aerospace Phoenix (Powered Glider - Modded dark grey) - ¥16,000

1 Year Doc Wagon Platinum - ¥50,000

Rating 3 Fake SIN (Jane Arrowway) - ¥3,000

Conceal Carry (Rating 4) (Jane Arrowway) - ¥4800

Large Waterproofed Boating Dufflebag (¥500)

High-Grade Yachting outfit

* Sailor Collared Blouse (¥2000)

* Tailored Skirt (¥1500)

* High-Fashion Deck-Grip shoes (¥2000)

* Tailored Vest (¥2000) with built-in PFD (¥200) + 1 reload kit (¥50)

* Waterproofed Tailored Transparent Raincloak (¥2500) Chemical Resistant (Rating 6 (¥1500))

"Aces High" Bomber Jacket "Ace of Hearts" pattern - ¥1,250

Cavalier "Deputy" Revolver (Heavy Pistol) - ¥225

+ Speed Loader x 7 - ¥175

+ Quick-Draw-Holster - ¥100

+ 4 reloads of standard ammnunition - ¥80

+ 4 reloads of stick-and-shock - ¥320

Zoe Second Skin Armor (Color patterned like my profile/avatar) (B:4/I:1) ¥20000 (all GM's Call)

+ Helmet with Air-Supply/SCUBA modifications (+2B/+2I)

+ Chemical Protection 3

Load bearing vest w Inflatable Life Vest attached - ¥200, 1 reload kit - ¥50 (GM's Call)

* Inflatable Single Person Life Raft - ¥300, 1 reload kit - ¥150 (GM's Call) {Right Pouch}

* Survival Kit - ¥100 {Left Pouch}

* Rating 6 Med Kit - ¥600 {front pouch}

6 Med Kit reloads - ¥300

Parachute (Low Altitude Canopy) - ¥120

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