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[OpNet] The Amped/Carver Party


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Hey all. I'm getting ready to drop by a little house warming party held by to buddies of mine. It has got me to thinking about our friends, what makes us friends, and what keeps friendships going and growing?

Thoughts, words, ideas?

Also, maybe an after-party wrap-up?

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Humans, even most Novas that do not considder themselves such, need society. (I know that not all Novas need society, we are too varied a species that we would all have the same needs, inherent or otherwise)

Friendship is one form of social bond. More than that, alliance, mutual trust, someone to watch your back, someone to take care of you or help you when you're hurt or on the run, these are all important things, important needs.

Mutual need, mutual trust, these keep friends together.

And sure, I'll see you after the party regardless, Jager. wink

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