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Aberrant: 200X - Must Focus Contessa-San! II: The Sequel


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As morose as her perfect features could muster, Contessa bounced down the stairs with depressive rhythm to her stride. She hit the last three steps and floated lazily down to the floor, continuing to meander to the kitchen. It smelled like grilled cheese through out the house, which meant it was almost lunchtime. Nothing smelled burnt, which meant Dad wasn’t cooking. She pushed the swinging door to the kitchen open and strolled in.

Mixie was plastered to the 13” plasma on the kitchen counter. N! was currently covering the Jael Carver/Alex Summers molestation case. “Hey, Ceej. Is this messed up, or what? Oh, my gawd! You know what this means, right? Alex is single now!”

Mixie squee’d and bounced up and down excitedly while Contessa’s unnaturally blue eyes bore an icy hole right through her. Tessa was like a Disney Princess, and when she was sad the world knew it and world wept with her. Realizing her best friend (evar!) wasn’t feeling the vibe she slowed down and finally stopped. “Oooookay, not feeling it?”

“Mixie, that’s terrible.” Contessa huffed and strolled over to the fridge. She grabbed a can of soda and popped it open. “No, I’m not ‘feeling it’, whatever ‘it’ might be.”

“Ceej, dude, you like the guy, right?” Mixie flipped the grilled cheese over in the skillet like a professional chef. It tumbled end over end until it flapped back, buttered side down. As was customary, Contessa never moved past the halfway point in the kitchen while the stove was lit. “With psycho-girlfriend out of the way, this is your chance, girl! You said it yourself: you’ve never liked a guy like him before. You’ve been glued to the Opbox for days laughing and carrying on with him, go for the kill.”

The nova blonde sighed, frustrated. “Okay, stop. Stop right there, seriously.” Mixie paused, as this seemed like the first time in a long time that she’d actually seen Contessa on the cusp of anger. “You didn’t see them like I did, Mixers. Jael may be one crazy… um,”

“Bitch?” Mixie added.

“Thank you, yeah, but when they touched and looked at each other and smiled at one another,” he sighed like she was in a fairy tale. “It was love, Mix, real, honest love. I admit, I’ve a crush on Alex, my first crush since ‘He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named’, but I’m also his friend, and by proxy her friend as well.” She took a drink from her soda and then pointed at Mixie with her pinkie finger while she gripped the can. “And because I’m their friend I want the very best for them both. Even if I could get Alex, why would I do that? His heart is hers, and if I really cared at all for him, I’d let him keep his heart where it makes him the happiest, and that’s with her.”

Mixie broke out into full-blown laughter, almost knocking the skillet off the stove. “Oh, shit… oh, I’m sorry… my bad.” She collected herself and giggled some more while Contessa searched her mind for harsh language to use. “C.J, do you ever listen to yourself? I mean, seriously listen?”

“Um, yeah, why?” She looked at Mixie, suddenly perplexed.

“There’s no such thing as love, girl, you’re living in a fairy tale. Ceej, it’s our last summer before college, Alex is single, now. Come on girl, we have to get you laid,” Doctor Danae, Contessa’s father walked into the kitchen at the most inopportune time, but Mixie was swift in thought. “…out in the sun a bit more before he visits sometime, you’re white as a sheet! You can wear the white bikini that Sea-” She sighed. “’He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named’ sent you last summer.”

Tessa nearly choked on her cola. “That skimpy thing? No freakin’ way, pardon my language, that is so not happening. It rides my butt something fierce and barely covers, well, anything.”

“Nothing covers those pontoons, Ceej, what’s new?” Contessa retorted with a well timed stuck out tongue. With the way they went back and forth, one would think they were sisters.

Doctor Danae cleared his throat. “Ladies, please. Mixie, you are forbidden from getting my daughter ‘laid’ in any sense, even if you take her to Hawaii her neck better remain bare. Contessa, I don’t want to hear about anything riding your butt, ever. And stop wearing Mixie’s t-shirts.”

Contessa looked down at her chest and Mixie took a moment to glance at the pink t-shirt that had, in bold white letters: ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it.’ Mixie and Contessa both snickered and the doctor winked at them and left the room with a glass of water. “I’m taking a nap, I have to work the night shift tonight. Will you two please try and be good?”

“You got it Dad!” Tessa shouted before turning to her Asian friend. “Hey, wanna hang with me at the clinic today? I have power training.”

“Sure. Grilled cheese?” She slapped the sandwich on a paper plate and the two ladies headed out the back door.

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She felt like a super heroine every time she wore her pink and white eufiber outfit. Concentrating became second nature to hre now and as soon as she stood up the suit slowly began to shrink, conforming itself tightly to her perfect body. Cupping under chest, between her fingers, and even tightly squeezing her buttocks. When she walked passed the mirror on her way out of the locker room to the training area, the uniform was polished to such a sheen she could almost catch her reflection in it from the mirrors surface. Gawd, if Mix saw me wearing pink and white euvinyl for power training I'd never hear the end of it.

She stepped out into the large area-like training facility. Everything was familiar by now, even the observation booth that was two stories up where the doctors observed her powers. The cold blueish-grey of the polished steel floor always put her off, but the clack of her suits heels annoyed her now to no end. She stopped and huffed. "Okay, seriously, can I just get my old outfit back? With the padded feet please? Whose dumb idea was it to add three inch wedge heels onto the training uniforms? I'm going to fall and break my neck!"

"Sorry C.J.," Doctor May's voice reverberated off the cold walls. "Blame the PR guys. Some magazine made mention of how tacky the suits looked and now they're sexier for the female trainees because they've added wedges under the feet."

She just stared up at him, silent and expressionless.

"I don't get it either, honestly." He said after a long pause.

"Easily fixed." She mumbled to herself as gravity fell under her command, lifting her up off the floor where she hovered in place for a moment before coasting several inches off the floor to the center of the arena. "Kay! What's the plan Doc?" She asked in a sweet tone as she exclaimed 'whee' several times while flying and performing all sorts of aerial maneuvers around the room.

"How is you medication coming along, C.J.?" She laughed a bit as he spoke. Contessa was a rare gem of a woman indeed. She always seemed so happy and kind and always finding the beautiful side of anything. Upbeat, bubbly, and energetic were always words used to describe her and of all novas the staff worked with on a daily basis, they always said she was the most easy going and fun to work with.

She swooped up to the second story window and hovered there. The few lab technicians stared like she was Venus reborn and Tess was certain the skin tight eufiber that shined liked glossed vinyl was probably meriting her a guest appearance in their fantasies tonight. The thought was kinda gross but it couldn't be helped, she was used to it after a couple of years of doing this, although she still hated the way the suit rode up the crack of her butt. Her mother had sent her underwear more comfortable than this thing. "Been doing okay, actually." She smiled brightly. "The upped dosage has helped with most of the headaches and the random gravity distortions. Two tablets, well four now, every six hours, on the button Doc for two years now. Easy peasy-like."

"No side effects?" The Doctor asked as he jotted down her statement in her file.

"Um, not really. For a few days after we upped it, I cramped up pretty bad, like someone punched me in my ovaries, but it passed." She palmed her stomach with one hand and did a backwards loop in the air arriving back where she started looking through the window. "I did do some research too. Um, are we sure this dose is safe? It's like way high."

"It does seem that way I know." Doctor May replied without looking up at her, continuing to scribble his notes. "Based on the test results of your changing physiology, it was the only recommendation I could make. You're quite resistant to Moxinoquantamine, or at least have become so rather suddenly. This new dosage is being processed by your body as the lower dosage was. Contessa, as a nova your body is on constant flux as your node struggles to evolve within you, as you adapt, we have to adapt your treatment."

"You, uh, make it sound like I'm sick." Her lip was curled in a quizzical expression.

"In a way, you are Contessa." Doctor May slid his glasses off the bridge of his nose and tucked them away in his lab coat pocket. "Without Moxinoquantamine in your system, you lose control of your powers, and that's not good. As you build a resistance to the medication, you run the risk of losing control and possibly hurting yourself or others. We're researching way to prevent this, remember?"

"Uh, Doc," She flew to the glass and rest her palms on the smooth, clear surface. Her mystical blue hued eyes glimmered beneath their surface as she looked him. "How do we know I'll lose control of my powers when the Moxie-stuff wears off when, since my eruption, I've never been off the stuff. Obviously I'm the Treatment Group, but I fail to see our Control Group from where he can begin formulating a basis off comparison. I mean, there's only one 'me', right?"

"Let's begin power training." She sighed and cleared his throat before that conversation went any further. "We'll do gravitokinesis first, okay?"

"Woohoo!" She hollered loudly and it echoed every where. Beaming a smile that melted the hearts of the lab techs the pink and white nova princess thrust her fist into the air in declaration that this trainind session was officially on! "To the Blue Lion! Wooooooosh!"

Soaring down to the floor below the Doctor had already engaged the floor elevators to rise up displaying several solis red balls, about the size of oranges, strewn all about the floor. "What a mess, what a mess. She giggled, swooping past them and looping all about the room.

"Now, lets begin with a low-g field, C.J."

"No problem, how ya want it?" She asked as she soared all over like a pink skater asking all the sky her ice rink. Pirouettes and flips and barrel rolls were all coming so easy to her. She'd met a guy, and he was wonderful, and everything was all to groovy in her life right now.

"Um, one more time?" Doctor May leaned down and adjusted the long microphone, trying to lock on to her with his eyes as she soared all over. "I don't understand the question."

She didn't stop flying and just yelled back her answer. "Every point mass in the universe attracts every other point mass with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them." She stopped finally, centered with the window once more, and shrugged with her arm out wide. "Ergo the field I generate must be-"

"Just make them float!" He snapped before quickly regaining his composure. "Christ, woman."

"Oh!" She replied, unphased by the outburst. "No sweat, Doc. Why didn't you just ask? Jeez. Anyone ever told you that sometimes you seriously over complicate things?" The lab techs all burst into random fits of snerks and chuckles.

A few feet off the floor she hovered. With arms out in front of her, palms down, her eyes flared a deep, dark purple like the outer corona of a black hole. A nimbus of the same purple covered her arms as she called on her node to undo the field of gravity in the area. Slowly all the red balls began to rise from the polished steel floor and randomly float in all manner of directions, free to move as the pull of ambient air pressure would allow them.

"Excellent work, now collect them." The voice echoed all about the room.

"Kay!" She tugged on her node and felt a slight pulse from inside her brain, the Mox working against her as she tried to draw on the power of gravity once again to generate a field that would permit all the red orbs to pull on one another to generate a single mass. She wavered a bit in the air, like a string had plucked on a harness.

"Contessa?" Doctor May asked, concerned.

"S'okay! S'okay. I got it! Just a hiccup." She smiled at him and continued to concentrate, puling them all together into a giant red orb comprised of smaller red orbs. "See!? Got it! Woo! Go Team Me!"

"Focus, Contessa!" But his words came too late and all the balls separated as the field dispersed into a mess of bouncing red failure.

"Oops." she looked about at the mess then looked up at the Doctor and smiled wide, offering only an apologetic shrug.

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