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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - NPCs

Justin OOC

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Notable NPC’s

Ryoko --Regent of Dalaraan-- Formerly an enemy of the PC’s Ryoko returned from 100 years of being stranded in Ikaris, with many abilities most Dalaraan purebloods do not possess. Keenly loyal to the Emperor, and perhaps even moreso to Lily, She nearly died defending Tsunami from Ayato. Only the Intervention of Ryoma in Shin Getter Robo saved her. Once she awakened from her Coma, she begain aiding the Satoshi personnel in rebuilding the capital and throneworld, acting as a liason with the common people.

Satoshi Captains

Klan Klang --Captain CRT-9-- She looks young, and in truth she is.She’s a twenty four year old High Gravity Trooper created by the Circinus Federation, and pilot of a customized suit of Quadrono battle armor. In her Normal form she stands fifty five feet tall, and is a beautiful young woman with slightly pointed ears, and long blue hair. In her Micronized form, she’s just over four feet tall and looks more like a child of ten. There’s no explanation of why she looks different though it does get her teased from time to time. She is a fair and loyal young woman, and bound as a Servant to Kai. The only Captain with more than 5 crests, she bears seven, second only to Valerie.

Eiji Tanaka -- -- A battle armor Captain, skilled in Magic, with a powerful lightning based Zanpuktou named Inazuma. He commands the planetside military forces of Satoshi. He’s a no-nonsense individual, and very even tempered. He has 3 seals.

Georgi Illiayev -- -- A former Russian supersoldier turned battle armor/mecha pilot. He runs special operations on Dalaaran, and has been busy hunting any remaining resistance cells and doing surveys of distant battlefields. He has 3 seals.

Ryoma Nagare –Capatain of CRT-8-- Ryoma is the Circinus born pilot of the ultimate Super Robot, Shin Getter Robo. Having pledged loyalty to Lily, and Later to Kai, becoming his servant, the hot-blooded Ryoma is likely among the greatest assets available to the Satoshi Fleet, as his incredible experience was instrumental in the entire Dalaraan campaign. He has five crests.

Ruri Hoshino –Captain of CRT-4-- The seventeen year old former biocomputer Captain of Satoshi’s support staff. She has the most personnel under her command, and the widest ability to control vast forces. She is capable of direct interface with all manner of machines. Possessed of a cool icy demeanor, She seems almost like a computer herself, seldom smiling, but constant contact with others has made her more human than she ever was. Talk of her previous commander, Captain Shibaksuka has proven to make her sad, she clearly thought of him as a father figure. Ruri has 5 crests.

Satoshi Lieutenants

Gaogaigar –Lieutenant CRT-9-- Former enemy, killed the previous Lieutenant in honorable combat on Mars. Gai as he likes to be called is a 450 foot tall super robot that served as the basis for all super robots made by the Federation. Over ten thousand years old, he comes from an ancient precursor civilization that is gone now. Powerful beyond virtually any other mecha, he aided Ryoma in fending off Ayato long enough for Tsunami to recover. He has 3 crests.

Tokiko Shikane -- Lieutenant (Eiji)—A master of multiple blades, Tokiko is Eiji’s first choice of assassins. She’s a quiet, unassuming looking young woman, rumored to also be a former Kage, much like Captain Tanaka.

Kuzuha Mizuha—Lieutenant CRT-1—Kuzuha is a medical tech turned super robot pilot. Her primary task is to Keep Kai safe, though he often sends her away, either to protect others (her Grungust II is well suited to it) She has 4 crests

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