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[OpNet] Pointing Fingers


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Juri, I'm sorry if my words have upset you sweetheart. Please understand I lost someone I was very fond of during that nightmare and my emotions are still raw.

I'm upset at those who started it. I'm upset at those who could have prevented it. I hurt and I'm angry. I am sure I am not the only one.

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Thank you for thinking about me, Slattern. I'm doing okay, relatively speaking. I've got some things going right now that hopefully will turn out to be good endeavors.

But otherwise...this place, all of us here, I mean, if I were good at assigning symbolism I'd say that our little forums are a perfect metaphor for why things are going to go down badly for our people in the coming years.

It's getting really hard to want to come back, you know?

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That's tough, Jager. Since you posted, I've been trying to think about how to say this right. I think these lyrics actually say it best.

Some people talk like they're in commercials.

Some people treat you like you don't exist.

Sometimes I want to go to a McDonald's and shoot some people as they walk in my sight.

All the same I'd never join the army.

All the same I'm still ashamed at night.

Some people think Rod McKuen is a poet.

Some people think there's evil folks and good.

Some people vote to electrocute the bad ones,

stand outside the prison and cheer when the lights go dim!

I know everybody is my brother

Even my brother though I don't care much for him.

Come on baby, let's fight the good fight against the good fight.

Or, to say it more bluntly - We all seem to have these oh-so-important causes and agendas that are dividing us more than uniting us, and the time is coming soon when we'll have to be united. And Ibiza really proved that.

Let's fight the good fight against all these fucking good fights.

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I a word, Ms. McClendon, NO.

Evil triumphs if good people do nothing. I know that means that I will come into conflict with others who also feel they are doing the right thing and that is pretty tough. I often see their points of view.

I also see evil, Juri, and I know that following one's conscience is often the only thing we can do. I see people knowingly do the wrong thing and they do not care. I see people who enjoy bringing pain, suffering, death, and despair to the powerless. I can not sit idly by while that happens. I can not.

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I believe a man should follow his conscience. The best advice I ever heard on the subject was someone that said ”The only tyrant I accept is the 'still small voice' within.” The problem I run into is not those who lack a conscience. Its the people that mistake their self interest for the dictates of conscience.

After five days of digging out bodies while trying to show people who have seen too much that wonder is still a part of their world, all these "good fights" seem like cock fights in some sleezehole backwater. I'll join you in your good fight against the good fight.

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