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Aberrant: 200X - Fireworks OOC Thread

Jael Carver

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Guys, I have plans for the Fireworks thread (Jael's Fuck-It Fourth of the July Extravaganza). It will be more than just another party; an Event will happening. I've spoken with Einherjar about this and he thinks it has merit, so I'm proposing the following rules and asking for the full moderator blessing.

1) The fic will go HARDCORE! at some point, where dice will be used to resolve conflict.

~a) That point will be clearly marked on the fiction and noted here and in the shoutbox. I will give at least 48 hours notice to allow people to move.

~B) PCs who do not declare themselves Hardcore! here or in a spoiler in their posts will be assumed to not be Hardcore, and will be allowed to write the outcomes of their characters without dice.

~c) When the time comes, one room will be Hardcore and the other will not be; PCs will be shuffled behind the scenes as necessary to make sure they are in the right room so that we aren't mixing the Hardcore and non-Hardcore. Once the Event is done, we can co-mingle again.

2) Because the players will be putting their characters at risk, I'd like to ask that the moderators give a special reward to those who go HARDCORE! and don't tap out. This is entirely up to them and not guaranteed.


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BTW, for those in Fireworks - Ruth, Jael's sister is a bitch. She generally hates her sister and anyone associated with her. So all of the novas are Jael's guests and Ruth will push things, like she has done with Sean and Morri. She's got an opnet capable phone on her and will try to dig up dirt on any nova there to be bitchy with. Sean was easy to find something; Morri not, so she mostly missed with her.

Feel free to use her; she won't push things to a fight, but she will stir shit if she sees the chance.

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