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[OpNet] Hey Dervish, I think I'm being filtered out.


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Hey, now... I didn't say she was grouping him or that he was checking her tonsils for bacteria. Don't take it so hard. It was just one of those ten second infobursts N! does all day long. It was probably some PR gig for Utopia. She does have a job, you know?

Wish I could tell you more but I had the sound turned down and I was having sex at the time. I only noticed it at all because it was Dervish, the ceiling is the screen, and Whore was doing something new so I needed a distraction to keep me focused. Five star hotels with nova accomodations are nice.

You can always ask her about it yourself.


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Hey baby!

I ain't got a mobile OpNet device 'cause I keep on trashin' it whenever I toss around my breakdown effect. The Project got peed off about havin' ta replace it, an' most of my money's tied up in keepin' my rellies outta trouble an' Redfern kids off the streets. I been busy, baby...

An' that guy was the son of the Burmese ambassador ta Laos. I had ta dance with him or pee off the diplomatic corps at A/P.

No need ta worry. He ain't a patch on ya.

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