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[M&M 2e - ROD] M&M Read or Die - Recruitment

Lady Aceworth

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Hello everyone, It's me again. I've made a system change that's actually working out swimmingly! So, here's the deal. I am running a M&M Second Edition campaign (formerly BESM 3rd) in the Read or Die Anime/Manga universe. So, here's the basics... but first here's some reasoning behind picking 2e over 3e.

Also "Episode 0: In over your Head" the "pilot" episode still counts in game continuity.

Why M&M2 and not M&M3?

1: Saturation.

There are WAY more copies of M&M Second Edition in people's hands currently than M&M Third Edition. Also while there's only one book for M&M3, M&M2 has a plethora of material availiable.

2: Ease.

2 is less complex than 3, and also quite honestly... I got 2 notes for what I'm doing. 3 takes alot more work to convert. I can convert 1 to 2... 2 to 3 is a chunky matter that I'd rather spend time in setting up a good story.

3: Mecha and Manga.

Enough said.

So, there's my reasons.

Now the house rules, and there's few of them.

Power Level: 10

Available Power Points: 150

Trade-offs allowed?: As per default rules. Extreme margin tradeoffs (+/- 4) are looked at with a baleful eye.

1: Unless you have a power that gives you a ability higher than 25, you cannot directly buy a ability higher than 25.

2: Feats are perfectly fine, but they cannot in their use give you a superhuman (26 or higher) ability, or violate the power level.

3: If a feat allows or causes you to break a power level limit when used, I require the spending of a Hero Point for each time such a feat is used.

4: Feats that don't follow PL caps (Equipment, Benefit, etc...) arent covered under rule #3 and #2.


Nemesis, Nullify (2 points per rank and higher), Space Travel (Only allowed in devices), Super-Movement: Temporal Movement, Death Touch, Evolutionary Shift, Mutation, Posession, Power Control, Troubleseeker

WATCHED (Allowed under some circumstances under GM perogative)

Boost, Cosmic Energy Control, Nullify, Summon (Minion), Telepathy, Time Control, Time Stop

That's all. Simple enough?

Oh, I don't care how hard you beg, plead, or bribe. Combos are NOT ALLOWED!

And: ALL COMPLICATIONS AND DRAWBACKS ARE ENFORCED! You get points for it, you gotta pay the consequences.

Game timeline is as follows.

Canon Timeline: http://readordie.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline

Game Timeline:



President Cole is impeached for his treasonous acts in dealing and allying with the British plot.


The Poseidon Technologies corporation develops a inexpensive way to produce Helium-3.


Anne Davies of the Libertarian Party is elected in a landslide.



A series of unusual events occurs in Tokyo Bay, the odd occurrences are tied to a JMSDF training exercise disaster, with no casualties.


Poseidon Technologies develops the first functional fusion reactor. While primitive, the reactor produces enough power as a prototype to elicit further research.


The LHC, after several unexplainable delays, begins operations.



British, American, European, Russian, and Chinese diplomats start a series of negotiations dubbed "the reconciliation summits".


Sakurako Hideyoshi receives a Nobel Peace Prize for her work with the Poseidon Technologies Corporation for the development of Fusion Power research.


Flight 4010 from Minneapolis is mysteriously saved. Reports from the ground report a small white aircraft somehow assisting the stricken airplane. The US military flatly denies any operations in the area.


After several summits, the EU re-invites the United Kingdom into the EU. Due to a vast outpouring of refusal in the polls, the UK does not ratify membership and stays independent.


The United States, avoiding censure in the UN for it's actions in the British conspiracy, offers the former President Cole to the Hague to face crimes against humanity charges.


President Cole is acquitted in a controversial trial, and many conspiracy theories begin to surface regarding the surprising decision. It is later reported in the underground that a mysterious woman was spotted actually speaking to several of accused of being in on the conspiracy. She appeared wearing an odd overcoat and large black rimmed glasses. Most surrender soon after to authorities for various unrelated crimes.


Several corporate firms are purchased by a mysterious investor. The stock market soars to heights counter-intuitive to the current economic climate.

The mysterious woman spotted in August is tied to other sightings in New York in Early 2001, London in Late 2001 at an explosion at the British Museum, and 2006 in Tokyo's Jinbocho district.


Several sightings of an unusual creature in Tokyo back-alleys, spotted during criminal activity - and subsequent thwarting of it, makes it way to the press. Including blurry video of it's trainer perhaps? These reports fit several reports in 2006.



The United Kingdom rises first from the world micro-depression. Poseidon Technologies is considered partially responsible for the UK's "Regeneration".


The United Kingdom returns Northern Ireland to Irish control.

Hong Kong becomes an independent country from China. China denounces the split and moves troops to the shores north of the Hong Kong island chain.

The United States pulls out of most of it's military obligations in the Middle East. The "Arabian Spring" revolts hit a high-point.


Japan suffers the largest earthquake in it's history, followed by a similarly large Tsunami. The earthquake renders 30 kilometers around the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant irradiated. Odd sightings again of the creature are seen at several Tsunami-stricken oceanside towns, and several rescued report two other women with the creature and it's trainer, as well as two teenagers. Video later barely shows these individuals. Video is passed around online of several sightings of strange lights in the water before the earthquake.


Poseidon Technologies moves several assets from it's Cardiff, Wales location to a abandoned oil platform in the North Sea.

Poseidon Technologies CEO Saegara Sommers is saved by a mysterious woman in black before her vehicle fell off of a bridge. Paranormal buffs trade a video around that eventually goes online of a woman jumped through the steel of the the CEO's car and grabbed the CEO before it went over a bridge.

Several tornado outbreaks occur in Tornado Alley. The same lights seen in the waters off of Japan are seen in the skies in the great plains.


01: Communications are lost with the PT-01 Sea Platform.

02: Strange aurora-like lights are spotted in Europe, Africa, and Australia. Soon after strange, sudden disasters occur.

Well there you have it. If you're in the group, post you're in here. If you're interested in joining us, post here too.

Also, there will be a separate thread in the gaming forum for "public" character profiles. If you've not done so already, send your characters to this profile.

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