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Aberrant: Dead Rising - [Combat] Slugs of War

Dawn OOC

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Post your inits and such here for the combat in 12i.

Dan - 23

Sarah - 17

Jon - 17

Madeline - 12

Kristin - 11

Slugs of War! - 11

Myf - 8

Click to reveal.. (Previous Fight)
Dan - 23

Slugs of War! - 17

Myf - 14

Kristin - 13

Sarah - 10

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Dan's activating forcefield, claws, and multitasking for the scene, and trying to free himself from the leeches.

spending 4qp total He should be at 20/26

Multi tasking - [Long6] 10:42 am: first die is mega

Long6 *rolls* 6d10: 3+10+8+2+1+9: 33

Forcefield (spending 1 wp)

     [Long6] 10:43 am: spending 1 wp for FF

     [Long6] 10:43 am: first two mega

Long6 *rolls* 8d10: 2+3+7+6+5+3+8+9: 4 total success +11/+11 b/L soak

2 attacks, one defense

attack -1

Long6 *rolls* 12d10: 6+3+3+3+9+9+1+5+3+2+2+6: 52 2 successes

damage Long6 *rolls* 5d10: 3+1+6+2+5: no successes +[10]auto lethal

attack -2

     [Long6] 10:50 am: 2nd attack -2 first 3 mega

Long6 *rolls* 11d10: 4+2+4+7+6+4+4+8+6+10+9: 64

Long6 *rolls* 1d10: 7: 7 5 successes

damage- Long6 *rolls* 5d10: 3+9+4+7+6: 29 2 successes (12 damage lethal)

defense -2

Long6 *rolls* 11d10: 8+9+4+1+10+7+6+10+5+7+9: 76 9 successes

Dan's soak totals are 18 Bashing and 14 Lethal

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Guys, can you put your total soaks for this combat in this thread? Just quick posts so that I can rapidly resolve the Slugs actions. It'd help instead of digging through four PMs and counting, it'd be nice if you did the one-time digging and counting. laugh

The slugs have a soak of 9 bashing, 6 lethal. To make this easier, the 'mass' shares a rather large health pool; when you've filled in all the boxes, it will die. It's dodge pool is 8 dice, with one mega - hopefully that will speed things up.

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attack 1

Long6 *rolls* 12d10: 5+6+7+4+8+9+8+8+1+8+7+7: 78

8 successes-

damage [4]+6d10 Long6 *rolls* 6d10: 5+7+5+4+9+6: 36 6 lethal damage

attack 2

Long6 *rolls* 11d10: 4+6+2+3+1+1+9+2+4+4+6: 42

1 success

damage [4]+6d10 Long6 *rolls* 6d10: 10+2+4+6+3+5: 30

5 damage lethal


Long6 *rolls* 11d10: 9+2+5+6+1+7+5+3+5+7+1: 51

3 successes

1qp for multitasking

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  • 2 weeks later...

A couple of things. It's very dark in the room; the only lights are coming from the new door. +1 difficulty to all actions within 5 feet of Dan (because his FF glows) or the door. +2 difficulty anywhere else.

I'm being super-kind and keeping this the same scene, as far as reactivating powers.

And Myf, you've taken no damage. We'll get to what's happening to you on Jon's turn.

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spending 1 qp for multi-tasking

first 3 are megas

first attack -3 (2 from targeted attack(left arm holding myf)

Long6 *rolls* 10d10: 9+9+4+7+10+1+3+3+5+6: 6 successes

2nd attack -4 (2 from targeted attack (right arm holding myf)

Long6 *rolls* 9d10: 6+9+3+8+9+3+3+7+6: 5 successes

damage for both attacks base [10]+6d10L

1 defense -2

Long6 *rolls* 11d10: 1+2+7+6+7+9+2+9+1+7+10

Long6 *rolls* 1d10: 7 = 8 successes

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ok spending 1 qp for multitasking

2 attacks, 1 defense again first 3 are megas

envoy *rolls* 1d6: 2: 2

     [Long6] 5:30 pm: ok

     [Long6] 5:30 pm: 2 attacks one defense

     [Long6] 5:30 pm: first 3 are megas

attack 1

Long6 *rolls* 11d10: 10+6+4+1+4+4+1+5+8+10+6:

     [Long6] 5:35 pm: mega re roll

Long6 *rolls* 1d10: 6: 6

     [Long6] 5:35 pm: other

Long6 *rolls* 1d10: 6: 6

5 successes

attack 2

Long6 *rolls* 11d10: 7+8+5+9+9+4+2+6+3+1+1: 6 sucesses


Long6 *rolls* 10d10: 6+2+8+9+6+8+9+9+7+8: 7 successes

damage base for each attack, [10]+6d10L +1d10 per success over defense

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Carver *rolls* 8d10: 4+10+10+7+3+5+2+8: 49

Carver *rolls* 1d10: 10: 10

     [Carver] 11:36 am: Heh.

7 sux on their dodge.

Dan missed on the first attack. sorry

Second attack does 4 lethal.

As a note, you can use the stats I gave before for this mass, too. I trust you guys to roll your own stuff against them.

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