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[OpNet] The Jager and Tarot Bitch-fest

Lemmy Chillmeister

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This isn't a bitch fest Lemmy. This is an example of what I go through when someone's inner self doesn't agree with their beloved illusions. Minus thrown crockery, bolts of quantum energy and the ocassional homicidal impulse.


Hey. No one else posted on your thread and I was feeling badly for you.

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Originally posted by Lemmy Chillmeister:
Okay, this is to everyone EXCEPT Jager and Tarot ( you two have burned up enough bandwith for now, so cool yer jets )

Who here thinks that these two are in magnificent, unrequited, hot and horny steamy pants love?

Cuz I ain't seem people fight this much and not end up in the sack in like eons.
I threw a plate and telepathically yelled at Franklin before we got together.

Maybe these two just need to admit a few things... wink

Just teasing.
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Love is a wonderful thing. wink

Give the big guy a hug for me and tell him that I said he'd better have bought you a load of chocolate for Valentines Day. And at least three or four outfits that even a nova couldn't wear in public without breaking half a dozen blue laws.

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