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[OpNet] People can be blind


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So whenever Endevour doesn't have me rearanging her loading bay or if I can find a spare moment to myself from helping prep the Hikari Maru II. (I must say she's one of the finest boats I've seen.) I'll wander thru Tokyo.

I kinda feel like Godzilla when walking down the street, a few pedestrians will stop point at me, "Typhoon!" and take pictures.

My Japanese is rusty, but I got shoreleave here twice during my career, if anything the city is just bigger, louder, and more energized.

If such a thing is possible it's ultra-modern, and ultra-Western, and has a way of confusing me and making me feel uncultured.

A few days ago I walked to Mount Fuji and I was struck by it's majesty, I think I had a moment of clarity. So I sat at it's base, I sat for three days without moving, just thinking, trying to make sense of things, like the question: Why?

My answer is simply: Because. I feel renewed, I walked back into Tokyo a better person than I left, when I can safly say that: I have seen more of the earth than almost anyone else, but up until now I'd never stopped to smell the roses.

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Why settle with each grain of sand. The moment I saw an atom, after pinning it down to be observed using every possible method, and failing ang failing, I finally pinned it down. I realized I was looking at all of creation. Or at least one of a multitude representing it.

I realized that even if I was larger than that captured atom, I was still a small being in a vast universe. I let that atom go.

Common Oxygen atoms deserve to be free.

It sounds funny, but it just didn't feel right... bah... I spend too much time in a lab.

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