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Aberrant RPG - Would you be okay with this?

Vile Bill

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Hey ho everyone. I am, much to my delight, currently running a TT Aberrant game. In a blatant attempt to garner interest amongst my players in this blessed board, I would like to ask you permission to use some of your online characters here as NPCs.

Now, they would be second tier NPCs. Never really coming into conflict with the PCs or becoming bastions of the plot. They would merely be used as flavor.

I already have enough stated out NPCs (54 at last count, with most of them canon characters) so I wouldn't have to know exact details about stats either. In some cases I wouldn't want to know them. And in those cases where I already do, I won't use them. Such as Endeavor. God forbid one of the psychopath Elites in the game got a hold of here. One of them already wasted Kou of Nippontai, all he needs to do is whack another popular little japanese cutie. Ooops, sorry, getting off topic.

So, if this is kewl with y'all, gimme a shout.

Thanks laugh

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(Settling back down to some roleplaying after weeks of monitor problems and insane work commitments)

Feel free,

I've done some stat's in the what's yr character like part 2 thread. As I said in there use/abuse any of my ideas, stories, characters etc. in your table top game.

That doesn't just go for VB, but anyone.

Hey Vile, you've got 54 NPC's stat-ted up!? let me guess, you goth rule book and thought, OMG this is just so cool, and proceeded to roll up loads and fekin' loads of characters, just playing with the posibilities. Am I right or am I right? I managed about 75 within a couple of weeks of getting the book.

Not wishing to hijack the thread but... has anyone else come up with an insane amount of NPC's for their ST, sessions?

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