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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - [NC] The Lords of Satoshi


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Note: Unlike the other fics you may have seen, this is my own personal take on an 'evil universe' and is much more serious. This combines known and made-up powers of our characters. It is non-canon, and is made because I found my ideas intriguing to write out for you guys. No offense is intended.


Part ONE

A Short History

For centuries on a backwater planet in the galaxy known as Earth, the clans of the Kage held shadowy power over the islands of Japan. With mystical arts, and merciless skill, they were feared and unmatched. In the modern era, they propagated the ruthless corporation called Satoshi, which held out blessings to the world's face while destroying all foes and obstacles one by one.

Eventually, a mighty teen by the name of Kai Morisato, a Skeleton Key even, gathered allies and murdered Head Captain Hizashi Hayami and heir-apparent Captain Takashi Satoshi. Within short order, given Satoshi's mystical, technological and superhuman superiority, Kai was first emperor of Japan, and then of the entire planet.

Manufacturing a rebellion in the alien Dalaraan Empire with the aid of one of his consorts, the Dalaraan princess Lily (foreshortened on Earth) Satoshi's master consolidated his authority into outer space, claiming the Empire and the Circinus Federation.

Emperor Morisato's reach extends through the galaxy and the multi-verse now, and it is a grim time indeed for those who struggle and those who remain free still.

Emperor Kai Morisato, The Liege

Hard as such a story is to imagine, Kai Morisato rose from being a mere youth in Japan to the ruler of a vast realm. A descendant of the Amaha, the most traitorous clan in the Kage system, he is far more powerful and ruthless than anyone before him, and likely will be. By his word millions can die, his slightest action can have manifold consequences, and he holds everything together with aplomb. Those who scholars who say time works against such conquerors have never met Kai Morisato.

Powers: Though full categorizing would be a mistake, Kai has several major advantages over the common herd. He can wield such apocalyptic spells as Gigaslave (though thank the universe he hasn't) and unleash powerful Kido with ease. Then there is his sword Senbonzakura, which when released in Shikai and Bankai, can overwhelm any opponent with vast swarms of blades like flower petals as a weapon and shield simultaneously. He is a Skeleton Key, who can open all doors and move between dimensions. But what is the worst part? His talent to inspire loyalty and hold together everyone from the lowest foot soldier in his armies to the Daiken. With his firm web, there may not be a way to topple him.

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Part TWO

The Daiken: An Introduction

The greatest champions of Satoshi are clear. There are- and rightly so feared in their own right- warriors and commanders such as the terrorizing behemoth of metal Gaogaigar, the Circinus renegade and mecha-piloting Captain Ryoma Nagare in the Shin Getter. The unforgiving but master tacticians Admiral Ramius and General Illiev (the General is no slouch in a fight also, especially since he knows alchemical spells) outmaneuver and crush any opposition on planets or in space. Lord Captain Raisho and Lady Captain Akina... the list goes on.

But for Kai Morisato, that was not enough. Starting with the core of a few of his best supporters and reaching out to the most powerful and worst scum in the Multiverse, through one way or another, though a few members have died and others replaced them, Kai has his Daiken, the Grand Swords.

All are ultimately obedient to Kai, and though they have their differences, their rivalries, they work astonishingly well together. Even the lowest of the nine Daiken has wealth and privileges beyond compare, and any one beneath the position of the aforementioned non-Daiken can get executed in an instant without any recourse if they cross a Daiken.

And they are powerful. Though Daiken have died before, by now there is hardly anyone with the might to offer a true battle. In a few cases, a Daiken or two have single-handedly taken down entire planets for the most part.

There are no ranks per say among the Daiken but informally there are the 'Senior Daiken', those with the most power and experience by Kai's side. And there are the more recent and weaker Junior Daiken, but remember, that may not mean very much with the Daiken.

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The Senior Daiken, Part A

Sakura Sonja Terra, The Aradian Scourge

The Prime World of Aradia is home to the black-winged, darkly perfect Aradians, the Fallen Angels. Warriors beyond compare who poached their malicious world and travel to other worlds and ruin them for their own sport, the Lord Captain Raisho is one such member who swore allegiance to Kai Morisato. But even this rapacious being who serves Evil itself is exceeded by his niece in the Daiken, Sakura. Chasing a foe in petty vengeance, her paths crossed into Earth and she vanquished the would-be do-gooders, thereafter meeting Satoshi forces and her Uncle Raisho.

It was not much harder to acquire the support of her, and Sakura has since reaved her way to the senior level of the Daiken through pure foul magics and puissant skill.

Powers: Sakura is a walking death machine of power. Despite her youthful appearance, she is no more weak than the strongest steels, possessing superhuman strength and stamina. Her wings allow her to fly at supersonic speeds and through the void, and age, poison or disease will never touch her. Capable of regeneration against what few wounds reach her, she has cut down uncounted thousands with her sword Bloody Blossom, and her connection to the Everlasting Darkness contributes to her mystical might. Even worse, she is excellent at joint Daiken battles, for she infuses injured allies with unholy spells that heals and restores energy. If one stands in her way, one is a dead man walking. Don't compound it by being good enough to make her use her Bankai... Carnage Garden.

Skye Fell, Dark Priestess of Tsunami

When the universe is such a dark place, who better to survey it all and be the true power than the divinity Tsunami? She, the cruel mother of the Dalaaran Empire, only has not totally put her power forth to make a permanent theocracy of her own because the other gods would band against her, and because she is currently content observing her daughter Lily and her Priestesses do much of the work for her.

Is it any wonder she made one of these religious monsters, Skye Fell? An inter-dimensional traveler from a parallel Earth, Skye is of German heritage and possesses the most vulgar tongue in the galaxy, said to burn up a hostile fortress just by swearing at it. A cruel bitch, Skye wrecked lives and everything under the sun on her world, Ikaris (where she was cursed as the Destroyer of True Love) and Bazaroth before stepping into Kai's throne room and displaying her interest in the Daiken.

Due to her not inconsiderable abilities, and leveraging her position as Priestess of Tsunami to impress and influence Princess Lily, she became a senior Daiken without much difficulty, though the other contender for the vacancy, Francis Gold, quietly still resents that fact.

Powers: Skye is the mistress of ice and wind. With her fans Fubuki and Tachikaze at her command, she has frozen far to many in blocks of ice before shattering them calmly. Indeed, her aptly named Bankai Eien no Fuyu (Eternal Winter) can create mass blizzards that stop armies and completely affect the weather, turning even the hottest summer to snow and chilling winds. Some say the name is completely true, that such winters last forever... but that is absurd, or so the writers of this dossier hope.

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The Senior Daiken, Part B

Princess Lily, Heir to Dalaaran

Haughty, prideful and willful, one of the younger daughters of the the Dalaaran Emperor, Lily always wanted to be the one acknowledged, praised and admired above all. She was, though a highly kept secret until she uncovered it, the daughter of Tsunami as well. Once her deeper powers had been unlocked, the 'accidents' among older siblings began.

Blood would not come between her and her due. Discovered and exiled to Earth, she became the first lover of Kai Morisato and the two set about building control over Satoshi before she took revenge upon Dalaaran. Her home planet burned, and now her father is ruler in name only. Territorial about her husband, Lily was reluctant to surrender any share of him with Valerie, and the two wage power games to gain favor with their man during slack periods.

Powers: Arguably second only to Kai in terms of power, Lily is a master teleporter, comparable to Francis Gold although hers is geared towards more speedy efficiency in battle. Attacks fall off her regenerating force-fields, and she cuts through foes with an energy sword, wielded as it is by a master warrior princess as she. Her most fearsome weapon, only unleashed upon the worthy, is her Bankai, Avatar of Light. Invoked by naming her lineage of Tsunami, she is encased in a light-glowing battle armor-style shell, whereupon the resistance to and ability to inflict damage increases impossible. In it, Lily becomes a goddess of war, and her tribute the fallen bodies of enemies.

Valerie de Quebedo, Bearer of the Witchblade

Valerie has never spoken of where she has come from, though it is not this world. Like Lily, she was there from the beginning with Kai, and has desired him for some time before he allowed the same entrance to his bed that the Princess has had. Said to have been a cyber-girl at the time, wielding odd artifacts of magic and science, it was after an obliteration of the greatest Circinus Elites that she burned out in pride to finish them off.

Ironically, she did not die. At the time, Kai had a faithful bodyguard, the bearer of the profane Witchblade, Masane. What happened to Masane is unknown, but one day she was gone. Valerie was recovered, and the new Witchblade wielder. One can imagine what happened. The never soft new bodyguard was a consort soon afterward, and reaping more victims in the name of her husband.

Powers: Valerie has a Bankai, but she has not been know to release it, similarly to Masane. But, it really isn't necessary, imbued with superhuman strength, speed and the power behind the Witchblade and her ability to turn certain body parts like hair into lethal weapons. Seeing as her weapons are comparable to a weaker Bankai, she is still very much a senior Daiken.

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The Junior Daiken, Part A

Gosha, The Hurricane Pirate

Ho Gosha was at first the feared Hurricane Pirate of the planet Le'Tayah, an unmatched and greedy bandit wreaking havoc and pillaging the world over. At last, the many enemies that Gosha accumulated, paladins and villains alike, unified for once to end his depredations. Though some of the most renowned heroes and scores of brave soldiers gave their lives to achieve this, Gosha's crew were overcome and slain, and the pirate was near death.

At this point, the Emperor, having developed an interest from afar, arrived and drove off the forces of the allies long enough to retrieve Gosha's body and heal him. Ultimately, Gosha was grateful for the rescue, enough to swear an oath by the sea to serve Kai- and when Gosha swears an oath by the sea, he will keep it no matter what.

Powers: Gosha is an expert swordsman, and many decades of experience have allowed him to easily study and outmatch foes in combat with intuitive skill. He can bring up a sturdy force field to protect himself from harm. His weapon of choice, is a magical Gem Weapon, capable of slicing through major defenses and leaving deep wounds. The Gem Weapon also magnifies his control over water to a strong supernatural degree, which was enough for Gosha to conquer the oceanic world of Harimah with only the aid of a few elite Satoshi troops.


Rebecca Rathbone, Space Raptor

Even in Satoshi, blood is not thicker than water... or the allure of an experimental, high-tech, advanced mecha prototype. Rebecca Rathbone and her father served in Satoshi's R&D division twenty years ago. Their project was the Talon, a new mecha meant to form the cutting edge of Satoshi's armies. But she wanted it for herself, and hence Rebecca murdered her own father, and fled with the prototype.

Twenty years later, she reappeared, hardly a day older, and negotiated a deal with Kai. The charges would be dropped if she took service in the Daiken as a replacement for the dead Circinus Daiken Saito. Ever the opportunist, she agreed, and has been able to keep the Talon all to herself. When the deadlock needs to be broken in space, she's gone in and blown away squadrons.

Powers: Rebecca is a normal woman, albeit with high intelligence and superb piloting skills, but she always takes the field in the Talon, being a heavily armed and armored, regenerative, highly powerful mecha, also adaptable in response to data collected on the foe, making her a fluid and troublesome opponent.

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