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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Regarding "The Professor"...

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Yeah, I know, you're wondering why I created The Professor the way I did, well you guys might know since most of you are in chat when I'm on but for new faces and people who weren't around I'll break down how YOU, yes YOU, will love having her around for your birthdays, weddings, or any other social gathering in any universe! wink

Sakurako's ESS was purposely designed to be a plot device for everyone to take advantage of. Even if it's only quickly mentioned in a fiction. Also, I am amicable to letting characters stay with Sakurako on the ESS for extended lengths of time. I don't mind having shipmates. Just be aware that you'll be occasionally visiting Brittania Earth, since that's Sakruako's new home.

There is one catch to all this coolness. I brought the ESS with me, but at some point "The Hive" will be knocking on someone's door. It may be mine, yours... anyone's. I do give everyone permission to use "The Hive" as you see fit. I'll be posting a writeup on them next week when I return on Tuesday or so.

Now, the other reason why I'm making this post is to take suggestions and ideas for what to do next after "Another Day at Stonehenge".

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