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Mutants & Masterminds: The Unlikely Prophets - Order Profile: Aqua


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Described as a 'water elemental,' Aqua is often portrayed in Order-approved media as a "gentle giant," whose kindness swells with its size. People who've met Aqua at its kindest might agree - but Aqua's temperament is as mercurial as the water that makes up its frame, and his temper and wrath is as sudden and terrible as a perfect storm.

Aqua is made out of water - it is not known if it has a 'human' form. It is able to absorb water into its mass to increase its size and strength - the largest known sighting of Aqua puts its size at skyscraper level. It can also use this water to create duplicates of itself. The more water Aqua absorbs, the less stable he becomes - a small mercy, given that the world is covered with two-thirds of it.

Official Origin: The spirit of the sea was so impressed with how well-run the surface world had become under the Order, it had sent a part of itself to enforce the Order's will and safeguard her people over sea as well as land and air.

Secret Origin: Unknown.

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