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Aberrant RPG - Utopia's QPI unit


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Just throwing something out. Note, a lot of this won't make sense at this point in time - The current roster is current after the story "Shattered Reflections", which is yet to be completed. I've just been keeping this on my Palm Pilot for the past month or so, and I think this is about the best I'm going to get it.


<h3>Quantum Phenomena Investigations Unit – Dossier</h3>


In the wake of the Fracture incident, Project Utopia performed a review of it’s recruitment and intervention procedures, and found that they left much to be desired. In particular, the Fracture incident showed just how unprepared they were for a destructive, uncontrollable nova eruption. In most of these cases, Team Tomorrow members had to be called in, who had no real experience with intervention procedures, and tended to be a waste of resources that could be placed elsewhere.

It became evident that a new solution was required. Project Utopia commissioned the creation of a specialized team of Intervention agents, technically detached from the Recruiting department. After some debate, it was decided to make the team wholly Nova-populated. The team was christened the “Special Interventions Unit” and originally comprised of three Utopian Novas.

  • New Zealand nova Stuart “Blank” McKillip, a nova specializing in disrupting the powers of others.
  • Brigitte “Mémoire” Gareau, A French meta-sensor and telepath.
  • Phillip Schroek, a highly Charismatic emotional manipulator from South Africa.

For the first several months of operation, the SIU was called out often, and was successful in that they were able to handle more “urgent” new eruptions. At least, until three weeks ago.

Three weeks ago, SIU was assigned to intervene in the eruption of one Erica Chevez. The woman had erupted with the ability to punch wormholes in the space around her that tended to destroy what was there previously. Everything had seemed to be going routine, and Brigitte had gone to the stricken woman to comfort her. It’s not sure how she managed to pass McKillop’s disrupting capabilities, but she spontaneously created a wormhole that encompassed the entire house she had holed herself in. While Schroek and McKillop managed to escape the collapsing wormhole, Erica and Brigitte were trapped in the house, and are now presumed dead.

In the weeks following this, McKillip apparently had a change of heart, and chose to defect to the Teragen. Phillip Schroek also required extensive mental recovery at Annabelle Lea Newfield Parapsychiatric Institute after seeing Gareau disappear into the void, as by that time the two had become romantically involved.

Again, Utopia was forced to reevaluate its procedures. With all three of it’s SIU novas effectively shut down, it set about the grim task of seeing what went wrong, and, if appropriate, to find new novas to fill the SIU roster.

Meanwhile, in another section of Utopia, S&T Analysts had determined that the amount of “strange phenomena” associated with new novas and even known novas had increased in recent years. While there were scientists that could deal with such phenomena, Most required nova backup, and again it tended to be a waste of resources to take novas off their respective works.

It was realized that since much of the “strange phenomena” tended to be linked to new eruptions, having two teams would be counter-productive, and they decided to delegate the responsibility of investigating strange phenomena to the Special Interventions Unit. To reflect the new shift in focus, the unit was renamed the Quantum Phenomena Investigations Unit.

In the end, a new roster was filled for the new QPIU.

  • Dr. Sydney “Photon” Holland, former professor of Quantum Physics, and effectively the world’s only self-generating hologram
  • Phillip Schroek, who had by then left ALNPI, but had unfortunately been so emotionally scarred by Brigitte’s death still, that he had become almost completely emotionless. At this point in time, Phillip is using his nova capabilities to hide this fact.
  • Alene “Barykada” Grzybowski, a former Polish member of Teen Tomorrow, who had elected to leave the team after several bad incidents with her commander.

It is here, after the forming of the new QPI unit, that time resumes...

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Nice write up and made more sense than you gave credit for even without the accompanying fiction.

One thing though. The individual T2M's report to a baseline human that serves as the final word in all but combat situations and can over-ride even the orders of the team leader. Utopia would probably keep that set up though their duties would be different.

I like seeing Sydney get a life though. Its nice to seeing him getting out the class room and turning his disability into an asset.

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You should see the Author's Notes for these guys. eek

What I meant would not make sense was Sydney's inclusion in the team. Frankly, I was getting frustrated with Sydney's Sedentry life. The occaisional story can make good use of it, but in the end, it doesn't really give him much ways out into new stories.

So, I'm breaking him out. Into a much more action-packed setting, in fact...

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