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World of Darkness: The Darkness of Space - Experiance


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Experience is as follows:

5xp for starting a character profile thread [one time xp bonus].

1xp per week [Monday-Sunday].

+ 1 xp per week in which the character posts a minimum of 3 times.

[max standard xp per month = 8]

Additional xp awarded for combat or other special circumstances at ST discretion.

If a character does not post at least once every 45 days, that character is considered inactive and does not get the 1xp per week until he/she rejoins the game. Inactive characters must have ST approval to reenter the game.


Kudos - kudos are awarded for a particularly great post or a very in character action. Kudos are not xp - however - kudos can be accumulated and will have varying uses.

Current use: Spend 1 Kudos to add 1 to a dice pool - can not add more than one Kudos per roll.

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