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[OpNet] Children.


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My apologize. I'm letting work pre-occupy me.

Okay. It is a given that we will have children.

I would like to discuss the more probable outcome of having this "2nd Generation".

What data exists to support the contention that they will be more quantumly-attuned?

Does that equate to them being less effected by Quantum Backlash Syndrome aka taint?

If that is the case, what does it tell us about current efforts to harness taint as a tool for evolutionary advancement?

Okay, working on the hypothesis that the quantum level of this paradigm fluxuates, what does this mean for a race of beings born into a period of high quantum availability? (Ghosts of Atlantis not forthcoming)

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Actually I would like to approach the matter from a slightly different yet hopefully more productive perspective by dealing with an issue that many seem to have difficulty grasping. Specifically I'd like to discuss the mental state of a second generation of novas and then the assumptions on both sides as to their nature. If this is acceptable to Alchemist and yourself then we only need a small amount of relatively innocuous information to begin.

1. Choose a word, any word but only one, that you feel describes your existence as a nova in preference to any other descriptive words.

2. In no more than ten words describe your quantum expression at the time you became aware you were a nova even if you didn't use or know that term and/or a period of time elapsed between the events of beginning to use quantum and becoming aware of it. For instance I might reply with (1) parascientist and (2) a psi with a primarily focus in telekinetics.

If this is acceptable and there are no further questions I await your responses.

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To clarify for you:

I wasn't using quantum when I realized I was a nova.

I used quantum before I was aware that I was using quantum. It came naturally.

I have stated before that I have no memories of being a baseline, though there was a time I didn't realize I was a nova.

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Yes there are those whom report similar occurrences and even experience partial or full retrograde amnesia following eruption.

While not common, neither is it unique. This is the reason I use phrasing such as "at the time you became aware you were a nova". To cover cultural differences or idiosyncratic variation I also allow that the eruptee may not have known the term 'nova' or the ramification but will still realize they are 'special' and 'powerful'. A mixed group of examples would be yourself, Noir, Babylon Smith and Tank Chulat.

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Sorry, I've been pre-occupied with a bit of personal research. If I seem quiet, go on without me and I'll catch up when I've got time.

In answer to your questions, Psimon:

1) Analytical

2) Complex problems had suddenly become trivial.

Is this sufficient?

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A pity. This subject is one that requires interactive discussion to reach meaningful conclusions and agreement rather than being a case of one nova standing atop his soap box. Especially so as we'll need to intellectually grasp multiple subjective perspectives.

As you're unable to participate it will be rescheduled for a later time.

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Jager says, "I realized I had never felt cold."

Not trying to sidetrack this but that's an awesome thing to consider from a psychological point of view. I mean, if you had never felt cold, how did you know that you never felt that way? Was it just that you had recognized that other people shivered or complained about a chill but you couldn't think of anything similar in yourself? I mean, if you've never felt cold do you even know what cold is, or did you then? What is the meaning of cold for you, having never experienced it?

Having no first-hand experience with that must have really been a mind-screw.

Sorry, I'm just really curious about this. Should I take it to another thread?

Just so I'm not being a total thread thief -

1: Realized.

2: "The burning is mine." but if that's too poetic, then "Incantatrix of Fire."

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Originally posted by Gerald Haney:

Um, does that mean what I think it means?
Well it means a woman who casts incantations. But I mean it a bit more exoticly, more commandingly.

There's a poem I remember reading called "Overture in D-Minor" by a woman named Tyler Kimberly.

I escape
freeing myself of the chains of anatomy
and psychology
I mold my flesh
form my mind
as you would change your moods.
I am the weaver of the flesh
the incantatrix of the soul.

And I mean it like she meant it there.
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Ooooo! It always sends a chill up my spine when in the same night I get a healthy dose of Dreamer's quantum powered delirium I also get evidence of artistic insight from a place you'd never expect to find it.

I ought to call it a night before something, although in this place its more likely to be someone, comes along to fuck it up.

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