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Mutants & Masterminds: Emerald City Sentinels - An Open World?

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Hey Folks.

I've been juggling this idea from hand to hand for a couple weeks now. On the one hand I'm not sure if its worthwhile as the Open Worlds here have tended to be fading, but at the same time since it would require very little of my active time, and that means there's really no downside that I can see.

So basically I'm going to open this forum up for use as an Open World for those who want to with the following rules:

  • 1) I will not be providing GM support for plots outside of the confines of the ECS Live Sessions and any part of the same that rolls into PBP (due to time constraints).
  • 2) Your activities in the OW threads will not entitle you to extra PPs. PP rewards will come after each ECS Live session and apply to all players (those who were involved and not). Please see the Ecks Peas! thread for current PP & PL limits for Player Characters.
  • 3) I will moderate from a rules side of things only, and only when asked. PvP and rules disputes where I am not asked to rule I will keep my nose out of unless I hear of abuse. This is your playground as much as my own. I'm not going to be a busy body.
  • 4) The core setting book for Emerald City is unreleased as of this time (May 13, 2011). Setting updates and changes will be made as often as I am able. Additional setting information about the larger setting outside of the city proper can be found in Green Ronin's various Freedom City supplements.
  • 5) The Rules are Mutants and Masterminds Third Edition. That is all. Any houserules (when/if any are adopted) will have their own thread.
  • 6) The Tone of the forum is light. Think Justice League Unlimited. If you wouldn't let your child see it its probably not appropriate.
  • 7) The preferred method of Chargen is to use the GM Kit Quick Roll Character Generator. It's quick, it's balanced, and it's easy. This rule is negotiable. Cheese is not however.
  • 8) When you build a villain, please post them up, as completely as possible, for the rest of us to use.
  • 9) Respect. Use it.
  • 10) See Rule #9. It bears repeating.
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