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[OpNet] Qi and Quantum


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I am a Chinese American raised to embrace both of my cultural heritages. Luckily for me I have grandparents who taught me the old ways. Since finding out I was latent I did my best to see if anything in my culture could help define what having a Node might really be like.

Qi, also know as ch'i, chi or ki, is a fundamental concept of how the universe works representing the "life force" or "spiritual energy" that is part of everything that exists. This struck me as an obvious connection. The node itself could be considered the organ that better let's us tap into the energy of all that is. A "Third Eye" if you will. This concept I have adopted and embraced since soon after my test results came back and changed my life.

Now some. Terats specifically might wonder. What does that mean to us. Well it means that while you may feel divorced from humanity it can still provide us with a base of information that can be applied to our daily lives from which we can expand.

Physical, mental and spiritual balance is required for us every bit, if not more so than for Baseline humanity. Because of this I have developed a form of Qigong for Novas. It is of course in it's infancy just as I consider myself an infant in my new awakened life. I continue to study the hundreds of variations of Qigong in order to perfect the system for myself as well as someday being able to provide it to other novas to help regulate their own Qi. I firmly feel that given time this will allow those who are imbalanced (Tainted) to bring their Qi back within alignment and harmony.

To say this is vast undertaking is an understatement. I will be seeking out many of you in the coming days, months and years for your own insight. Everything from the paths of Teras to the Kamisama Buddhists will be able to help me forge a path for those who wish to walk it.

If any of you have any questions or would like to volunteer some of your own personal wisdom I humbly await it.

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Is interest. Symmetry say latent but talk like know quantum. Think you forget to say you nova and hobby of mystic and quantum is old hobby. Is small thing but mention for you to know.

Quantum not mystic. Quantum can be put in battery if nova say OK. Quantum can be taken from nova even if say not OK. Think quantum is not scientific counterpart to mystic chi. Think quantum is only measure of potential for change. Is power of will that is counterpart of mystic chi. Power of will not scientific muchly but is how you say, best match. Understand Symmetry want make analogy but is not so good analogy. Is like say table. Table have leg, cannot stand without leg, but table is not leg. Table is for to stand above ground. Need leg to stand above ground but table not leg only. Think nova Symmetry try to understand table but only think of leg. Is opinion from engineer but Symmetry ask and Tarjei answer. Not all answer is for want to hear.

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