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[OpNet] A change in name.


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Hello all. Since you are the people I am closest to outside of Christopher and Nadine I thought I would let you know I am no longer going by the name of Cull.

It seems unecessary now. I am no longer that insane little goblin that desired to be feared and respected. Edward seems much simpler and appropriate.

Thank you for your time.

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In that case you'll hear E-Man from me once in a while. wink

I heard a rumor about a mob hit yesterday. It felt strange hearing a totally fucked up story like that knowing that it was probably true and that I probably knew the name of the guy that did it.

I took a long shower afterwards.


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Hey Ed, what would we be forgiving you for? Eating sentiants, or caring too much about the environment?

Why am I suddenly reminded of hunting down a psycho years ago who only preyed upon drug users and pushers?

His line was something like,

"But I'm killing people for Christ!"

To which I replied,

"Well, sure you are and Christ wants you to stop now."

In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have been that sarcastic, but we did end up saving everybody the time and effort of a trial. And besides, he got to personally ask Christ if beating, stabbing, and shooting all those people was really part of the Master Plan.

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