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World of Darkness: The Darkness of Space - Weneg Hatshepsut Long {DOS Character}


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Name: Weneg Hatshepsut Long

Tradition: Verbena (Moon-Seekers)

Nature: Architect

Demeanor: Gallant

Resonance: Primordial

Apparent Age: 23

Age: 29

DOB: 11 FEB 75

POB: Shanghai, China

Nationality: Chinese

Ethnicity: Afro(Egyptian)-Chinese

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 165lbs.

Eyes: Emerald Green (without contacts)

Hair: Black dread locs that reach to the middle of his back.

Accent: New England, but there is just something that is foreign about it.

Style: Tres Chic


He is a very nice specimen of the male body, 165lbs. of toned muscles spread across a lithe, almost feline frame. His bearings only added to the physical attributes, for he stands with perfect posture, making him to appear to be around 6’1”, when in actuality he is only 5’10”. This is only the beginning for upon this body is attached a face that blends the qualities of several exotic cultures: the slanting feral eyes and pure skin of the Chinese and complexion and hard angular features of the True Egyptians.

As for his apparel, they are sign of his social class. He wears a Goldish Brown Wool Armani Slacks with a Sapphire Blue Armani Turtleneck. A Goldish Brown and Various Blues blend wool V-neck sweater vest brings the two items into harmony, while the matching Sapphire Blue Armani Alligator Skin Belt and Boots further blends the ensemble further, both of with have gold accents. For the purpose of warmth is wears a full-length Blue Leather Trench coat that seems to dusted in gold. His accessories consist of a gold Rolex with sapphires and a gold signet ring on his left hand set with a 2-carat sapphires surrounded by a burst of topazes, and as usual his laptop bag over his left shoulder and his PDA on his side and wireless earpiece in his right ear.


Duty is supreme to him, to a degree that others say he has a warped sense of morality. He simply says all follow the golden rule and he enforces it. If you try to kill him then that meant that you wished to be killed.

The bright force of life from his Shapechanger blood and such an essence of yang, battles with the excess and dominant Yin. His gorgeous garden is the expression of this battle.

Walking the line between so many worlds has left him out of touch with “normals” and he has a very elitist view of them almost to the level of a vampire.

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Character Profile = 5XP

Week 05 JUN 11 - 11 JUN 11 = 1XP

Week 12 JUN 11 - 18 JUN 11 = 2XP

Week 18 JUN 11 - 25 JUN 11 = 2XP

Week 26 JUN 11 - 02 JUL 11 = 2XP

Week 03 JUL 11 - 09 JUL 11 = 2XP

Week 10 JUL 11 - 16 JUL 11 = 2XP

Week 17 JUL 11 - 23 JUL 11 = 2XP

Week 24 JUL 11 - 30 JUL 11 = 1XP

Week 31 JUL 11 - 06 AUG 11 = 1XP

Week 07 AUG 11 - 13 AUG 11 = 2XP

Week 14 AUG 11 - 20 AUG 11 = 2XP

Week 21 AUG 11 - 27 AUG 11 = 2XP

Week 28 AUG 11 - 03 SEP 11 = 2XP

Week 04 SEP 11 - 10 SEP 11 = 1XP

Week 11 SEP 11 - 17 SEP 11 =

XP Earned: 29

XP Spent: 16

Current XP: 13

Arete 2 - 3 = 16XP

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