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[OpNet] Well, one last party...

Sakurako Hino

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When I get to San Fransisco in a couple weeks, I'm going to park the HMII in port for sale. But, before I make the sale official, I'm going to throw a "goodbye to the sea" party.

Neil, you're of course invited, Long, Saimhe, Typhoon, Jager, Alchemist, Whoever in the WCK wants to stop by are welcome too. ^_^

Thought if I'm gonna say goodbye to the HMII, I'm going to throw her the biggest bash I can. That... and I should be getting enough money to get something smaller... but still grand in idea. ^_^ Of course, between my new duties with the WCK.

If you're wondering how I got the money to even pull this... ever hear of Royalty checks? ~.^

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Just hold your tail, Long.

I still gotta find Conduit first. This might even delay the party. Hell, I'll throw the party in his honor. God knows he deserves it. ^_^

You think I'm just fishing out here, Long? Sorta sucks I'm starting at square one with this, and he's left no clues to his location... so I'm working from scratch. Plus there's just too many variables at the moment for me to calculate where he might be.

I just hope he didn't drift into the Trench. I doubt that the HMII can survive a dive that deep again. I still need to go over structural integrety checks and make sure all the repairs were done correctly before I even think of selling this ship. >_<

At least my escape pods weren't damaged...

Wait a minute...

Might take a few weeks for the mods, but I might just have a safer way to check the depths...

I'll get back to you guys on that. So it looks like Jager, Long, and Elisabeth are in on the party. I'll be sure to get enough Ampwells. ^_^

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Just saying I'll bring the Drinks Endeavor.

You aren't the only one looking for him. I scoured the entire area where the battle occurred and I haven't found anything. I called in some friends on the search, but I still haven't found anything. Perhaps we should pool our resources....

Have you heard anything from Typhoon? I know he said he was searching as well, but I haven't encountered him or heard anything from him yet.

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