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[OpNet] N News Flash!

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Wedding Bells in Eufibre!!

In an exclusive news flash, N! News has found out that a marriage license has been issued by the City of New York for Dr. David Smith (i.e. Dr. Troll) and Dr. Emily Smith. Both are employees of Utopia. If they go through with it this would be a first marriage for both. He is 28, she is 29.


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Y'all are kinda not reading between the lines are ya? Hehe.

I mean, I check out the social scene, it's my playground, ya dig? Now, maybe the Good Doctor is just really good at keeping his private life private, but this is the first time I heard about this little lady and the Doc in the arena of matrimony. I mean, if there was a big to-do planned this shit would have been ALL over the rags. Dude is a Utopian remember.

So, why the suprise? Why the sneaky sneak? Hmmmmmm?

Oh, and I noticed she took his name. How 20th century.

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Well, it’s been a busy week and a busier weekend.

I see N! pretty much beat me to the punch with the license, but I can still announce the following.

Emily and I got married on Saturday.

I proposed on Monday (she said yes). We spent Tuesday going over plans and bought a ring.

Note to guys: Let the lady pick out the ring. She is the one who needs to live with it, IMHO getting one on your own is just asking for trouble.

Our Tuesday plan was to elope. Then we told her parents Tuesday night and with three days warning they turned our elopement into a small, but formal, church wedding. Impressive, especially since we didn’t involve Utopia. Her mom is good friends with the church secretary and organized it all.

Emily will keep her maiden name, but since that happens to be Smith I have no complaints. She has already said she does not want to be called “Mrs Troll” and I have to agree with that. She is way to pretty to take a name that conjures up mean and green, and I like the words “Mrs Smith” in any case.

It’s been a whirlwind relationship. We met six months ago and started seriously dating three months ago... although I have to say it feels like we’ve been together much longer. We work in the same office, and well, one thing led to another.

I’m sure we will have various open houses and other visits to introduce each other to our various circles. Not sure if she will start posting here, I’ll try to encourage her but it’s her choice.

I’m really pumped about this whole thing so I’m sure there’s dozens of things I’m forgetting, but will continue later.

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Actually, a bonafide psychopath asked where they were registered. I'm just hanging around to see if they have the presence of mind to tell him. Then call in the strike teams.

Wouldn't that be just like HALO-X with a mite chaser.

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Doctor Smith: Expect the full Lost in Space HVD collection as a wedding gift. You've brought so much entertainment into my life over the years, it's about time I returned the favor...you calamatious ninny.

Oh and does she know you're PLENTY fertile? The Nova sterility rate is almost a dating plus for the working woman of today.


Or so I'm told.

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