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[OpNet] Merry Christmas


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I set myself up for this, didn't I?

Well, here goes.

Christmas is

-a celebration on December 25th.

-the birthday of the Christian savior.

-a nationally celebrated holiday in the US.

-an excuse to throw a good party and visit friends and family.

-a time to exchange gifts with same.

-the day 'Santa Claus' delivers toys to every good girl and boy (watch a few Christmas movies for details).

-the last day that the above mentioned Christmas movies are shown for almost a year, thank goodness.

-the bigest consumer event of the year.

-pretty darn fun.

If you don't have anywhere else to go for Christmas, Amped, you're welcome to spend it with me and my children. I'm afraid you'll have to put up with the arguments between me and my ex-wife, though.

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Sounds like you should have a good time. I might try out the spas, it'd be nice to give these old bones a soak.

I forgot to mention this earlier. They try to Christianize you just so that they can remind you that your land was taken and you will never get it back. You know, just in case you forgot. smile

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Some people think Christmas is about adorning their home with more lights with which to suck up electricity. And those people seem to think that Christmas is taking many, many trips to the store in their pre-hypercombustion land yacht (oh, these people love their 'classic' car). And these people burn wood because it's "homey". That is how some people celebrate Christmas.

And I celebrate it in my own way.

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