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World of Darkness: The Darkness of Space - Neesa [DoS Character]


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Name: Dr. Neesa Donovan

Nature: Survivor Demeanor: Caregiver

Concept: Counselor

Character Information:

Dr. Neesa Donovan is the head counselor. She is of medium height, long red curls that are generally left mostly loose and falling to her hips with expressive violet eyes. Her age is hard to determine, though it seems to be somewhere in the the late 20's and early 30's. She tends to walk quietly and makes as little noise as possible. She speaks in a gentle sweet tone, very pleasant to hear, but still manages to be authoritative when she needs to be.

Neesa rarely raises her voice or in any way lets others see much anger, frustration or negative emotions, choosing to keep those emotions to herself. She is almost always calm and quick to smile and has a friendly air about her that set people at ease. As for her past, she rarely speaks of it and never to those she doesn't know well.

Those with the ability to will be able to tell she is a demon, or angel as she sees herself, though shes not open about it with just anyone as it causes unnecessary fear or ridicule. However, she will not deny it when asked unless the knowledge would do more harm then good for the person or creature to know.

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