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World of Darkness: The Darkness of Space - Professor Ebonardo La'Kindy (DoS Character)


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Personal Information:

Public Identity: Professor Ebonardo La’Kindy

Nicknames: Old Man

Real Name: same

Occupation: Former Professor of Antiquities, Former Archeologist, Living Primary Source

Nature: Martyr

Demeanor: Loner

Concept: Man Out of Time

Legal Status: Earth native, member of the United Human Alliance

Marital Status: Widower

Known Relatives: All Deceased.

Physical Traits:

Weight: 170 lbs

Height: 6’

Apparent age: Late Thirties

Gender: Male

Ethnic Background: Caucasian

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Silver

Handedness: Right

Age: Thousands of years old. He stopped keeping track at around year 500 or so.

Appearance: Ebonardo is a walking anachronism. Having lived since Earth’s twentieth century, he has long since passed caring about the “frivolities of fashion.” He usually wears a simple, black hooded tabard with many pockets, (to hold his tea and various effects), utility pants, and a pair of practical boots. His tabard has a white St. John’s Cross on the front, serving as his life magic focus. He also wears an ancient relic on his wrist known as a watch (his time focus) and carries a wooden cane with a silver head (his prime focus). His silver hair and beard are kept cropped and clean. He looks to be in his late thirties, but his blue eyes hold a depth of age and experience that indicates he is much older than he appears.

Powers, Skills, and Personality:

Known Powers: Ebonardo is a skilled mage, versed in Time, Prime, and Life magic. He often uses his magic in historical and archeological research, as well as to speed up mundane tasks he finds tedious or boring.

Abilities/Special Skills: Ebonardo has an incredible storage of knowledge, having been an accomplished academic. His years of study of Earth’s history and culture have also granted him great insight into occult lore. He is also a skilled diplomat, and a somewhat capable fighter. Being alive during Earth’s occupation and rebellion exposed him to the horrors of war firsthand, forcing him to learn both how to fight and how to negotiate.

Personality: Ebonardo was once a somewhat awkward and polite academic, who genuinely cared about others, whether they be mundane or supernatural. The discovery of his true love’s identity, the reawakening of the knowledge of his past life, and his immortality, have made him distant and reluctant to form relationships. However, at his core, he is still a kind-hearted seeker of knowledge, and cannot resist the urge to help others,

Other Notes: Ebonardo is convinced that tea is a gift from God, and thus will always drink a sip or two before performing a feat of magic. He also suffers from nightmares from the numerous tragedies and horrors he has witnessed over his multiple lifetimes.

Background:Ebonardo La’Kindy was born on Earth, in a time before space travel and aliens. His awakening occurred one day as an undergraduate in a nearly-forgotten earth library while attempting to read a manuscript written in Ancient Greek, an accidentally sped up time, coming back into sync after the library closed down for the weekend. One best-forgotten adventure later, and Ebonardo was free and on his way to becoming a mage.

He was recruited by a member of the Celestial Chorus during his undergraduate studies, and pursued a career in archeology in order to have free reign amongst ancient lore that would otherwise have been closed off to him. For years, he lived a life of quite study and research, slowly growing in knowledge and arcane power.

It would not be until his time as a tenured professor that he would be drawn into the great games of the supernatural forces vying for control of Earth. The sheltered academic swiftly found himself embroiled in one scheme or another, usually against his will and to his great annoyance.

One such misadventure led to the discovery of his true love, and the revelation that Ebonardo had once lived as the famous pirate Calico Jack (much to his utter horror). Since then, he has regained many of his memories of his former life, giving him greater confidence in himself and his capabilities.

It was not his adventures that would mark what he considers the greatest tragedy in his life. It was his arcane research. In attempting to combine life, time, and prime magic, Ebonardo accidentally made himself immortal. This was not a desired outcome, and the mage has tried to find a way to reverse this on many occasions, each time ending in failure. Suicide is not an option, given the mage’s steadfast beliefs against such action.

Having lost all his family and friends due to time and entropy, and finding little comfort in life, the mage withdrew from society, living alone on Earth as a hermit. How long he lived this way, the ancient mage cannot remember. However, destiny was not done with Professor La’Kindy.

A knock on the door to his hidden cabin surprised him, jolting him out of yet another brooding session. Curious and a little irritated, he opened the door to discover a note, and a picture of one of the few beings alive who would remember him. It was an invitation to come the United Planets Base, and visit an old friend. Included in the invitation was passage booked on a starship that would take him there.

The ancient mage almost tore it up, but something made him pause. He felt that old pull, the desire to learn and grow. Besides, it might be nice to talk to someone as old as he was…

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