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World of Darkness: The Darkness of Space - Wyrd(DoS character)


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Note: Not all of this information is complete-- it will be updated as other characters learn more details in story.

Name: Wyrd She chose this name for herself after awakening. Only someone in personnel or who has hacked her files is going to find out her birth name, as she doesn't use it anymore except for legal purposes.

Apparent age: Mid to late 20's.

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 145 lbs

Hair: Light green, usually braided with flowers

Eyes: A clear, piercing blue

Skin: Fair with a slight tan, completely clear complexion

Planet of origin: Caerdoon

Build: Lithe, with modest but attractive 'assets'

For reference on how to react to the character in game, she has a cha of 3 and app of 4. Other stats aren't as readily apparent, so you'll have to discover them the hard way =P

Shows no noticeable signs of attraction to men or women, though that could just be professional demeanor and desensitization to physical presence from being a doctor.

Wyrd developed a fascination with the complexities of life at an early age, but it wasn't until she started learning about alien life and spirits that she discovered a true passion and consuming curiosity for life in all of its forms.

She awakened as a mage in college, when she had an opportunity to see an alien in person for the first time, as one was giving a lecture at her school. During the lecture, her curiosity about this being was so intense that it was enough to push her into awakening--an awakening realized as she suddenly understood life itself on a level she had never even imagined.

She is now an Euthantos Doctor... Well, not really, but occasionally she jokes about it with patients who are a bit too whiny. She is a Verbena mage who is one of the most skilled doctors in known space to have a focus on the incredibly difficult field of xenobiology, not that there are many doctors in this specialty. She used up a fair bit of the wealth she had accumulated as a specialist with the added advantages of a life mage in securing her position on the Moon Base as chief medical officer, leaving her financially comfortable but nowhere near as rich as she could be if she were more concerned about money.

She is a believer that there is a time and a place for death--both of those being far away from her. While she has assisted in the death of those who had incurable and painful conditions who sought peace, she would only kill someone otherwise in last defense of her life or that of another, and if she can successfully disable an attacker, she will then work to keep them alive even if they have sworn to kill her.

Wyrd is moderately skilled in both life and spirit magics, and very skilled in a wide variety of medical practices. She practices everything from accupressure and reflexology, through invasive surgery and antibiotics, and on into asking the spirits to aid in the recovery of a patient--whichever seems best suited to a given patient, as what they believe will work will generally be the most effective, and she tries to always show respect for the beliefs of others.

Her hobbies in the spring are mostly sunbathing and swimming--which she is likely going to get very few opportunities to do on a moon base. She is also an avid horticulturist, personally maintaining most of the plants in the medical section of the base as a pleasant way to relax, and both enjoys and is pretty good at singing, which she often does while tending to her plants. Patients waiting to be seen by a doctor currently on duty will sometimes swear that the plants turn to listen to her sing as she passes by.

I hope that is a good character description. If I think of more, I may update it soon, or wait until in game revelations prompt me to add to it later.

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