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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [Character Profile] Heather 10093

Heather 10093

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Height 5'5"

Hair: Lavender

Eyes: Blue

Weight 115 lbs

Date of origin: January 15th, 2013

Appearance: 6 (innocent)

Charisma: 4 (attentive)

Admittedly, the universe description is not my best writing. Summarizing centuries of history isn't easy wink

Home universe:

The most notable point of divergence happened around the time of Queen Victoria taking the throne. During this time, some scientists approached the Queen with a plan that, if successful, would enhance the power of the British Empire and expand its reign across the world. In most universes, she threw the men out as fools, but this Victoria decided to fund their ambition. Through means never revealed, they managed to 'capture chaos,' removing its influence from the world except where they allowed it.

What followed was a time of stagnation for most of the world while England and her colonies, those that she had held onto at least, flourished. It took years for anyone to connect the dots, and longer still for other countries to mobilize against England, blaming them, rightfully so, for the woes that stymied any growth or achievement in the rest of the world. They attacked England, which responded with troops they had been preparing for twenty years, with better weapons than possessed anywhere else.

The War of Enlightenment spread the reason of England around the world. Once a country had been conquered by them, the inhabitants couldn't imagine it being any other way, allowing the forces of the great Empire to move on to conquer more, until they ruled the whole world.

By the end of the war, some of the scientists who had worked on the original project realized, with horror, what they had done. The contraption they had built only allowed a limited amount of imagination and freewill into the world, which they had been supplying exclusively to England, but with England ruling the world, that energy that was enough to create a golden age for one country was now diluted amongst the entire world. Almost everyone born into this world had nearly no imagination. There was very little change or growth, anywhere. They tried to break the machine, but failed.

In 1870, fiction was outlawed as a waste of time. In 1890, failure of the Bible to hold up to a scientific analysis caused it to be declared a work of fiction and be banned, along with Christianity. Soon enough, the only religion left in the world was Confucianism, as it consisted only of recommendations on how to be a better bureaucrat.

Technology progressed, but in a very logical fashion. New devices were based on increasingly complex interactions of existing technology, with a very small sprinkling of new innovations. This resulted in a look to machinery resembling 'steampunk.'

Heather was born and assigned a number and name by the government as had become common practice to make censuses and taxes easier. She demonstrated enough intelligence that she was assigned to be the wife of a college professor, David 9080 who had lost his first wife to illness. While intelligent, she was still mostly average, as everyone was. There were very few outliers anymore, no outsiders, no diversity.

She really didn't have much to do around the house except fulfill her wifely duties to her husband in the hopes of continuing the Empire through their children. He was tenured, and as such rated enough servants to handle all of the chores, leaving Heather bored. So, she did one of the only things available to someone in her position: she read. She memorized every single book in her husband's public library before finding his secret, and highly illegal, stash of fictional works.

Despite the continued absence of chaos in the world, it found small ways to leak out and express itself, a few individuals who had the talent to write something they had never seen, and people with a longing for 'more' that they could never quite define, leading to a thriving black market trade in fiction. This was one of the only black markets, as just about everything else was legal and taxed.

Unlike most people who found their way to the illicit world of fiction, Heather had never even heard of it before she started reading it. There were lies and crimes in the world, few and far between as they were, but she had never had a book lie to her, so she believed that every book she read was real, or at least potentially real somewhere. She was working her way through the works of a particularly subversive criminal author named Anne McCaffrey when IT happened.

There wasn't enough coherency in the world, enough order, for there ever to be a consensus on what to call IT, much less what IT was. Unbeknownst to anyone alive, the machine that had been suppressing chaos for so very long finally reached its limit and exploded. 2 centuries worth of chaos flooded the world. 20 percent of the world's population erupted into novas. About 50 percent just died, unable to handle it. Another 20 percent half-erupted, developing one or two abilities or physical changes without the ability to develop any further or accrue any taint. this left a very small number of baselines who were generally assumed to have non visible abilities, avoiding prejudice. Even animals changed.

Heather's cats turned into small dragons like the ones in the book she had been reading. They were a bit more intelligent than the fire lizards, being able to hold full conversations with her, but otherwise were cat sized dragons who could teleport and spit fire.(Note that I will give full descriptions of the dragons and their abilities in their own character sheets. Those descriptions will be placed in this thread. These are the two allies I have on my sheet at 4 dots)

Heather and David found that they had very little in common after becoming novas, having gone in completely different directions with their personal evolutions. They parted amicably enough. Heather decided that she wanted to travel and see some of the places she had read about...

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Galahad and Ariel



These two dragons bear a strong similarity to the 'fire lizards' of our world's Anne McCaffrey's Pern novels. Like those dragon-kin, they need to consume a small quantity of stone as part of their diet. Unlike them, this does not consist solely of limestone, but includes precious metals, especially gold ore(for Ariel) or copper ore(for Galahad) along with other minerals. They are fully capable of locating what they need, digging it up, and crushing it into a fine power that their bodies can digest. Should they have children, each child will develop a psychic link, usually with one of their parents, shortly after hatching. If a person is present at their hatching and intervenes by feeding the hatchling and showing it compassion, it will usually form that link with them instead. As long as the child is well treated, it will remain fast friends for life, though unlike the fire lizards of Pern they will dissassociate from someone who treats them poorly. They communicate with people to whom they are not linked through use of a very mild form of empathic manipulation. They are capable of more complex thoughts than most animals, generally expanding their psychic abilities as they grow to link into a collective consciousness founded by these two(should they survive long enough to do so). Most of their children are not truly novas, instead being a stable species of their own with a few nova like traits. The quantum bolt abilities 'flaming loogey' and 'roast' are replaced with the body-modification 'fire-breath.' Their children retain the ability to teleport, sense the types of stone they need for their diet, and sufficient strength to crush those rocks for digestion. Only a small percentage become novas and can gain the powers of cross-time travel or regular time travel. There is a very real chance that all dragons in all realities are descended from these two novas, as their children who become novas can develop different elemental abilities, greater intelligence, greater size, etc.

There is no telling how much Ariel and Galahad can grow, since as novas their potential is effectively unlimited.

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