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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [Character Profile] "The Professor" Sakurako Hino

The Traveler

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"The Professor" - Sakurako Hino

Sakurako Hino was born on January 8th, 1985 to a Middle-Class Japanese family. They were a modest, kind, and decent family for the era, and loved their only daughter dearly. While she was on a middle-school trip using one of Tokyo's mag-lev trains, it malfunctioned, and sped out of control. Sakurako was a genius with machines, but her speed of typing and her knowledge of code just wasn't enough!

Seeing a series of bends in the track fast approaching, she said a prayer knowing her life was over... but the Kami answered differently. The train seemingly listened to her request to spare the lives of those on board. There was no AI... no nothing. Sakurako had been feeling headaches happening more frequently before that day, and on the day of the train incident, she had a massive nose bleed for a few moments.

When she stepped out of the train, Denshi, head of Japan's Technology and Safety board saw in her what was in him long ago. Many questions and few answers. She was one of the few. She was a Nova. Over the intervening time, she trained with Denshi in how to properly use her powers in the development of technology and the upholding of the fragile world peace earned by the advent of the Nova when the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Things would not be peaceful for long.

On July 4, 1999, a group of Novas appeared on the scene from practically nowhere. Calling themselves "The Hive", they began causing mysterious murders by seemingly taking the very quantum makeup of the atoms of the victim, literally making them dissapear. Sakurako was hired on by Interpol to help research and investigate the attacks. Meanwhile a coverup from deep within Project Utopia was hiding a far more dire threat. The stars in the sky were dying. Fast.

As the killings continued, they increased in frequency, and in scope. Then even landmarks and other life forms were caught up in the Hive's insatiable appetite. The thing is, the Hive didn't come from this universe... they came from the Stonehenge rift, and by other means from throughout the universe. They were alien Novas, and they were consuming the universe's very makeup. Utopia knew they were doomed from the start. So they commissioned Sakurako and many genius novas from around Earth to make a vehicle. A vehicle that can traverse time, and take a crew, while small enough to thread the needle on the outside.

The development of the Emergency Escape System taxed Sakurako's talent to the limit She herself felt she lost some of her humanity in the device. But it was done. But it was too late to save more than herself. On October 1st, 2001, The Hive launched it's final plan. It sucked the very energy out of the Sun and then started to consume every planet in the solar system systematically. It came for Earth as it started to cool from having no sun to heat it. Only Sakurako managed to get in the vehicle and launch through the Stonehenge gate as Utopia, The Teragen, and eery Nova fought valiantly to ensure at least one Nova escaped.

On her main viewscreen were these words, transmitted seemingly from the center of the humanoid locust swarm...


For days Sakurako wandered aimlessly through space and time, almost committing suicide by slamming into a star or a black hole. But something inside her told her "don't give up... you are the last of our kind... don't give in!"

Eventually Sakurako came across a universe where the British Empire ruled the world. Their N-Day had just happened only a few years ago, and the Ministry of Powers ran the training, deployment, and use of Novas around the world. Sakurako called this world "Brittania", and this is where she met her human companion, Sarah Hideyoshi.

Sarah was from the Japanese Archipelago, called British Nippon when the Japanese Empire was brought into the British Empire through use of the American fleet. A former member of the Japanese royal family, Sarah is a kind-hearted, devoted, and intelligent schoolgirl. She was quite inquisitive of Sakurako who moonlighted as a substitute teacher at her academy. In truth, the educational system was a proving ground to find and recruit Novas into a conspiracy to purge the world of humankind. Sakurako tracked down the leader of this terrorist cult, with some help from Sarah, and saved the planet from a potential mass extinction.

The Ministry of Powers granted Sakurako citizenship in the empire, and allowed Sarah to travel with Sakurako as her mentor. Sakurako puzzled as to why, but was not one to challenge authority. Particularly ones she has had no dealings with as of yet. Sakurako took on the codename "The Professor" and on her first journeys with Sarah explored many interesting earths. One particular earth damaged the E.E.S' variable dimension outer hull, causing it to be stuck in the form of a life raft when The Professor and Sarah were exploring a water world, looking for clues about a potential survivor from The Professor's universe. The hunt proved fruitless.

Now The Professor prepares for another jump... what's on the other side of the Stonehenge rift this time?


The Professor operates independently from the Ministry of Powers, but stays in contact with their "Section T" Special Operations, who handle affairs of temporal and trans-universal incursions. Operating from her E.E.S, she is Brittania's eyes and ears, looking for threats to the existence of Earth.


The Professor is hectic. But she is also kind, reasonable, and generally who would be considered someone nice to know. When wronged though, she gets clever in her quest for justice.


The Professor has many aspirations, but the ones that stand out are to defeat The Hive to the last swarm, and to try to make a new home for herself in her new universe of Brittania.

Universe Information

Universe: Brittania Earth

Date: 2011

Timeline: Elseworld Adventure!/Aberrant/Trinity Universe

  • The Teragen only have the Marvel and Portents, lead by Orzaiz from Mal's notes after his death.
  • Project Utopia does not exist at all, nor does Proteus or the UN for that matter. The world government is the British Empire.
  • The Ministry of Powers is the most world-spanning organization on Brittania Earth. It's 20,000 strong Nova cadre handles everything from citizen security to massive engineering projects.

Important Events

Currently in her Third incarnation, appearing as a pink-haired apparently 26 year-old woman.

Sakurako assisted a group of ragtag novas in escaping a facist nova supremacist society. - "Just Another Day at Stonehenge"

Was attacked by her arch nemesis "The Headmistress" and regenerated. Blown The Headmistress' cover - "Episode 1: Brittania"

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Character Sheet - "The Professor" - Sakurako Hino

Eruption: Accident

Nature: Caregiver

Allegiance: Ministry of Powers

Department: "Division T" Special Operations

Age: 26 - Apparent: 26

Weight: 130 pds

Height: 5'1"

Hair: Dormed: Black, Un-Dormed: Pink

Eyes: Dormed: Brown, Un-Dormed: Pink

Ethnicity/Nationality: British/Asian mixed decent.


STR: 3; DEX: 5 (Coordinated); STA: 3; PER: 5 (Intuitive); INT: 5 (Bookworm); WITS: 5 (Ingenious); APP: 3; MAN: 3; CHA: 5 (Quiet Confidence)


Mega Wits 2

  • Quickness

    Mega Intelligence 3
    • Mathematical Savant
    • Mental Prodigy: Engineering, Science, Computers, Investigative, Medical
    • Taint Resistance
    • Inventive Genius
    • Unorthodox Thinker: Medicine, Advanced Technology, Nova Technology, Advanced Medicine

      Mega Perception 2
      • That Creepy Feeling

      Mega Stamina 3





        Athletics 4, Drive 2, Legerdemain 1, Martial Arts 5 (Aikido 1, Judo 2), Pilot 5 (Frigate), Endurance 3, Stamina 3, Awareness 3, Investigation 5, Academics 5, Computer 5, Engineering 5, Linguistics 2, Medicine 5 (Emergency), Science 5, Survival 3, Rapport 5 (Discern Truth), Weave 5, Interrogation 3, Command 5, Etiquette 5, Advanced Technology 5, Nova Technology 5, Advanced Medicine 5, Meditation 5, Instruction 5

        Martial Arts

        Aikido 1

        Starting Style Maneuvers: Block, Hold, Throw

        Advanced Techniques: Meditative Form

        Judo 2

        Starting Style Maneuvers: Clinch, Hold, Throw

        Bonus Style Maneuvers: Joint Lock

        Advanced Techniques: Reversal


        Cross-Time Travel 2

        Cyberkinesis 5 (Control, Reprogram, Alter Data, Fool, Overload)

        Immortality 2


        Cypher 5, Resources 4, Eufiber 5, Allies 3, Attunement 5, Dormancy 5, Node 2

        Gadgetry 5 (Ionic Screwdriver)

        -- Magnetic Mastery

        -- Quantum Pool: 30

        Other Vitals

        Willpower: 10

        Quantum: 6

        Quantum Pool: 32

        Taint: 2

        Initiative: 10


          [*]Walk: 7

          [*]Run: 17

          [*]Sprint: 36


          Base: 3/1

          w/Eufiber: 8/6

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Sakurako's Time-raft: The Hikari Maru

Current Exterior Form


The ESS system was designed by Sakurako herself, a concept to act as something similar to a small space craft but capable of cross-time travel using the Stonehenge rift or other similar space-time anomalys. It uses the chronoton energy present in the matrix of the stonehenge gate to fuel it's zero-point generator, and to jump between worlds.

The system uses a dimensional bubble, pinched off from the common reality, and capable of separating and reintegrating with the realitys it travels through. The outer shell that is visible is a variable geometry eufiber, orbital flexisteel, and hinopolymer conglomerate, protected by a dimensional sheath that while keeping the ESS visible, seperates the ship from the reality it's in within a state of quantum and temporal grace. The exterior is capable of taking any form desired within a 15 meter cubed footprint(although now the CPU controlling that feature is broken, stuck in the form of a 10-person life raft), and is tough to damage.

The inside of the craft has the size of a small cruiseship and has these ammenities:

  • Living quarters for up to 20 individuals (Comfortably. The ship can handle much more in tighter quarters. Particularly in the cargo bay.)
  • Escape Pods for a full ESS compliment, taking any ejected to the nearest universe (or safest terrestrial location if not in travel). Stocked with basic rescue equipment and supplies for 4 novas to last 2 weeks.
  • Warehouse
  • Hangar Bay for vehicles (the hangar bay is tall enough to store even a giant robot. it also can teleport anything too big for a room to this location to preserve internal integrety.)
  • Engineering room
  • Main Bridge
  • Library and Computer room
  • Sickbay with a fully-stocked medical ICU ward with 6 beds
  • Messhall
  • Gymnasium and Swimming Pool
  • Airlock for entrance and exit from the ESS
  • A Situation Room for large meetings

Author's notes
This is a plot-device vehicle. No more, no less.
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<div style="text-align: center"><span style="font-family: 'Impact'"><span style="font-size: 17pt">The Ministry of Powers</span></span></div>

The Ministry of Powers was formed after N-Day to facilitate the training, employment, deployment, and study of the Nova phenomenon. It is divided into multiple "Sections". Each section handles certain duties within the Brittanian government.

Section A: Administrative

Section A handles all administrative duties of the Ministry, from the management of Nova resources to dispensation of salaries, to even the hiring of new powers into the Ministry. The headquarters of Secton A is located in New York, United North American Colonies.

Section D: Defense, Defense Research, and Intelligence

Section D handles all Planetary Defense efforts, and Research and Development towards that end. This is a wing of the Royal Army, Navy, Air Force, and Space Command. The Headquarters is in NORAD, Boulder, Colorado, United North American Colonies.

Section E: Education, Health, and Welfare

This section handles the training, education, and wellbeing of all Novas under the care and employ of the Ministry. From the young Novas still in school to the older, more seasoned adult Novas who need regular health maintenance and continuing education. Academy Alpha, the headquarters of Section E is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United North American Colonies.

Section I: Innovation and Invention

This section is called "The Forge" by the other sections, and handles the development, conception, and deployment of all technology developed by Novas through the Ministry, and eventually to the open market. The Forge itself is located in the Cincinatti Megaplex, United North American Colonies.

Secton J: Law Enforcement and Justice

This section deals with all aspects of law, from enforcement, training, investigation, and supports the court in all maters regarding Nova, Nova on Nova, and Nova on Human crimes. Their elite investigation and enforcement team officially called "Section J Special Operations", is based in British Nippon's Tokyo megaplex. Renowned for their unique legally sanctioned ability to not only enforce but dispense street law as judge and jury in regards to Nova on Nova crime. By the public, their distinctive entrances and amazing restraint has earned them the respect of Law Enforcement, even if they act outside of normal legal protocol.

Section S: Search and Rescue

This Section handles all disaster and emergency actions thereof in tearms of Search and Rescue operations throughout the world. If it's Earthquakes in Los California, Tsunamis in British Nippon, Hurricanes in Florida, or Tornadoes in Minnesota, they handle all comers. They also specialize in rescue operations on the sea, if it's ships in distress or simple lifeguard duty, Section S serves proudly in their blaze orange and high-vis yellow uniforms. Section S has no one true headquarters to prevent it being taken out by a random disaster or crisis. Their training academy is in New London, Maryland, United North American Colonies.

Section T: Temporal and Trans-Universal Research and Defense

Also called "Section X" by the other divisions, Section T handles all situations regarding the use of the Stonehenge Gate, and the recent aquisition of the services of "The Professor" Sakurako Hino under the rank of Scientific Advisor and her Time-Ship, the E.S.S. They also regulate the use of Cross-Time Travel and Time Travel powers under the umbrella of the Ministry, and stand watch for extra-universal or extra-temporal threats such as "The Hive". Section T headquarters is located in Cardiff, Wales, with divisions as Fort Stonehenge, London, Paris, Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Brazilia, Tokyo, Sydney, Johannesburg, and New Delhi.

Section X: Unknown

No one knows why stamped material with a simple X has appeared in archives regarding certain novas, most of whom are currently in comas at Londonium General Hospital. Only three concious novas have the X seal, one of them being "The Professor" Sakurako Hino herself. None know where this mysterious organization has their base of operations, but it is rumored two of the most active "cells" operate from the Brittanian Museum in London and the New London Colonial Library.

The Truth behind Secton X is that Section X is the cleaners for Section T operations. The Novas in comas are infact neutralized cover agents for a Hive incursion, or are guilty of a violation of Space-Time regulations of class "X" severity which could have potentially threatened the existance of the empire and it's people, the penalty of which is "erasure", where the brain is re-formatted and after a time in coma the person re-awakes tabula rasa. Sakurako Hino is kept on file as a "Class Omega" threat, although currently that threat is allied to their cause, they realize one misstep may cause her to not only turn against Section T, but potentially all of Brittania. And she might succeed.
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Experience Earned
07-01-2011: +25 XP for June participation
07-01-2011: +25 Retroactive Birthday XP (Birthday January 8, 1977)
07-01-2011: +25 First IE Anniversary XP
08-01-2011: +25 XP for July participation
08-09-2011: +25 XP for RPGPost Migration
09-01-2011: +25 XP for August Participation
09-22-2011: +25 XP for September Participation (Clerical Error, xp "stipend" collected monthly, not for the previous month.)
09-22-2011: +15 XP for "Just Another Day at Stonehenge"
10-01-2011: +25 XP for October Participation
11-01-2011: +25 XP for November Participation
12-01-2011: +25 XP for December Participation
12-25-2011: +50 XP Christmas Present (Thanks Mr. Fox!)
01-01-2012: +25 XP for January Participation
01-08-2012: +25 XP for Birthday
02-01-2012: +25 XP for February Participation
03-01-2012: +25 XP for March Participation

8/13/2011 Purchases
  • Advanced Technology 5 (23 XP)
  • Nova Technology 5 (23 XP)
  • Advanced Medicine 5 (23 XP)
  • Adaptability (5 XP)
  • Unaging (5 XP)
  • Immortality 2 (21 XP)
  • Gadgetry 5 (Ionic Screwdriver) (22 XP)
  • -- Magnetic Mastery
  • -- Quantum Pool: 30
  • Pilot Specialty: Frigate (1 XP)
  • Medicine Specialty: Emergency (1 XP)
  • Rapport Specialty: Discern Truth (1 XP)

11/30/2011 Purchases
11xp - Mega Wits 2
Free Enhancement: Quickness

5xp - M-Int E - Mental Prodigy: Computers
5xp - M-Int E - Inventive Genius
5xp - M-Int E - Mental Prodigy: Investigative
5xp - M-Int E - Mental Prodigy: Medical
20xp - M-Int E - Unorthodox Thinker 4: Medicine, Advanced Technology, Nova Technology, Advanced Medicine

23xp - Meditation 5
23xp - Instruction 5
6xp - +1 Athletics

Martial Arts:

2xp - Aikido 1
Starting Style Maneuvers: Block, Hold, Throw
3xp - Advanced Techniques: [3]Meditative Form

4xp - Judo 2
Starting Style Maneuvers (Both): Clinch, Hold, Throw
Bonus Style Maneuvers (Judo): Joint Lock
3xp - Advanced Techniques: [3]Reversal
March 4, 2012 Purchases
48xp - +1 Quantum, +1 Taint

Chris' Gift and My contributions (During "Life's a Beach")
raises dex stamina intelligence appearance to 7
mega int to 7
mega perception +1 Body awareness
+3 Mega appearance (appearance alteration)
+4 mdex (Flexibility)
+3 msta (fertility x2 accelerated Gestation, Health x2
+3 Node
+4 Nstage node (Gets no taint from node)
+8 Ally (Chris)
Augmented Fecundity 2 (Means she on average has five children every time)

Mega Intelligence Enhancements
(5xp) Analyse Weakness
(5xp) Discern Weakness
(5xp) Mental Prodigy: Administrative
(5xp) Providence
(5xp) Project Coordination

Mega Appearance Enhancements
(21xp)Mega Appearance 1-3
(5xp) First Impression
(5xp) Decoy
(5xp) Mrs. Nobody
(5xp) Husk

(23xp) Style 5

Mega Manipulation Enhancements
(6xp) Mega Manipulation 1
(5xp) Mega Manipulation 2
(free) Mediator
(5xp) Subtle

(23xp) Diplomacy 5

Body Modifications
(3xp) Swim Bladders (1np/3xp)
The Nova has an internal set of air bladders similar to a fish that can regulate buoyancy when in water or to fully keep the Nova afloat. Their position allows the nova the ability to normally swim, and when floating on the surface to keep an attitude where the head has freeboard from the water.

(1xp) Survival: Ocean

Total Earned XP: 410
Total Current XP: 0
Total Spent XP: 410
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