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Scion: Rise of the Fallen - Bastet


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Mortal Name: Batya Ben-Gurion

Nick Names: Tiger of the West Bank

Calling: Soldier of Fortune

Nature: Bravo

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Ethnic Background: Caucasian/Mediterranean

Nationality: Israeli

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 130lbs

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Handedness: Right

Distinguishing Marks:

Birthmark in the shape of a small vertical line descending from the corner of her right eye. Knife slash scar on left shoulder extending down to left tricep. Three surgery scars on midsection from shrapnel removal. Bullet wound scar on right shoulder.


In her years of warfare Bast has honed her mortal shell into the human equivalent of a great hunting cat; sleek and muscular and deadly. There is a beauty to her, but it is the savage beauty of a well-made sword, or a customized firearm. Her face has lost what warmth it once possessed, and her eyes are cold reminders that everyone, and everything has a time to die.


Bast has many aspects, but since she decided to view the world as little more than a gladatorial arena that she'd fight in until she finally died, the goddess has been focused entirely on her hunter and warrior personas. She sees everything in terms of challenge and conflict; the more physical, the better. Gone is the riddling sphinx, the doting mother, the curious explorer. Or if not gone, at least banished to her dreams, and nightmares.


Cleaning it up a bit from my original submission.

Pantheon: Pasedjet

Virtues: Conviction ** Harmony *** Order *** Piety *

Physical: Strength ***, Dexterity ****, Stamina ***

Epic-Physical: Strength *, Dexterity **, Stamina *

Knacks: Holy Bound (14yrds high, 28yrds long), Cat's Grace, Untouchable Opponent, Self Healing

Mental: Perception ****, Intelligence ***, Wits ****

Epic-Mental: Perception **, Wits *

Knacks: Predatory Focus (6d+2auto), Spatial Attunement, Eternal Vigilance

Social: Charisma **, Manipulation ***, Appearance **




Academics **

Animal Ken *

Athletics ****

Awareness ****

Brawl ****

Command **

Control (Car) *

Fortitude *

Integrity **

Investigation *

Larceny **

Marksmanship ****

Melee **

Presence *

Stealth ***

Survival **

Thrown **


Relic ****

Followers ***


Epic Attributes - 7

Purviews - 3

Sun *

Moon *

Animal (Cat) *

Join Battle 7 (+1 auto)


- Unarmed (Light) Acc 9, Dmg 3B, Parry 6, Speed 4

- Unarmed (Heavy) Acc 7, Dmg 6B, Parry 5, Speed 5



Stamina: 3B/2L

Epic-Stamina: 1B/1L/1A

Armor: /

Total: 4B/3L/1A

Health Levels:

Dodge DV: 7

Parry DV: 6

Willpower: ***** *

Legend: ***

Legend Points: 9

Bonus Points: 15

+1 Legend 7

+1 Str 4

+2 Birthrights 3

+1 Brawl 1

Experience Points: 25

+1 Athletics, 5xp

+1 Awareness, 5xp

+1 Stealth, 3xp

+1 Firearms, 6xp

+1 Command, 2xp

+1 Larceny, 2xp

+1 Thrown, 2xp

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