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[OpNet] The Bizarro Thread


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Goodbye! Me am Bizarro Vixen! Me am very angry to meet you!

Me have powerless kitsune body and powerful human one! Me hate science and am stay at home housewife! Me shag carpet salesman in spare time and burn books at job!

Me think Kirk better Captain than Picard and that Sylvester McCoy worst Doctor ever! Me participate in every transhumanist thread ever started on N!Prime board! Me think N! Network valuable addition to programming landscape. Me think nova on nova violence funny!

Me think some novas not take themselves seriously enough and need to avoid self-parody in Bizarro thread.


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This thread not funny!

Me post here since forever and everyone here know me! Me like to go play and fight with big powerful Novas all the time! Always in spotlight, so everyone know all about me!

Me never hang out with baselines or secretly use powers to mess with them. That no fun. Just use big impressive powers to show off! Me also proud member of all big Nova organizations! Me love Utopagen!

Me not like old pre-N-day stories and stuff. Not like new stuff much either. Me think people who only like one or other are very smart though! Me very very proud to know exactly who is Bizarro!

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