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Aberrant: 200X - Reese Kennedy Kincaid: The Breaker

Reese K. Kincaid

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Name: Reese Kennedy Kincaid

Nickname/Nova name: The Breaker

Nature: Traditionalist

Concept: Most bad-ass father in history

ATTR: 5/5/5 -- 4/4/4 -- 3/3/3


Str: Rugged

Dex: Coordinated

Sta: Tenacious

Per: Observant

Int: Discerning

Wits: Level-Headed

ABILITIES: Might 3, Athletics 5 (dodging), Drive 1, Firearms 3, Legerdemain 3, Martial Arts 5 (Karate - Hard Style Lvl 3, Judo Lvl 2), Melee 3, Stealth 1, Endurance 3, Resistance 3, Awareness 3, Academics 3 (philosophy), Linguistics 2 (English, Japanese, Chinese), Rapport 2, Initimidation 2, Style 2, Meditation 3, Arts 2 (Bamboo Flute), Etiquette 2, Perform 4, Instruction 4 (47 of 47)

BACKGROUNDS: Resources 5, Reputation: Fame (extremely talented martial arts movie star) 5, Eufiber 1, Contacts 1 (12 of 12 + 1 from BP)

BP: Blocks, Thows specializations for martial arts (2 BP), Dodging Specialization for athletics (1 BP) Philosophy Specialization for Academics (1 BP), 1 dot of eufiber (2BP), Willpower + 3 (6 BP) +1 Quantum (7 BP) (19 of 19 (6 extra from flaws)

Merits: Ambidextrous (1 pt merit)

Flaws Enemy (3 pt flaw) - his baseline martial arts rival from his training days, who is now a powerful businessman. While not physically as threatening, he can attack The Breaker from other angles. Specifically, he has a tendency to hire other significant martial artists to harass him.

Dependent (4 pt flaw) - young daughter and wife, plus one older daughter who probably counts as well.

Powers: Impact 5

Mega Attributes: Mega Strength 4

Mega Dexterity 5

Mega Stamina 3

Mega Wits 1

Mega Perception 1

Mega Appearance 1

Mega Charisma 1

Mega Intelligence 1

Enhancements: Precision


Punishing Strike

Rapid Strike

Enhanced Movement

Resiliency x2






Mental Prodigy: Philosophical

Almost Live

Performance Prodigy

Quantum: 4

Willpower: 6

Quantum Pool: 28

Taint: 1

Movement: 7/22/40

Combat Stats

Initiative: 16

Soak: 16 (17) / 8 (9)

Combat Style Bonuses and Maneuvers

Kincaid Karate System (KKS): Reese has been studying the martial arts since he was a boy and not stopped training once in over thirty five years. Though he's worked with many martial arts and artists, his primary training has been in Judo and hard-style Karate. Over his many years of work he has combined the two into a unified and unique martial art taught at the Kincaid Dojo in Osaka.

Style Bonuses: +3 accuracy to throws, +2 damage to throws, +2 accuracy to Strike, Kick, Quick Attack, Block and all attacks with kama sickles or nunchuks, +1 Accuracy to Clinch, Hold, Joint Lock and Strangle.

Style Maneuvers: Strike, Kick, Throw, Block, Quick Attack, Catch Limb, Strangle, Clinch, Hold

Advanced Techniques: Iron Hand, Kiaijutsu, Weapon Forms (kama sickle + nunchuk), Leg Scissors, Master Lock, Reversal, Expanded Technique, Kata

Derived from Karate (hard style) lvl 3

Style maneuvers: Strike, Kick, Throw, Block, Quick Attack

Style Bonuses: +2 Accuracy to style maneuvers, +1 damage to throws

Advanced Techniques: Iron Hand, Kiaijutsu, Weapon Forms, Kata

and Judo lvl 2

Style Maneuvers: Clinch, Hold, Throw, Strangle, Catch Limb (via Expanded Technique)

Style Bonuses: +1 Accuracy to Style Maneuvers, +1 damage to throws

Advanced Techniques: Leg Scissors, Master Lock, Reversal, Expanded Technique

Click to reveal..
Respec notes

9 NP reclaimed from Raging Storm

9 NP spent on mega stamina 3

21 xp reclaimed from mega stamina 3

6 xp reclaimed from armour 1

5 xp reclaimed from second level of Quickness

3 unused xp added to the pot for 35 total + 2 BP

2 BP reclaimed from throws/kicks specializations

1 BP spent to take 1 specialization in Karate (hard style)

4 XP spent to take the 2nd and 3rd specialization

10 xp spent to purchase exceptional talent: martial arts (5 pt variant)

4xp spent on two levels of Judo specialization

3xp spent on expanded technique

1xp spent on Iron Hand

1xp spent on Leg Scissors

5 xp spent on Master Lock

3xp spent on reversal

1xp spent on weapon forms (Karate)

3xp spent on kiaijutsu

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List of Expenditures NP

Impact 5

Mega Strength 4 12

Mega Dexterity 5 14 (1 tainted)

Mega Stamina 3 9

4 attributes (+12 dots) 4

5 abilities (+30 dots) 5

1 Backgrounds (+5 dots) 1

Total 50


Health 5

Mega Appearance 6

Mega Charisma 6

Mega Intelligence 1 6

Mega Wits 1 6

Durability 5

Enhanced Movement 5

Punishing Strike 5

Resiliency second level 5

Martial Arts Stuff 35

Total 84

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Character’s full name: Reese Kennedy Kincaid

Character’s nickname(s): The Breaker

Character’s title(s):

2-3 word description of character concept: Most bad ass father in history

Character’s most obvious blessing/strength: He's very, very good at martial arts.

Character’s greatest perceived blessing or strength: He's very, very good at martial arts.

Source/Cause of aforementioned blessing or strength (if applicable): He's been doing it his whole life, and he hasn't stopped since he erupted.

Character’s most obvious flaw/weakness: His family.

Character’s greatest perceived flaw or weakness: Still his family.

Source/Cause of aforementioned flaw or weakness (if applicable): He loves them very much.

Physical Traits


Age: 47

Gender: Male

Race/Subrace: American/Japanese

Height: 6' 4''

Weight: 232lbs

Frame or body type: Muscular

Skin color: White

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Blond

Level of attractiveness: Fairly good looking, but not much by Nova standards.

1. Tattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: He has a distinctive, wide and ragged scar on his chest.

1. Purpose/significance of above markings (if applicable): It was delivered by his martial arts rival, Kenneth Stark.

Facial hair (if any): He always goes clean shaven.

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Usual dress: White martial arts gi and red hakama, with traditional wooden sandals and toe socks.

Jewelry or accessories worn: A simple wedding ring.

Brief physical description: A tall and imposing man, well muscled and clearly very fit, with piercing blue eyes and an almost pervasive sense of calm about him.

Hairstyle: Cut short and combed back.

Vocal type (shrill, booming, musical, etc.): Deep and warm.

Accent (if any): He is bi-lingual Japanese and English. His english is fine but his Japanese is still a little accented.



Hometown: New York

Location of hometown: New York state

Attribute description (using adjectives rather than numbers): He is a man of all round incredible physical qualities, strong, quick and resilient, but he balances that with sharp senses, a quick mind and quick wits. He is not a dominating presence at a social event, but he has an unassuming charm and poise about him that most find appealing.

How attribute scores reflect the character’s personality (high STR, low INT, for example): Reese is utterly dedicated to his physical training, never slacking, never relaxing, always seeking to find ways to keep improving despite already reaching limits most people - even most Novas - cannot dream of. Intellectually he is well refined and values these qualities deeply, somewhat moreso than social graces, where he is gifted but makes no special effort to emphasize them.

Effect on character’s professional life (if any): He has come to use his exceptional martial arts abilities as one of the world's foremost action movie stars.

Brief description of childhood: He is the son of Michael James Kincaid, a World War II veteran who was stationed in Japan during the occupation. Michael fell in love with the culture and a woman, and moved back to America with her where she gave birth to Reese in 1974 (her third and final child). He was raised as an American patriot, but also by his Japanese mother, and as he grew older their equally grew a lot of conflict, due to his father growing increasingly distanced from Japan and increasingly patriotic and anti-Japanese.

Description of any childhood friends/enemies: His brothers Michael James 'Junior' Kincaid and David Lincoln were obviously good friends, and Kenneth Stark would prove to be his greatest and most longstanding enemy.

Current location/status of aforementioned friends/enemies: Both Michael and David are still in the states, both of them in their late fifties now. One runs a garage, the other tried and failed to make something of himself in the martial arts, but was injured and now feels somewhat bitter and resentful. He lives in Canada and is wheelchair-bound.

Stupid childhood mistakes: Embarrassing Kenneth Stark during training.

Possible conflicts due to past: Both David L. and Michael J. 'Junior' Kincaid have grown somewhat resentful of their hyper-famous, hyper-successful little erupted brother, especially since David has been rendered a cripple by the road that Reese has walked so well. He is also on rotten ice with his father for 'betraying his country' by settling down in Japan (whereas his father settled in the States). This troubles Reese as well as his dad.



Father’s name: Michael James Kincaid.

Father’s age: 81

Father’s profession: Retired war veteran. Bit old for jobs, really.

Father’s current status: Alive, and surprisingly healthy for a man his age

Description of father: White haired now, blue eyed and wrinkley, with a rounded face, and little hair on his head but some at the sides, he nonetheless walks with his shoulders set and his back straight. A bit slowly, though. His eyes have gone somewhat watery over the years.

Mother’s name: Hanako Kiriyama

Mother’s age: 84

Mother’s profession: Chef (retired)

Mother’s current status: Dead, dead, dead as can be.

Description of mother: Hard to define. Lots of earth between her and the viewer.

Description of eldest brother: Michael James 'Junior' Kincaid (57) is the shortest of the three brothers Kincaid, with a stocky build and permanently marked up skin that defines most lifelong engineers.

Relationship with sibling: Not terrible. They call each other and send cards at relevant times, and Reese tries to visit once or twice a year to see how he and the family are getting along. It's strained somewhat by the fact Reese is a millionaire living in a mansion and he's the owner of a garage and not much else. Not to mention he occasionally suffers from 'The Stark Rivalry' as he calls it.

Birth position (first, second, third, eldest, youngest, etc.): First

Description of second brother: David Lincoln Kincaid (53) is tall, six feet in fact, but he's a thin, sunken fellow, wasted away due to being paralyzed for over twenty years from the waist down. He is fiercely independent and tries to take care of himself as best he can.

Relationship with sibling: Poor. David tried to be Reese before Reese came along and was better than him in every way. He blames Reese for the accident that paralyzed him, by raising the bar too high for anyone but him to jump it, and David had to try. He's still paralyzed, but he makes a living as best he can as an office clerk and by writing.

Birth position (first, second, third, eldest, youngest, etc.): Second

Description of early family life: Reese started as the youngest son in a competitive environment, with all three of them needing to live up to their war hero dad and all three doing it through the martial arts, though Michael Junior flaked out quite early and went into something else. Reese was a natural, though, and an incredibly hard worker and natural athlete. He proved to be the best in the physical areas his father respected most, but he also felt the strongest pull towards the Japan his mother spoke of in her quiet way, and he internalized the teachings of their master the most

Brief family history: The Kincaids actually have a long wartime history, with men serving in major wars going back to the American Civil War. They had some revolutionaries kicking about in Mexico, and some outlaws in the old west. In general, they're just all over the place.

Character’s marital status: Married twice, first time to Mariko Marufuji, and currently to Takako Izumi

Offspring (if any): Two daughters. Hanako Izumi, aged nine, and Kiku Marufuji, aged fifteen going sixteen (eldest daughter from previous marriage).


Description of current family life: Peaceful, mostly. He works

Status of spouse/offspring: Spouse is in the role of housewife and pleased to be one. Hanako is in Elementary School, while Kiku is in High School

Important notes regarding any family members: Kiku is a latent first generation nova.



Close NPC friends: Kazuo Mishima

Status of such friends: A Japanese Nova and martial artist who helps out in the dojo.

Reason for association: He came to Reese to improve his technique, and eventually ended up as the assistant teacher.

History: Kazuo's something of a bad-boy in Japan, but a while back he tried to clean up his image and decided to do it by a public stint of improving his martial arts, and a documentary associated. Reese ended up being his choice of target, and the documentary actually went on to win an award. Since then Kazuo's become an excellent martial artist and works as Reese's assistant in the dojo and stand-in teacher when he's away.

Close NPC friends: Fuk Si Yi

Status of such friends: A Chinese martial arts action star who has pretty much picked Reese to be his number one sparring partner in the movies as they play off well against each other and Reese brings out the best of him in fight scenes. Normally Reese plays the villain.

History: They worked together first in 12 Sons of Kwai Lin, after Fuk saw The Breaker and was wowed, and decided to bring Reese to Hong Kong. As the main villain of that years's big release, he got huge exposure and impressed pretty much everybody. Since then they've developed a healthy friendship off and on the screen. Fuk envies Reese his family.

NPC enemies: Kenneth Stark

Status of such enemies: Kenneth is a powerful businessman and martial artist himself, who has something of a stranglehold over the baseline martial arts world and also runs several illegal and unsanctioned Nova cage fights financed by Stark Enterprises.

Reason for enemy status: Reese humiliated him when they trained at the same school, which led to Kenneth giving Reese the distinctive scar on his chest, and ultimately caused him to erupt when he tried to assassinate him many years later.

History: The two were bitter rivals from the moment they joined the karate school. They joined at the same time, in the same class. Reese was quiet and intense, Kenneth brash and arrogant. They clashed frequently and were evenly matched, and both clearly the best. Kenneth, though, could never beat him. Eventually they clashed out of school, where Kenneth had glued glass to his wrist tape. This resulted in a brutal series of punches to Reese's chest giving him the deep scarring that he carries to this day. However, after he healed, Reese came back better than ever, and he challenged Kenneth to a rematch after they fought in class. Kenneth came ready to put him on the bench for good, but Reese knew his moves this time and not just beat him, but put him over his knee and spanked him. Little did the enraged Kenneth know that Reese had taped the incident, and he showed it to the other students. Though both of them were kicked out of the school, Kenneth never forgot. They clashed several times on the tournament circuit, and Reese beat him every time, turning the humiliation into an obsession, made worse because Kenneth's father began to taunt him over the losses. Apparently the final nail in the coffin was when Kenneth's father won a large amount of money betting against his son.

Other NPC contacts: Edward Goodfellow

Relationship: Reese's first martial arts teacher, though not his best.

Other NPC contacts: Jack 'Black' Blackman

Relationship: They were school friends before diverting paths. Jack now works for Utopia as a media man and has been trying to get Reese to join Utopia for some time.

NPC sweetheart(s) past or present: Mariko Marufuji

Current status of sweetheart(s): Deceased

History: They actually met in America while Reese was running the rounds in the martial arts circuit. She was an exchange student. They fell in love, and Reese, determined to further his study of the martial arts, eventually decided to go to Japan with her after a year of a long distance relationship. They married and settled down, and she gave birth to Kiku. Unfortunately, shortly after came the assassination attempt on Reese's life, which killed Mariko instead and caused him to erupt. The assassination attempt came in the year 2000, new Years Eve, intended to be Kenneth Stark's perfect start to a new millenium, when Kiku was four years old.

Present sweetheart: Takako Izumi

Current Status: Married (age 29)

History: After Mariko died, Reese spent several years in mourning, but eventually moved on. He met Takako in Summer of 2004 on the set of one of his movies, and they became closer over time. Eventually they married, and Takako decided to retire to take care of the children. While Kiku chafed with the new 'mother', she eventually got used to it and now loves her well (she didn't really remember Mariko much).

How the character feels others perceive him/her: As a star and a Nova, but not a hero.

Loyalties: To his family.

Generally trusted people: Kazuo most of all, and his family.

Generally despised people: Nobody in particular. He dislikes Kenneth, but he's trying to be zen about his life up to now.

General relationship with peers: Generally he's looked on with adulation so he tries not to let it get to his head and make him arrogant.

General reaction to attractive members of the opposite sex: "Remember the ring, Reese. Remember the ring."

What the character would kill for: His family.

What the character would die for: His family.

Greatest sin ever committed against the character: Kenneth's attempt to assassinate him.



Role models: He admired Miyamoto Musashi and some of the other great figures of Japanese legend for their combination of wisdom, dedication and martial skills. Also his father and Edward Goodfellow.

Contemporary heroes: He's fairly skeptical of most, but he has a great deal of respect for Nippontai.

Disillusion of any heroes: He feels that Caestus Pax and Team Tomorrow have gone a bit too far, and is somewhat cautious about Utopia these days.

Dreams or ambitions: Very few. He merely wishes to raise his daughters to be good, healthy women and make them proud of him.

Reason for dreams or ambitions (or lack thereof): He believes strongly in the idea of the will of heaven, that men have their place in the world and should not struggle against it or try to change things. Doing so upsets the balance, and ultimately comes back on everyone. He does not consider himself a man blessed with the mandate of heaven, given the right to change things as he wills. He's a man who got lucky, but his place is no different than it was before.

Attitude regarding material wealth: Purely views it as a way to provide for his family. He recognizes that he needs very little barring a large amount of food.

Level of greed/miserliness: He is neither greedy nor a miser.

Level of generosity: He gives generously to friends and to charity.

General attitude toward others: Open and respectful.

Requirements to gain the character’s trust: prolonged exposure, mostly. He doesn't just trust people out of the gate, nor does he assume them treacherous.

Introverted or extroverted: In the middle, really.

Brief description of personality: He's compassionate and wise, and calm. There's strains of grief in him, though, and sadness, especially relating to his family and how his being a Nova has split them over the years.

Favorite food: Beef in black bean sauce.

Favorite beverage: Yoichi 20 years old Whiskey

Favorite dessert: Mocci

Mealtime tendencies: Eating. Lots of eating. He eats somewhat like a sumo wrestler due to the needs of his enhanced physique.

Musical interests/talents (if any): He is an extremely talented player of the bamboo flute.

Artistic/literary interests/talents (if any): He has taken up artistic calligraphy, and poetry, following his usual studies of the Japanese greats.

Favorite scent (if any): Cherry blossoms at dawn.

Any animal affinity or totem: The tiger.

Personality “hot buttons” (actions that provoke anger, embarrassment, etc.): Kenneth, the death of his first wife, the crippling of his brother, the split between him and his father

Views on religion: He thinks the Nova age throws everything into question, but that even now some questions remain unanswered. Whether or not that is a sign that God exists or a sign that nobody can ever find the answer he's undecided on.

Religious/spiritual traits and tendencies: He leans towards the Japanocentric Shinto and Buddhist approaches, preferring harmony and meditation over the more active sorts of faith.

Level of piety: Fairly high, but they're outgrowths of his martial arts training so more philosophy than religion.

Views on the supernatural: He is a supernatural being.

Tendencies/attitudes toward killing: He's managed to avoid doing it to date, being able to easily disarm and disable any baseline attackers in the blink of an eye.

Most likely reaction to an attack: Disarming and apprehending the culprit.

Most likely reaction to theft: Chasing down and apprehending the culprit if nearby, or informing the police.

Most likely reaction to public insult: He would do his best to ignore it. He believes that his reputation would not suffer from such a thing, and would challenge such a person to a private confrontation if they want one.

Views on government:

Most treasured possession: A gold necklace given to him by Edward Goodfellow.

Lucky charm (if any): That necklace



Profession: Movie star and martial arts teacher

Reason for profession: He's very, very good at martial arts and his eldest daughter wanted him to do movies. Since then it's rather taken off and he's been doing his best to juggle being a star and a father.

Honors/awards/special considerations: He's had A LOT of these. Several of his movies have been nominated for best film, and he has once or twice been nominated for and once won best actor. His real critical successes are in China as an action star, where he has won TONS of 'best supporting actor' awards in Hong Kong, several best actor awards, and has swept the best action choreography awards for several years.

Views of friends or relatives on profession (if any): Both of his brothers are resentful.



Daily routine: He has a strenuous training regime that he undergoes every day, other than that he plays it by ear.

Hobbies: Playing the flute, calligraphy, poetry, reading

Interests: Martial arts (shocking, I know), philosophy

Usual mode of travel: Walking, or car

Chance of sea/motion sickness: Nil

Travel fears (if any): Nil

Usual travel gear and/or dress: He prefers to wear a red hakama and white martial arts gi, or a clean, crisp suit otherwise.

Description of home: He lives in a mansion on the edge of Kyoto in large private grounds, with an old-style aesthetic. As such there are various different buildings on the grounds rather than one giant building, connected by roofed walkways and such, with a stone garden, stream and pool on one side, and more modern conveniences such as an indoor swimming pool in the main building. Reese tends to stick to the older-style areas.

Cleanliness/prestige of home: Very high on both counts.

Description of servants, roommates, etc.: There are some servants, just to help keep everything clean so Takako is not overworked.

Description of neighbourhood: Not really applicable.


2003: The Breaker (nominated for and won multiple awards including best new performer, best fight choreography, best art direction, best film and best director; dedicated to his daughter, Kiku, and the memory of his wife)

2004: 12 Sons of Kwai Lin (opposite Fuk Si Yi, won best supporting actor, best fight choreography, also best actor)

Shadow of Mt. Fuji (best art direction, best supporting actor, best fight choreography, best flim)

2006: The Breaker: Outlaws to the End (best Actor, best fight choreography)

2007: Death to Shanghai! (opposite Fuk Si Yi, best supporting actor, best fight choreography)

Black Killer 7 (best supporting actor, best fight choreography)

2008: Yama Yama Yama (best supporting actor, best fight choreography, best comedy)

Assassins of Black Mantis (opposite Fuk Si Yi, best supporting actor, best fight choreography)

Thirteen Mantras (marked the first time Reese and Fuk were both on the same side, with Reese as the buddy role. Won best supporting actor, best fight choreography, best film, best art direction)

2010: The Breaker: Black Legion (Best actor, best art direction, best fight choreography, best new performer for his understudy)

NPC list

Takako Izumi: Wife

Kiku Marufuji: Eldest daughter (15)

Hanako Izumi: His youngest daughter (9)

Edward Goodfellow: His first teacher

Jack 'Black' Blackman: Utopian highschool friend

Kenneth Stark: Lifelong enemy

Fuk Si Yi: Hong Kong action star friend

Kazuo Mishima: Helps run his dojo

David Lincoln Kincaid: older brother (53), crippled in a training accident

Michael James 'Junior' Kincaid: eldest brother (57), runs his own garage

Michael James Kincaid: Father (81), world war two veteran

Hanako Kiriyama: Mother (84), died of cancer two years ago.

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