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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Chapter 10.5: Rebuilding Empires

Justin OOC

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Ok here's what I would like. For the next two weeks IC the characters are free to do largely as they wish. After two weeks the Empire itself will have restored enough cohesiveness to actually return planetside (yes that's how extensive the damage to the Empire has been, it takes forces in system two weeks to rebuild the necessary means to get to the homeworld.

Satoshi with such limited ships, and considering the recent war, simply takes up station to defend the homeworld until they can return. The rank and file personnel is largely busy with repairs and reconstruction, but named NPC's are always available should they be needed.

What I'd like is what your character does in those two first two weeks.

I will give you a month for the first two weeks, and then there will be a short plot thread involving the return of the Empire to the ravaged homeworld. Then Starting July 1- August 1 I will have a second month, for the two weeks working with the Empire's return. At the end of the month IC, (2 months OOC) I will have a plot thread that addresses the formal Reestablishment of the Empire, as well as the formal treaty with Satoshi(earth,) as well as the Satoshi fleet returning home.

The entire month IC is worth 20 CP

What I require to count as participation, for full points is a minimum of 10 posts total.

Your characters have fought a major war against impossible foes, not only wining, but surviving, and without actually losing anyone.

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Can we have an idea of some of the things we'll be asked to help with? I have just enough of an idea of what Skye can do to know that she's going to be mostly useless. Or so I see it; I'd love to get some ideas for posts for that month.

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This is about rebuilding a world that's been shattered.

Do expect all of you to wave your hands and magically make it better? No.

This isn't about grand gestures, this is about how your PC deals with what's happened, and seeing the real costs of War.

Some of you have done this before, but seldom have you seen it so up-close and personal. You are on the Throneworld of a major interstellar empire, and the only people left alive in it's capital are the ones who came with you.

It's Great Academy, both academic and martial, lies in ruins. museums are defaced, and there are black ash stains where people once were.

It's a disaster of epic scale, one that the "PC faction" is trying to rectify, though at best they're only tangetially responsible for it.

Ideas for the PCs in general

see the world It's an alien world and you do have the means to do this.

bring aid to other areas of the planet. There were two other major battlefields, and both took extensive damage when the opposing CRT's fought. Search for survivors and help.

for Skye, she is still the priestess of Tsunami. The people will look to her for spiritual guidance. She, virtually alone amongst the players can call to Gods and Goddesses, and they answer.

It's not so much what PC's can do to be useful, it's what they do in the wake of what's been done, what they've accomplished, or how they feel they've failed. If this spurs them to train, that's easily available too.

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Osprey will be supervising SCRT-4 teams (she is a lieutenant after all) in organizing relief efforts (well within the bounds of her team's charter) and using the SeaTalon to help in reconstruction efforts. In a new paint job.

She will also be looking to see if her sister (who should be an Enisgn at least in SCRT-4) is present.

Also as a "Hearts and Minds" effort, I will be organizing activities for the children orphaned by the war.

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Sakura is likely to use her super human strength and flight to help as much as possible, moving rubble, serving as a sort of mobile search and rescue team, and even being encouraging to folks hurt or depressed. Sense she also possesses some healing abilities, she's also like to use those as well. She'd also be willing to work with Francis to train with regards to bankai, as well as doing some combat training, but she'll see it as somewhat less important then helping people rebuild their lives.

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I'll say this, The rebuilding goes on without PC intervention, it's sort of the backdrop against which other things are set, it's what all the faceless Satoshi people are doing, what the major NPC's are largely doing with their time.

If the PC's want to get in on that great, they can certainly help speed the process, and possibly find things of interest.

If they wish to explore Dalaraan, great. It is a beautiful world, an alien world, something most of the PC's have never seen.

There are three major battle-sites on world, and the rest was largely untouched. There are survivors, and people who never even saw what happened.

One of the first things Takashi did was cut the planetary com network, which was only just reestablished.

For Lily, touring the damage is definitely viable, you could even have her younger siblings tag along.

There's a great deal going on, so really it just comes down to what you want to do here.

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I'm going to do a solo fic of Osprey doing some charity work for some war orphans planetside. If anyone wants to join me, feel free. There's gonna be no combat just good roleplay opportunity.

Doctor's orders.

Addendum: I have posted the fiction, paused my part to let others join if they wish. Otherwise I'll continue. Also, I'm using a 10.5.1X format for the numbering of my fictions, to differentiate my stories from the others.

Addendum II: I will be posting in the thread again when I return later this week.

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