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World of Darkness: The Darkness of Space - Mik [DoS Character]


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Name: Mik MacGowan

Age: 35 Nationality: Irish

Height: 5'7" Weight: 157 lbs.

Important Info: Mechanical/Cybernetic device around neck to help him talk due to destroyed larynx. Cybernetic left hand due to missing arm/hand just below elbow.

Character Info: Mik is in charge of Engineering/Maintenance/Repair of the station. He tends to be quiet and reserved, speaking mostly when directly addressed. Mik tends to be a man of action, blunt, direct, and honest. He is often seen with a stogy cigar clenched in between his teeth lit. Occasionally he has been seen telling stories when inebriated in the recreation dome. Even though he speaks through the electronic device around his neck, his "voice" still seems to carry and Irish accent. Mik seems the "grumpy" type, not showing much a sense of humor other than slapstick. He does not avoid people, and tends to show up in the most odd ways and times. Often greasy/grimy he tends to leave marks on what he touches though does not seem to have an odor other than a slight grease smell. While quiet and odd Mik is dependable, reliable, and can be counted on to be the first in line when trouble rises. Not shunning from a fight or a challenge he keeps his word and holds to some sort of archaic code.

He knows how to work on/fix Mechanical, electrical, and cybernetic devices of all types. Seeming to have a sort of second nature with this work, it almost as if it bends to his will.


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