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Mutants & Masterminds: Emerald City Sentinels - [PC] Jameson "Peacemaker" Bradford


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Name: Peacemaker


Personal Information:

Public Identity: Peacemaker

Nicknames: Slick

Real Name: Jameson William Bradford

Occupation: Hero, part-time curmudgeon

Legal Status: American

Marital Status: Widower

Known Relatives: Katherine (wife, deceased), William (son, deceased), Raphael (grandson, lives in Boston, MA)


Physical Traits:

Weight: 178 lbs

Height: 5' 11"

Apparent age: late thirties/early forties

Gender: Male

Ethnic Background: Caucasian

Eye Color: Gray-Green

Hair Color: Sandy Blonde

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Age: 111

Appearance: Jameson stands 5’11” tall and weighs in around 180 lbs he has sandy colored hair and gray-green eyes. His muscles are well toned but not exaggerated. He has a quick graceful stride. His movements tend to be smooth and graceful. He often wears simple dungarees, a faded weather worn shirt, a long leather duster, and is never without his hat. When needed he obscures his face behind a red bandanna, drawn up to cover his features below his eyes. His pistols, ever at hand when needed, are slung low on his hip in quickdraw holsters.

Powers, Skills, and Personality:

Known Powers: Jameson possesses an altered bio-chemistry due to what he had thought was his final confrontation with the mad Dr. Zeigfried. The result is that he has ceased to age, heals faster than a normal human, and possesses greater speed and fortitude. Pacficicus, the heavily modified pistol he carries, is custom forged by him from the remains of his original twin revolvers "The Beginning" and "The End".

Abilities/Special Skills: Jameson is an accomplished marksman, easily one of the best sharp shooters in the world. When he aims for something, he hits it, without error. He is also a capable athlete, knowledgeable with weapons of all kinds, and a skilled weapon-smith.

Personality: Jameson relishes the adventure that is life and while he often finds it difficult to resist the urges of women, booze, women, gambling, women, car racing, women, combat, women, exploration, women, travel, and women he also finds that he is happiest when he can jump feet first into an adventure with a quip on his lips, his guns in hand, and his friends by his side. Jameson has a well developed sense of honor and the horrors of the Great War have taught him that men and women must not simply have good morals but they must act on them to bring the chaotic world to bear when the innocent are threatened.


The man known as Jameson Bradford truly lives up to the moniker of daredevil. Born on January 1st 1900 he is a man of the new century. He grew up in the southwest and learned at an early age to appreciate life whenever you could. As a boy he was orphaned when his parents died in an epidemic. William Bonney, who said that Jameson reminded him of himself at that young age, took him in after his parents died. The older man taught Jameson the way of the gun and the boy quickly became a skilled marksman.

After the Great War broke out Jameson parted ways with Bonney and made his way to Europe where at age 16 he enlisted illegally in the French Foreign Legion and ended up in Africa. It was there that he picked received his two custom Colt .45 Peacemaker heavy revolvers. Jameson won the two weapons in a poker game against a weapon smith who acted as the unit’s munitions officer. He nicknamed these weapons “The Beginning” and “The End” referring to the fact that in the first combat he used them in he started firing with the right hand gun (The Beginning) and had a single round left (The End) in the left when the last German was killed.

In the last year of the war Jameson made his way back to Europe to fight on the front. It was there that he first faced Dr. Heinrich Ziegfried a German scientist whose advanced weapons threatened to tilt the balance in favor of the Germans. Jameson and his unit managed to storm the Austrian keep where Ziegfried was working on some sort electrical cannon. Though Ziegfried was defeated he managed to get away in the end. Only Jameson and a handful of his unit were able to escape the confrontation alive.

Jameson returned home to the US after the war ended but over the next few years he had many other run-ins with Dr. Ziegfried. Each time he was able to stop the evil Doctor’s plans but the mad German managed to escape before Jameson could apprehend him.

Jameson used his skills with firearms to earn himself a decent living as a trick shooter at competitions and he worked the counter at a gunsmith in St. Louis up until early 1922. At this point he had saved a considerable amount and had decided that though he was living a comfortable and enjoyable life the old spark was gone. While it was easy to seduce the ladies and have a grand time as a local celebrity he missed the action and the rush that his adventures had brought him.

In the 20's and 30's Jameson traveled the world as a gun for hire and hero honing his skills until the outbreak of World War 2. He returned for a time to the French Foreign Legion, serving in Africa against the Nazis in along the Mediterranean. Hearing that his old foe Ziegfried was alive and still active Jameson left the Legion to seek out the mad German once more and finish what he had started years before.

Jameson, and a few determined survivors of his original unit from the first war, tracked Zeigfried down to a castle in Austria-Hungary where he was once more continuing his experiments with techno-magic and lightening. Zeigfried was ready however, having augmented one of his assistants with the products of his blasphemous research. Wilhelm Werner von Braun was no longer entirely human, fused with magically empowered machines, he was more than capable of fighting Jameson and his comrades while his master completed the final work on his Ætheric Lightening Cannon.

Jameson was further betrayed to find that the woman he loved was not only helping the max doctor, but that she was actually his daughter. Katherine Schafer had changed her last name and her identity when her father was defeated the first time, years before. Blood runs thicker than water they say, and with Zeigfried's return she had fled to Europe and found her father once more.

During the battle Jameson was knocked into a vat of unknown reagents and doused with other chemicals. When the tide was finally turning against the man-machine von Braun, Zeigfried activated his new weapon and blasted the Americans with his Lightening Cannon. Somehow Jameson survived, and, in fact, found himself blessed with a second wind. His friends dead, Jameson quickly realized his only chance to defeat the German was to destroy the weapon and the entire facility. Jameson pleaded with Kate to help him, to ensure that no others had to suffer for the mechanations of her father.

They also say that love conquers all. While Jameson battled the two men, Kate managed to sabotage the device and then set it off. The resulting explosion destroyed Zeigfried's lab and nearly killed Jameson and Katherine. They survived however; Jameson, thanks to his now altered bio-chemistry, and Kate due to the subtle changes her father had made to her physiology as part of his experimentation. The two escaped to America, and Jameson thought that he was free.

They married, bought a small home in the then quiet Emerald City, and settled down to raise a family. Jameson buried what was left of his two guns in the yard behind their home. Their son William was born, and they raised him in a quiet and good life. With time the full extent of the accidental changes to Jameson's bio-chemistry was revealed. His aging had halted, he healed faster, moved faster, and was more resilient. Unfortunately the changes that Zeigfried had worked upon his own daughter proved less benign and in the mid 60's she passed away.

Five years ago Jameson's quiet life of retirement (which wasn't all that quiet with a grandson to visit and a world to see), was broken by the return of the mad doctor once more. Sustained by infernal magic and machine both he and von Braun had somehow survived the destruction of his lab all those years before. Jameson dug up the destroyed weapons he'd buried so long ago and melted down the scraps, using them to forge a new weapon, the custom designed Pacificus; Peacemaker, in Latin. Jameson devoted most of his time the next few years tracking down and fighting Zeigfried, but has recently returned home to Emerald City after learning that his quarry had been hiding under his nose this whole time...


  • Motivation: Thrillseeker - More than anything Jameson does what he does for the thrills, often taking foolhardy chances purely for the joy of it.
  • Enemy: Dr. Zeigfried - A German mad scientist who mixes technology with the arcane and has an obsession with harnessing the destructive power of lightening.
  • Enemy: Wilhelm Werner von Braun - The techno-magical cyborg who still serves as right hand to Dr. Zeigfried.
  • Old Fashioned - Jameson is a bit set in his ways and unless they are taken from him he'll use his older weapons rather than something newer. Likewise he holds to older ideals of how a man should act.
  • Cocky - Just as he is a thrillseeker so too is Jameson more than a bit cocky. He's likely to leap before he looks and/or bite off more than he can chew and boast or wager on his skills.
  • Identity - Jameson is a know metahuman, but his status as Peacemaker is not commonly known.


  • Initiative +11
  • Close Attacks
    • Unarmed +8 Damage +3
    • Bowie Knife +14 Damage +4 (crit. 19-20)
  • Ranged Attacks
    • Perfect Aim - Perception Damage +5
    • Rapid Fire +15 Damage +5 (multiattack, crit. 19-20)
  • Saves
    • Dodge +14
    • Parry +14
    • Fortitude +10
    • Will +8
    • Toughness +6

Character Sheet


| STR | STA | AGL | DEX | FGT | INT | AWE | PRE | 
|  +3 |  +3 |  +7 |  +7 |  +8 |  +0 |  +0 |  +0 |


| Dodge | Parry | Fortitude | Toughness | Will |
|  +7   |   +6  |    +5     |    +0     |  +8  | (purchased)
|  +14  |  +14  |    +10    |    +6*    |  +10 | (total) *+3 w/o duster 


All-out Attack, Benefit (Ambidexterity), Defensive Attack, Equipment 3, Improved Aim, Improved Critical (Pacificus), Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Precise Attack 2 (Ranged; Cover & Concealment), Quick Draw, Takedown


Acrobatics 6 (+13), Athletics 10 (+13), Close Combat: Bowie Knife 6 (+14), Deception 10 (+10), Expertise: Weapons 6 (+6), Insight 8 (+8), Perception 6 (+6), Ranged Combat: Pacificus 8 (+15), Slight of Hand 6 (+13), Stealth 4 (+11), Technology 6 (+6), Vehicles 2 (+9)


  • Altered Bio-Chemistry: Immunity 1 (aging), Enhanced Fortitude 2, Regeneration 2; Speed 2 (8 MPH) • 7 points
  • Pacificus: (Array; 15 points plus 1 alternate effect; Easily Removable, -6 points)
    • Perfect Aim: - Perception Range Damage 5 • 15 points
    • AE Rapid Shot: - Ranged Multiattack Damage 5 • 1 points


  • Reinforced Leather Duster (equivalent to chain mail) (3 ep)
  • Bowie Knife (2 ep)
  • Motorcycle


Abilities 56 + Skills 39 + Powers 17 + Defenses 26 + Advantages 14 = Total 152/152

Experience Tracker:

Award/Spend         Change | Unspent | PP Total
Chapter 1              +1  |    1    |   151
Chapter 2              +1  |    2    |   152
AE - rapid shot        -1  |    1    |   152
Immunity (aging)       -1  |    0    |   152
Click to reveal.. (Chargen Notes)

Weapon Master Template





Notes: With a perception range attack there was no need for Ultimate Effort (aim) this was changed to power attack.

Defensive Roll 3 was changed to Equipment 3 and replaced with armor and some equipment.

The second Expertise skill was switched to Slight of Hand. Ranks of Acrobatics were moved to Vehicles, and 2 ranks were removed to grant the 2nd rank of Precise Attack.

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