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Mutants & Masterminds: Struggles of Iannin - S'ur


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At some point I will put numbers on the map...but for now

Northern walled area of the city is the Temple of the Twins and the College.

The southern half and the open square is the city of S'ur itself.

The southwest section, isolated by channels of the river is 'Big Town', a section constructed by the nearby Zray to the specifications of the larger races.

The island to the right and the buildings there is a training facility occupied by the Ten. It is rumored to be more, that there are other things going on there, up to and including housing an Axis Stone, but no one is allowed in there aside from Ten and they aren't talking.

The small area on the river is the main docks for the city, housing the larger marina and deepwater slips for anything larger than a schooner. There is also a dock in Big Town, but doesn't have the capability to handle larger ships and has a small amount of space for docking which is usually filled with trade ships from the Zray town nearby.

The small cluster of buildings to the west houses mostly barracks for Sen patrolling the area, lodgings for people coming from the East that for one reason or another can't or won't stay in the city, and for the employed workers/prisoners that help take care of the surrounding farmland that encompasses the city.

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