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Scion: Rise of the Fallen - The Morrigan

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morrigan.jpgBirth Name: Morgan O'Sidhe

Nick Names: Crazy Bird-Lady

Aliases: Morrígu, Nemain, Mor-Ríoghain, Babd, Macha, Phantom Queen, the Washer at the Ford

Calling: Fortune Teller

Known Relatives: None

Nature: Loner

Age: mid-twenties

Gender: Female

Ethnic Background: Irish

Nationality: United States

Height: 5'7"

Weight: ~230

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Handedness: Left

Distinguishing Marks:

Appearance: Once upon a time, The Morrigan was tall and unquestionably beautiful. Her hair, either black or red at her whim, was a glorious fall of waves. Her eyes were flashing and strong, while her body was strong and athletic. At the moment of her banishment, she had black hair and striking blue eyes – but she was stuck in a youthful guise, locked away from her fearsome glory of her hag. Lately, she's gotten flabby in addition to annoyingly young but this is her fault. Despair has created depression in the near-mortal and living the standard US lifestyle has put on the pounds. She's a bloated shell of what she once was.

History: The Fall: The Tuatha de Danaan had long resisted the Firbolg, but then Nuada lost his courage and Danu backed him. The Morrigan wasted no time in leaving her throne in The Veiled Court to decry the truce as a gutless shift in policy. She remembered how she'd killed the Firbolg by the hundreds in their battles; now she was to suffer them to live? It was too much for the goddess of War, especially when she foresaw the futility of such an action. But to her shock, no one listened her prophecy. That was when the Morrigan lost it.

Screaming, she denounced all those who backed the truce as cowards and no better than the Firbolg themselves. Before all of the assembled Tuatha de Danaan, she ranted and railed, rebuffing their pleas to understand, to be calm or just to be silent. It was the last that truly angered her: they demanded that she deny what she had seen? They denied her prophecy? Her flock of ravens screeched in unison with her, giving further voice to her rage. Be silent?! How dare they demand she hold her tongue!

The Goddess of War lashed out, striking at all who supported the truce. Her act of aggression tore the pantheon asunder, into the sides that agreed with the truce and those that didn't. Those that did outnumbered those that didn't, and soon those who didn't agree were cast out into the mortal realm, stripped of almost all their powers.

The Morrigan found herself on a beach in Galway, bereft of most of her powers. Only her most loyal of her ravens remained at her side, Niall.

Since Then: The Morrigan quickly set herself up as a powerful Irish warlord, using her meager powers to form a cult around herself as the Phantom Queen on Eire. Her goal was to regain enough power to rise against the gods themselves, overthrow them and annul the cursed treaty. But the Tuatha de Danaan rose against her again, still afraid of their former Warrior Goddess. They tore her band asunder and reduced her gains to ashes and charred bones.

The Morrigan moved on from Ireland and tried again. Again, she was stopped by the Others working against her. With their greater strength, she couldn't stop them.

Determined, she kept trying. She did everything she could think of but she was found and stopped each time. Gradually, she began to follow the humans wars, doing what she could to feel like herself again: prophesying the death of soldiers and even helping bury the dead. She fought when allowed or when she could disguise herself, losing her pain in the fury of battle.

But war changed. It stopped being about the Courage of the soldiers and became a matter of distant technology. Humans came to understand the psychological price of combat, but instead of paying the toll, they sought to insulate their soldiers from it, defying the natural order. Killing became pushing buttons and using computers. The Vietnam War, with its close-up violence offered her some hope that humanity was returning to the Old Ways of War, but that didn't happen. Instead, the soldiers were reviled for doing the hard work of war and humans insulated themselves from violence more and more. Soon, the only way she could see a good killing was to watch television.

The last thirty years have been hard. After the Morrigan realized that things weren't going to change, the fire that had been burning in her died. The once-steely, cruel former goddess sank into despair. She drifted into the background of America, wearing the guise of Morgan O'Sidhe. Her wanderings more or less stopped in New Orleans where she set up a business telling fake (happy) fortunes and getting fat. Niall is very worried about his goddess, but isn't able to do much to stop her. Caught in misery, the once goddess is almost completely crushed by life.

Birth Name: Morgan O'Sidhe

Calling: Fortune Teller

Nature: Loner

Pantheon: Tuatha de Danann

Patron: The Morrigan

Rivals: Ares, Odin, Quetzalcoátl, Raiden, Tyr


Name: Morgan O'Sidhe

Pantheon: Tuatha de Danann

Calling: Fortune Teller

Nature: Loner

God: The Morrigan


Strength - 3 / 1

Dexterity - 3 / 0

Stamina - 3 / 1

Charisma - 3 / 0

Manipulation - 3 / 0

Appearance - 3 / 1

Perception - 4 / 0

Intelligence - 3 / 0

Wits - 4 / 0



(favored) Animal Ken 3



Awareness 2

(favored) Brawl 3

Command 1


Empathy 2

(favored) Fortitude 2

Integrity 3



(favored) Marksmanship 2

Medicine 1

x Melee 1

Occult 2


Presence 3


Stealth 2

Survival 2

(favored) Thrown 2


Creature 3 Niall, the only of her supernatural flock of ravens to remain loyal to her.

Followers 2 The Fianna - the last descendants of the warriors killed by the gods to keep her opposed and downtrodden.


Hurl to the Horizon (Str)

Inner Furnace (Stm)

Serpent's Gaze (App)


Enoch 1

Animal (Corvid) 1

Animal (Cattle) 1

Death 1

Death 2

Prophecy 1

War 1

War 2

Soak / Armor / Total

Bashing 3 / 0 / 3

Lethal 3 / 0 / 3

Aggro 1 / 0 / 1

Legend 3

Legend Points 9

Willpower 7

Bonus Points 15 / 15

Attribute 0

Ability 0

Birthright 0

Virtue 0

Willpower 0

Legend 7

Epic Attribute 0

Knack 0

Boons 8

Additional Spell 0

Experience Points: 23

Fortitude 2 - 1

Brawl 3 - 3

Presence 3 - 3

Stamina 3 - 8

Dexterity 3 - 8

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