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Aberrant RPG - New at storytelling!!!


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First off ........ Hi! I am new at storytelling for Aberrant, thou I have played for about 4 years now. I have recently moved to a location that has little to no RPG games going. I am starting a RPG group and was wondering if I could get some advice and questions answered?

(1) In Aberrant ..say November 2008 ... Approx how many Novas was on the planet.

(2) Who were the real shakers during that time.

(3) Any other advice is always helpful.

The reason I am asking is because the group I play with in Germany, the storyteller had his own world. It was like the X-Men world. I would like to do something diff. If I stick somewhat to the book I could have some ref until I get my on thing down.

Any help is grateful. THANX


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As for those thing the book,all were bassed to that time..well most were..whent hey go furth downt he time line they normally tel you whent hey are in a diffrent year.

But to be hepful.. there are about 6,100 known novas.Dependign on wht style of world youa re in means..if it is is a good four color spadex happy world then there are about that many..if it is a darker world.. you could easliy say that there are upwards of 7,000 novas..just that some of them woudl rather not be in the spot light for safty reasons...

The shakers are at least most game I have played, China,Us,Un,Utopia,Deviris...and the taras..The abrents for al the hype they are nto shakers as they do nto change how people live, and few peopel at this time bye the utopia is evil.

If youd o nto have it already i woulsd say get year one.I do not own but then again most of the tiem i play ina round 2015-2030

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I'd argue that the Aberrants aren't movers and shakers in 2008. They've certainly put ants in the pants of Proteus and Utopia (not necessarily the same thing). They've got at least one extremely potent Nova backing them up (Rousseau). Plus they know a lot about what's going on behind the scenes. I'd say they've got as much influence in world events as any faction of the Teragen has.

My only advice would be this: Remember that no storyline survives contact with the Players, bless 'em. Always be ready to improvise if necessary.

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I am with Sphere on this one. Players do the crazies, world-bending things.

Some advice:

-Beware of anything not in the basic book. Alot of the stuff in the later books can really bend the shape of the game.

-Beware Mega-Int. and tech creation.

-Think strongly about the effect of Mega-Attributes and how the compete with lower Megas and normal stats.

-Think strongly about the effects that Mega Attributes and their enhancements have on people and the world. Also, think about what safeguards have been put in place to protect VIP's from them.

-Increase the world-wide numbers of novas. As novas will invariably be killed, you may want to limit the impact of those deaths.

Things to consider:

-How prevasive is Proteus? How does their steralizatin program work? How come no other novas have figured it out?

-How do you want to play Utopia?

-How do you want to play the Teragen? Good guys, bad guys, or something inbetween.

-Also, how hard is it to join the teragen?

-How lame is the Directive?

-Are there national nova teams? The books only address that in passing. What nations have teams? How strong are those teams? How are those teams used? Covert Ops. Military only, ect.

BTW, what books do you own?

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