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Aberrant RPG - INCOMING!!! A simple artillery question...


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Hey everyone.

Ive been running an Aberrant game for some months now and have finally plucked up the courage to write so here goes...

In the Ab core rules (pg.241),it states that "...many Nove powers deliver a certain no. of automatic dmg. successes which are in addition to the damage roll." - now that part is Kool and the gang but what bothers me is on pg. 276 damage from heavy weapons. Under the Damage heading of the table it states "...this bracketed rating also reduces the armour rating on...supertough novas".

In practice this means that a 105mike tank gun applies his damage adds twice thus (versus 30 soak wallguy)...

-10 armour from hvy weapon (20)

-10 soak from damage adds(10)

-10 damage with remaining soak

= 5 actual damage dice to roll.

Is this right or am I an arse?

"The horror......The Horror..."

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The wording's slightly weird, but Heavy Weaponry Adds act the same as normal damage adds. They are removed first with Soak, then comes the Dice.

So 30 Soak boy would subtract all ten Damage adds, and remove all the Damage Dice, leaving the attack with a single dice for damage.

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